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Levin Fossil Collection

Whale Ear Bone

Whale ear bone, from the Pungo River Formation, at Lee Creek, North Carolina.

Columbian Mammoth Ulna

I'm holding the Mammoth ulna, that was found in Smith County, Kansas in May of 1998. The bone is the larger of the two bones in the lower left front leg. It measures 27 inches long. Identification by Dr. Bob Bakker, in Rock River, Wyoming, July of 1998.

Mammoth Caudal Vertebra and Partial Tooth.

This picture consists of other bones found associated with the ulna shown above. The bone on the left is a partial of a caudal vertebra, and on the right a partial tooth. Both were damaged by a road grader. Almost two thirds of the tooth has been lost.

Merycoidodon skull

This mammal was about the size of a sheep. It lived during the Oligocene Period. It lived in what is now the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The skull was collected from the Brule Formation in western North Dakota.

Miniochoerus gracile Skull

Another small mammal, about the size of a small dog. Again from the Oligocene Period, Brule Formation, but collected from western Nebraska.