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Levin Fossil Collection

Mammoth Tusk

This tusk was hauled to a Phillips County, Kansas gravel road by county employees. It's about 14 inches long and was donated by Gale Ewing.

Xiphactinus audax, Large Cretaceous Fish

I found this fish in limestone 3 miles west of Cedar, Kansas in December of 1969. This fish is four feet long, the whole fish would be 16 feet. The eye socket is larger than a tennis ball. The mouth displays 17 large teeth. The mouth itself is 14 inches long. The fish was encased in 70 pounds of plaster of paris so I could remove it.

Cave Bear Jaw

This is the right lower jaw of Ursus speleaus, a cave bear from the Late Pleistocene of Romania.

Asaphus koweluski

An eye-stalked trilobite. It lived during the Middle Ordovician Period, and was collected in the Volhov River Valley of Russia. This trilobite is 2.75 inches long.

Jiang hanichthys

Small fish from the Jurassic Period. Collected in the Hubei Province of China. The fish is 2 inches long.