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About- Sri  Lalitha Sahasranama

The Mythlogical Story
About The Sahasranama
The Philosophical Significance

The mythlogical story

The story of Sri Lalitha has its roots in the severe austerities performed by an asura by the name of Bhanda. By chanting the Shata Rudriya Mantra, he managed to win the favour of Lord Sadashiva, who blessed him with the supremacy of the world. Taking advantage of this, the asuras opress the devas.

The Gods, led by Indra perform a maha yagna, to seek the help of the ParaShakti. Out of the sacred fire, there emerges a wondrous figure of the goddess- Sri Lalitha, who agrees to kill the asura. But before embarking on the military adventure, Brahma requests her to choose a mate. Sri Lalitha - an embodiment of the divine mother Herself, throws up a garland which falls around the neck of Lord Shiva. Sri Laitha thus becomes the divine consort of  Lord Paremeshwar.

Accompanied by Her army, she fights  a duel with Bhandasura and the asura is killed.In gratitude and admiration, the vak devis -   lords of speech-  burst out into a splendid litany of a thousand names- the Lalitha Sahasranama.

About the Sahasranama

Sri Lalitha Sahasranama is recorded in the second adhyaya of the Brahmanada Purana in the form of a conversation between Maharishi Agastya and Maharishi Hayagrieve.

The Sahasranama is not merely a collection names. The entire hymn combines in it poetry, devotion, philosophy and tantric knowledge.Every name has its own significance, representing a particular facet of the Divine Mother.

The Philosophical Significance

The story of Bhandasura also has a philosophical significance .Lalitha signifies the Power of Consiousness and Divine Knowledge. Bhanda, the asura represents the human ego. When the ego comes in contact with the Divine Consiousness, it loses its existence.

The word -Lalitha- means one who revels in her transendence. But that's not her only manifestation. This multifaceted poem depicts Her innumerable forms- as maheshwari, as the jagat mata, as the vibrant kudalini shakti ,as the all powerful raja rajeshwari.

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