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CDR Live recordings for trade at LIVE RECORDINGS Collection




ABBA, The Lost Live Album 1 cd *A++

Abba HITS Remixed Dance demos 2 cd *A++

AC/DC Hammersmith Odeon, London 2/11/79 2 cd *A++

AC/DC Live in London 1996 1 cd *A++

AC/DC Live greatest hits 1 CD *A++

AC/DC - NO BULL Soundboard 2 cd *A++

AC/DC Paris November 2000 2cd A+

AC/DC Live in Oslo 3/11/2000 2 CD A+

ACDC Live in Phoenix Soundboard FM 2 cd *A++

AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip 2001, DVD Transfer, awesome! 2cd *A++

AC/DC B Sides and Demos 1 cd *A++

Ryan Adams Philadelphia 2000 2 cd *A++

Aerosmith Live Outtakes 1987 1 CD *A++ SB

Aerosmith Permanent Live rockers Living Legend 1 CD *A++

AEROSMITH Pump Action '90 2cd EX+

Aerosmith Donnington 1990 1 CD, *A++

Aerosmith - Woodstock / Unplugged 2 CD, *A++

Aerosmith OSAKA 1999 New Years Eve VIDEO CD *A++

Aerosmith Acoustic Show 1 CD *A++

Aerosmith Classics Live Unplugged 1 cd *A++

Aerosmith MAMA KINS BAR BOSTON 1994 1 cd *A++

Aerosmith Mama Kins Bar Full SHOW !! 2 CD *A++

Aerosmith Out of control - EUROPE 1994 2 CD'S *A++

Aerosmith Sweet Taste of 97 1 CD *A++

Aerosmith Profitable Emotion 2 cd Berlin July 1999 A+

AEROSMITH Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1999 2 cd a+

AEROSMITH Osaka Dome 1999 New Years Eve 2 cd *A++

Aerosmith Live in Saratoga N.Y. 8th June 2001 2 cd A+

Aerosmith Live Compilation Hartford 2001( 20 mins ) Plus other SOUNDBOARD's from 1990's 2 CD *A++ SB

Aerosmith Hartford Full Show 2001 2 cd *A+

Aerosmith Live in Vermont 2001 2 cd A

Aerosmith Live in Toronto 2001 2 cd A

Aerosmith Alpine Valley July 2001 2 cd DAT A+

Aerosmith Kinks Chronicles 6 CD SET *A++/A+

Aerosmith Singles and Soundtracks 1 cd *A++

Anastacia Live 2000 1 cd *A++

ANASTACIA 06/02/2001 Nürburgring/Open Air 1 cd *A+

TINA ARENA 09/18/1998 Hamburg/NDR Studio 1 CD *A+

Avril Lavigne 1 cd Buffalo 2003 1 cd *A++

Avril Lavigne - Rock am Ring MTV Germany 2004 / London July 2004 1 cd *A++

Beatles Hollywood Bowl 1966 1 cd *A+

Beatles Hollywood Bowl 29/30 August 1966 1 cd *A++ re-mastered expected

Beatles London 1970 - Roof concert plus Let It Be Out takes 1 cd *A++

Backstreet Boys Live in Holland 1998 1 cd a++

Backstreet Boys Live in Frankfurt 1998 1 cd a++

Backstreet Boys Live in Orlando 1997 2 cd a++

Bare Naked Ladies Farm Aid 1999 1 cd *A++

Bon Jovi - 1985 Radio broadcast 1 cd *A++

Bon Jovi - check separate page from my home page


Mr. Big Unplugged 1 cd *A++

Martina McBride Crazy Horse Live 1994 1 cd *A++

Boston in Longbeach 1977 1 CD *A+ SB

Bjorn Again London 1998 1 cd *A++

Belinda Carlisle 2 CD 1989 *A++ SB

Belinda Carlisle Runaway Horses DVD Transfer 1 cd *A++

Pat Benatar San Francisco 1979 1 cd *A++

Pat benatar texas no venue 1980 radio *A++

Pat Benatar NY 1983 1 CD *A++

Pat Benetar Music machine Live 1 cd *A+

Pat Benetar Live in Las Vegas 1997 1 cd *A+

Pat Benatar Atlanta July 2001 2 cd A+/A

Pat Benatar Live USA 2001 1 CD *A++(EUROPE TRADE ONLY)

