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Levin Fossil Collection

This is the ulna, lower front leg of a Cenozoic horse. The bulge in the center is due to repeated freezings and thawings. The bone is 9 1/2 inches long. Collected from Hawkins sandpit, Smith County, Kansas.

Aipicthys velifer

This is an Upper Cretaceous fish from Jubayl, Lebanon. This was a small almost round, very thin fish. The head was deep and the eyes small. The mouth opened upwards. It was probably a predator and died out in the Upper Cretaceous Period. It was described in 1859.

Fossil Pine Cone

This is a Pleistocene Period, fossil pine cone, Picea sitchensis. It's from the Willapa Formation of Pacific County, Washington.

Beetle Larvae

This plate is from the Green River Shale, Eocene Period of Lincoln County, Wyoming. It shows a large number of Diving Beetle (Tropisternus sculptilis) larvae.

This petrified wood is from northern Smith County, Kansas. The log is 33 inches long and weighs 97 pounds.