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Levin Fossil Collection

Equus occidentalis, Horse Tooth

Irvingtonian-Upper Pliocene Period horse tooth. It was found in the Haille Quarry at Newberry, Florida.

Alethopteris sp. leaf

Leaves of the fern Alethopteris. From the Carbondale Formation, Francis Creek Shale Member, Pennsylvanian Period. Pit #11, Grundy County, Illinois.

Alethopteris serlii leaf

Another fern frond from the Pennsylvanian Period. Collected from the Llewellyn Formation, St. Clair County, Pennsylvania.

Cimolichthys, jaw

This is the partial jaw of the Cretaceous fish Cimolichthys. I collected the jaw 2 miles north west of Smith Center, Kansas.


Fusulinae are marine invertebrates that have a shell similar to a grain of rice. The genus Fusulina is a guide fossil for sediment relating to the Upper Carboniferous. When large numbers concentrate "fusulinid limestone" results. This sample was collected about 5 miles southeast of Tecumseh, Nebraska.