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Levin Fossil Collection

Cretoxyrhina vertebra

These shark vertebra were loaded from a local shale pit, and dumped on a friends driveway. This shark lived during the Cretaceous of Kansas. Found in central Smith County, and donated by Bob Stockton of Kensington, Kansas.

Dinictis partial jaw

Partial jaw and molars of a "cat" of the Oligocene. Recovered from the Orella Member, Brule Formation, Wyoming.

Kueichousaurus skeleton

A small reptile from the Triassic of China. Removed from Xingren Guizhou Province.

Pinnixa galliheri

Pinnixa galliheri Rathbun, small crabs about the size of a quarter. From the Miocene Period. Collected from the Aguajito Shale Member, Monterey, Carmel, California.

Protosphyraena rostrum

This is the "nose" of the Cretaceous fish Protosphyraena. It was collected 1 mile west of Kirwin, Kansas.