Blondie Denmark 1999 1 CD *A++ SB

Blondie Las Vegas 1999 1 cd *A++

Blondie Live Glastonbury / Hyde Park 1999 1 CD *A++ SB

Suzy Bogus 1995 1 cd *A++

Jackson Browne Live in Tucson 1994 1 cd *A++

Jackson Browne Tu Tranquilo 1999 1 cd *A++

Beth Orton Sodra Theatre, Stockholm 1999 1 CD, *A++

David Bowie 1983 2cd *a++

DAVID BOWIE 'Starman in Sound&Vision' 1990 Europe 2CD *A++

David Bowie Storytellers Live 1 cd *A++

David Bowie Acoustic christmas 12/6/97 *A++ - expected

David Bowie Live at Glastonbury, UK 2000 2 CD A+

David Bowie BBC Studios London Live June 2000 1 cd *A++

David Bowie 'On Air' 1 cd *A++

David Bowie '7 Months in America' 1 cd *A++

Boyzone Live in Dublin Jan 2000 * *A++

Lindsay Buckingham Live 1992 Soundboard *A++

Lindsey Buckingham, Live PBS Broadcast 1 cd *a+

Linsay Buckingham Rare and Alive Volumes 1 and 2 2 cd *A++

Carlene Carter, Santa Ana 1994 1 cd *A++

Chris De Burgh, Munich 1984 2 cd *A++

Chris De Burgh, Birmingham 1995 1 cd *A++

Kate Bush Live at Hammersmith, London 198 ? 1 cd *A+

Mariah Careh Greatet Hits LIVE 1 CD *A++

Mariah Careh Japan 1996 1 cd *A++

Mary Chapin Carpenter, London 98 1 cd *A++

Paul Carrick Live in York 26th May 2001 1 CD *A++

Paul Carrick Nov 2002 2 cd a+ (ex dat)

Coldplay MEN Manchester UK October 2002 1 cd *A++

Cold Play Kult Komplex,Cologne,Germany, July 10, 2002 1cd FM A+ expected

Cold Play Shining Lights, Kentish Town Forum, London, UK, 29 August 2002, 2cd *A++ expected

