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Wanner Gomphothere Site

March 17, 1999. This is the only "whole bone" found since the overburden was removed. It appears to be a Humeral head. This bone is probably from a Gomphothere, but could be Mammoth or Mastodon.

March 17, 1999. Here the bone is ready to be "popped free" from the position it has held for at least 10,000 years.

William Korth, of Buffalo State (NY) an expert on rodents, agreed this is the humeral head broken off the main bone at the growth plate, so this is probably a relatively young animal as the break is smooth.

This may be the last digging I do here, just depends on whether I can find a more productive site, but will surely keep this one in mind.

I wish to thank the land owner Ronnie Wanner, for allowing me to dig at this site, and also for providing the "Cat" to do some serious rearranging of the landscape.