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Levin Fossil Collection

Mariopteris obtusiloba

Another plant from the Tonganoxie Sandstone, Stranger Formation, Pennsylvanian Period, Franklin County, Kansas.

Archaeotherium Premolar

A premolar from a large pig like mammal of the Oligocene Period. Collected from the Brule Formation, near Chadron, Nebraska.

Cimolichthys Vertebral Column

I found this Cretaceous fish backbone in a rock quarry 3 miles south of Smith Center, Kansas. I didn't even have to dig for it, it was entirely on top on the surrounding matrix. This column is 10 inches long.

Jaekelotodus trigonalis

A shark tooth from England. It lived during the Eocene Period, and was found in the Selsey Division, at Hampshire, England.

Hemiauchenia foot bone

The bone from the hoof of a small camel (hoof core). It dates to the late Miocene. Recovered from the Hemphillian-Big Sandy Formation, Wikieup, Arizona.