The Corrs BADEN,BADEN, GERMANY 3/07/1998 1 CD *A++

The Corrs Live in Montreux, Switzerland, July 1998 VIDEO CD 1cd *A++

The Corrs Love in the Milky Way Live 1cd A

The Corrs Landsdown Road Dublin 17/7/1999 1 cd *A++

The Corrs, Hamburg 31/10/2000 1 CD *A++

The Corrs London, Royal Albert Hall DVD Transfer 2 cd 1998 *A++

The Corrs Live Wembley London, Dec 21st 2000 2 cd *A++

The Corrs Live Glasgow SECC 18/01/01 1 CD *A++

The Corrs Live Worldwide Volume 1 1 cd *A++

The Corrs Live Worldwide Volume 2 1 CD *A++

The Corrs Live Worldwide Volume 3 1 CD *A++

The Corrs Live Worldwide Volume 4 1 CD *A++

The Corrs Live Worldwide Volume 5 1 CD A+

The Corrs Live Beauty Of Love cd 1 CD *A++

The Corrs Live Dreams of the East 1 CD *A++

The Corrs Live Festival Nights cd 1 CD *A++

The Corrs Live Zennith Paris 1999 2 cd 1 CD A+

The Corrs Live Dublin The Point 1999 1 CD A++

The Corrs Live Glastonbury 1999 1 CD A++

The Corrs Ocean dreams cd 1 CD *A++

The Corrs, TAIPEI 4/08/2000 1 CD *A++

The Corrs Live in London ( With BBC orchestra ) November 2001 2CD *A++

The Corrs VH 1 2001 (EUROPE TRADE ONLY) 1 CD *A++

Sheryl Crow Atlanta 1997 1 cd *A++

Sheryl Crow Trinity Church Sessions 1 cd *A++

Sheryl Crow VH1 Storytellers 1 cd *A++

Sheryl Crow Rio, Brazil 2001 1cd*a++

Sheryl Crow Cape Giradan 14/12/2001 2 cd A+

Sheryl Crow Newcastle UK October 11th 2003 - Digital - 1 cd *A++

Phil Collins Live London 1994 2 cd *A++

Phil Collins Unplugged 2 cd 1995 *A++

Phil Collins Rare collection and B sides 2 cd*A++

Phil Collins, Scala Theatre 02/11/02 2 cd *A++

Phil Collins NYC radio Show 2002 1CD *A++

Cher Live 1990 1 cd *A++

Phil Collins Jan 19th 2002 1 cd a+

Cher Las Vegas 1999 1 cd *A++

Cheap Trick, Hammersmith, London 1980 1 cd *A+

Cheap Trick Live in Germany 15th October 1983 2 cd FM *A+

Cheap Trick Fort Worth 2 cd *A+/*A

Cheap Trick Acoustic Live 1995 *A+

Cheap Trick House OF Blues 1 cd *A

Cheap Trick 31/12/99 MGM Disney Orlando USA 1 cd *A+

Eric Clapton Hyde Park Live 1996 *A++

The Cranberrys Live 199 ? 2 cd *A++

Crowded House Live (RECURRING DREAM TOUR ?)1 cd *A++

Crowded House, Town and Country, London 2 cd *A++

Crowded House, The Final Show, Sydney FM 1 CD *A++

Jim Croce, Cleveland 1972 1 cd *A+

The Black Crows, Royal Albert Hall London 1995 1 cd *A++

The Black Crowes hotel Illness best of 1991/2 CD 1 CD A++

The Black Crows, Storytellers 2 CD *A++

The Black Crowes Westwood One 1990's 1 CD A++

Deacon Blue Barrowlands, Glasgow 2/04/1988 1 cd *A+

Deacon Blue Live in London 1 cd1989 *A++

Deacon Blue Barrowlands, Glasgow 22/12/1999 3 cd *A+

Deacon Blue Big Day Glasgow 1 cd *A

Deacon Blue Glastonbury 1990 1 cd *A+

Deacon Blue Glasgow Concert Hall 31/12/1991 1 cd *A+

Deacon Blue Edinburgh Playhouse 22/4/1994 1 cd *A+

Deacon Blue Glasgow 6/1999 1 cd *A+

Deacon Blue BBC radio theatre 12/1999 1 cd *A+

Alice Cooper Wembley Arena 1990 2 cd SOUNDBOARD *A++

Alice Cooper, London July 2000 2cd *A++

DEACON BLUE 04/22/1994 Edinburgh 1 CD *A+

Duran Duran Unplugged 1 cd *A+

Def Leppard 1980 Live Unauthorised 1 cd *A+

Def Leppard LA 1983 2 cd *A+

Def Leppard Seattle 1983 2 cd *A+

Def Leppard Stagefright 2 cd *A+

Def Leppard Denver 1988 2 cd *A++

Def Leppard Sheffield UK 1993 2 cd *A++

Def Leppard Unplugged and Unshaven Canada 1 cd 1995 *A++

Def Leppard Japan 1996 2 cd *A+

Def Leppard Montreal 1996 2 cd *A+

DEF Leppard Singapore 1995 1 cd *A

Def Leppard Sheffield 1996 1 cd *A+

Def Leppard Japan 1999 2 cd *A+


Def Leppard Sorytellers Live 1 CD *A++

