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Levin Fossil Collection

Anklyosaur Tooth

Dinosaur tooth from the Dinosaur Park Formation of the Cretaceous Period at Alberta, Canada.

Poebrotherium sp. tooth

Partial jaw of small camel of the Oligocene Period, near Chadron, Nebraska. Collected in the Brule Formation.

Platygonus compressus leg

I collected this partial leg bone of a giant pig (Flat Headed Peccary), 10.5 miles north of Athol, Kansas, along with three lower jaws and other partial bones, such as scapulas, and other partial leg bones. This pig lived during the Pleistocene Period.

Leptauchenia Jaw

Upper right maxilla of Leptauchenia, a member of the Oreodont family. Leptauchenia had shorter legs than other Oreodonts, a stubby tail, and tiny hoofs. Plus elevated eyes and nostrils, on top of the muzzle, indicate that this mammal spent much of the time in the water, where it could swim with its body concealed. Wear patterns on the teeth indicate this was an older individual.

Isochromys sp. Jaw

This is a jaw section from an Isochromys (Squirrel) with both sides still articulated. There are seven nice, complete teeth present. It is from the Brule Fomation of Sioux County, Nebraska. It is Upper Oligocene in age, 30-40 million years ago. It is 2.5 cm long.