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Levin Fossil Collection

Levin Mammoth Site

I had been looking for fossils in an abandoned silica pit, that was in use in the 1950's. This pit is located on the south side of the rural road. Then while walking back to my pickup, I found the following bone and tooth protruding out of the ground in the opposite ditch. April 15, 1998.

Here's a close up of the tooth. About 2/3 of the side has been scraped away by the road grader that is responsible for that particular road. The salvaged tooth weighs two pounds, compared to about six pounds for the whole tooth. April 15, 1998.

Here's a shot of the tooth after it was plastered. While uncovering the tooth, one of the ulna came into view, shown here partially exposed. April 15, 1998.

Three days after finding the ulna, it's finally ready to be plastered. I took this bone to Wyoming on one of my two trips to dig dinosaur bones with Dr. Bob Bakker. When he saw it he said "Yep, Mammoth left ulna". April 18, 1998.

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