Def Leppard Colarado Springs 16/11/2000 2 cd A+

Def Leppard Rare tracks 1 CD *A++

Def Leppard Live at the KEY CLUB L.A. 1 CD 2000 *A++

Def Leppard Best Kept Secrets Collection, Full 8 CD Collection !! *A++/ A+

Def Leppard Best kept secret artwork one

Def Leppard Best kept secret artwork two

Def Leppard Best kept secret artwork three

Def Leppard Best kept secret artwork four

Def Leppard Best kept secret Volumes One and Two - remastered *A+/A++

Def Leppard Best kept secret Volumes Three and Four - REMASTERED *A++

Def Leppard Best kept secret Volumes Five and Six - REMASTERED *A++

Def Leppard Best kept secret Volumes Seven and Eight - REMASTERED *A++

Def Leppard Sing Bowie (CyberNauts) Sbd 2000 1 cd *A+

Del Amitri b sides 1 cd *A++

Del Amitri Live 1 cd *A++

Del Amitre Barrowlands, Glasgow, 20/12/1990 1cd *A+

Del Amitre Sutton Park, Birmingham, 31/08/1992 1 cd *A+

Del Amitre Strathclyde Park 31/08/1994 1 cd *A+

Dire Straights Sydney 1986 2 cd *A++

Dire Straights Mandela Tribute 1 cd *A++

Dire Straights Perfect Investigations 1 cd *A++

DIDO Live in providance Met Cafe 1 cd A+

DIDO -Afraid to sleep, demo/studio/live 1 CD *A++

Celine Dion (TV)Paris ? 1994 1 cd *A+

CELINE DION 1996 Zürich 1 CD *A+

Celine Dion LA 2002 (TV Concert) 1 CD *A++

Celine Dion Las Vegas 2003 Opening Night VH1 1CD *A++

Eagles Giant Stadium 1994 2 cd *A++

Eagles -Hell Freezes Over - The Rehearsals 1994 2 cd *A++

The Eagles New Years Eve Millennium Show L.A. 31/12/99 1 CD *A++

Sheena Easton, Japan 1981 1 cd *A++

ELO bbc radio broadcast tour of americas 2 cd *a+ expected

ELO Live 24/05/01 *A++

Elton John Early Sessions and Live 1970 1 CD *A/A+

elton john live &unreleased studio demos *A+ expected

elton john very alive awesome soundboard from 1970 1cd *A+

Elton John London 1973 2 cd *A+

Elton John Ney York Central Park 1979 2 cd *A++

Elton John Chicago 1982 *A+ expected

Elton John Hammersmith London 1982 1 cd *A+

Elton John Verona 1989 2 cd *A+

Elton John Earls Court 1993 2 cd *A++

Elton John / Billy Joel 1998 2 cd *A++

Elton John and Billy Joel Vancouver 2001 3 cd excellent DAT A+/A++

Elton John Kimmel Centre Philadelphia 2001 1 cd *A++

Elton John / Billy Joel Hartford Soundboard 2002 3 cd *A++

Elton John Solo Paris Ritz Hotel 1998 *A++

Elton John Live from Moscow 1979 2 CD *A+

Elton John London 1976 1 cd *A++

Elton John NY 1976 1 CD *A++

Elton John Wembley 1984 2 cd **A++

Elton JOhn Birthday Bash Sydney 1984 2 cd *A+

Elton John Earls Court 1993 2 cd *A++

Elton John San Francisco 2000 1 cd *A++

Elton John - One Man, One Piano May 29th 2000 1 cd *A++

Elton John, Barcelona 1992 2 cd *A++

Elton John Solo in Turkey Soundboard 2 cd *A++ expected

Elton John London, BBC Studios, September 2001, 2 CD *A++

Live By Request 2001 USA Music Only 1 cd *A+

Elton John MSG New York City FULL SHOW 2000 2 CD *A++

Elton John Opera House London Nov 2002 1cd *A++

Elton John Sheffield, UK, 2003 2 cd A+ EX DAT

Melissa Etheridge No More Secrets Germany 1996 2 CD *A+

Melissa Etheridge 'LIVE' 1CD *A+

Melissa Etheridge'The power of me' NYC Chelsea Studios June 1994 1 cd *A++

Melissa Etheridge LA/NYC 1999 1 CD, *A++

Melissa Etheridge Unplugged and more NY 1995 1 CD *A++

Gloria Estefan Live 1991 1 cd *A++


Eurythmics Live at Wembley 1999 1cd *A++

Eurythmics Live Flash, UK 2000 LIVE 5 tracks *A++

Eurythmics Australia 1987 1 cd *A++

Annie Lennox Unplugged 95-98 1 cd *A+

Annie Lennox The Gift Live 1CD *A+

Annie Lennox Live NY 1 CD *A++

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