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Levin Fossil Collection

Odobenus rosmarus Ulna

This bone is from one of the "flippers" of a Walrus, called Odobenus rosmarus. This bone was collected at a primitive Eskimo site and dates to the Pleistocene Period. Collected on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska.

Mosasaur Vertebral Column

I collected this partial Mosasaur vertebral column from a Cretaceous outcropping five miles east of Smith Center, Kansas. This site has also produced shark and ray teeth, and numerous fish bone "floaters".

Carpopenacus septemspintus

Carpopenaeus septemspintus was a shrimp that lived during the Middle Cretaceous Period. These two were collected from the Sublithographic Limestone at Hajoula, Lebanon. THIS IS A REPRODUCTION.

Alethopteris ambiqua

This is a fern from the Upper Sharp Mountain, Pottsville Formation. Undercally of Buck Mountain No. 5 Coal Bed. Pennsylvanian-Allegheny Series, St. Clair, Pennsylvania.

Equus Phalanx

A toe bone from a Pleistocene horse. Collected in Florida.