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Levin Fossil Collection

Maclurites sp.

This shell is called Maclurites. It lived during the Middle Ordovician Period, and was collected from the Stewartsville Formation at Wykoff, Minnesota.

Merycoidodon astragalus

This is the ankle bone of a Merycoidodon. This animal was about the size of a present day sheep. The bone was collected from the Orella Member of the Brule Formation (Oligocene Period), Sioux County, Nebraska.

Sturgeon Plate

This flat bone is part of the body armor of the Sturgeon fish. It is Miocene in age and was collected from the Pungo River, Aurora, North Carolina.

Coptoclawa longipoda

This is the larva of a Thorn Beetle. It lived during the Middle Miocene Period. This fossil came from Lai-Yang, Linqu Co. Shandong Province, China.

Leptopis duponti

A wasp nest from the Pleistocene Period of Steaky Bay, South Australia.