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Levin Fossil Collection

Diplomystus dentatus

Fish from the Eocene Period. Collected from the Green River Formation, Lincoln County, Wyoming.

Glycimeris subterebratularis

Clam type animal that lived during the Pliocene Period. Collected from the Astiano Formation, Monale, Asti, Italy.

Mucrospirifer thedfordensis

Small brachiopod from Canada. Found in the Middle Ordovician Period, Hamilton Group, Hungry Hollow, Arkona, Ontario, Canada.

Lepitolepides sprattiformis

Small fish from the Upper Jurassic. Found at Solnhofen, Germany.

Gillicus arcuatus scale

This is a body scale from the Cretaceous fish Gillicus arcuatus. I found this scale in central Smith County, Kansas. Lots of shale in this area of Kansas, and it produces lots of scales, small teeth, and a few jaws of fish.