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Levin Fossil Collection

Pentremites godoni

A Mississippian Period blastoid. Collected from the Paint Creek Shale at Milstat, Illinois.

Actinocrinites scitulus

Crinoid remains from the Upper Burlington Formation of the Mississippian Period, in Ralls County, Missouri.

Mammuthus primigenius Molar

Juvenile Mammoth tooth from the Pleistocene Period. Collected from the lower Kuskokwim River, Delta, Alaska.

Huntonia oklahomae

Trilobite Huntonia oklahomae from the Devonian Period of the Bois d'Ard Formation. Found in Coal County, Clarita, Oklahoma.

Teleoceras fossiger premolar

This is probably the premolar of Teleoceras, the "Running Rhinoceros". I bought this tooth from an antique dealer in Phillipsburg, Phillips, County Kansas. It's most likely from the Long Island, Kansas area. One tooth that the Sternbergs missed collecting.