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Levin Fossil Collection

Saurodon leanus jaw

Partial jaw of the Cretaceous fish Saurodon leanus. Collected in southern Smith County, Kansas.

Macrophthlamus latreillei

Miocene to Pleistocene fossil crab, collected from Apro Harbor, Guam.

Amaltheus margaritatus Montford

Collected from the Upper Pliensbachium-Lower Jurassic, Bad Poll near Goppingen, Germany.

Galina bispinosa

Fossil crab from the Pliocene Period, Late Tertiary Period. Recovered from Normanton, Queensland, Australia.

Xiphactinus audax skull

This is a fish skull that was found in eastern Phillips County, Kansas. The skull in the left picture is thirty-one inches long.

The picture on the right shows the jaws, which exhibit forty-four teeth. Note the long tooth at far left. The top jaw has slipped over the top of the mandible, thus the teeth on the upper jaw (both sides) are visible in the picture. This skull was found by J. R. Ewing and myself, June 14, 2002, and was collected on private property.