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Levin Fossil Collection

Eugomphodus hopei

A shark tooth from the Eocene Period of the Tallahatta Formation of Andalusia, Alabama.

Onchosaurus Tooth

Tooth of a Cretaceous Sawfish. Collected at Tabuz, Morocco.

Mylocryprinus robustus teeth

The throat teeth of a Carp. This fish is from the Pliocene Period, Glenns Ferry, Grandview, Idaho.

Bison Tooth

A Bison tooth from the Pleistocene Period. Dredged from the Brown Bank Island, North Sea, Holland.

Mesohippus Lower Jaws

Here's both lower jaws of the three toed horse Mesohippus. Both jaws show the emerging molars at the rear of the jaw. This is a horse from the Oligocene of South Dakota.