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Shockley Cretaceous Fish Site

Levin Fossil Collection

This is the way the site looked on July 28, 1999. Richard had previously picked up some vertebra. Those were Tylosaur (Mosasaur) vertebra and not related to the fish that lies buried. Before I started to dig, I noted a small jaw bone, and it looks like it's from a Cretaceous fish called Cimolichthys nepaholica.

Cimolichthys was a fish that ranged from the Upper Cretaceous to the Paleocene Period. It was a large fish and very slender and somewhat streamlined. Head shallow and pointed. Both jaws had very sharp teeth. Along the back was a bony fin that ran from the head to the dorsal fin. The tail fin was large for this size fish, deeply forked with narrow lobes.

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