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Michael Jordan - NOT the best ever!!!

The sister page to the Exposers of jordon's Foolishness Page


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This is the bare bones/Joe Friday/Just the Facts version of the Exposers of jordon's Foolishness Page.  This is for those who want to know clearly why Michael Jordan is NOT the greatest basketball player ever.

Who is the greatest basketball player ever?  That is up for debate.  However, to make such a judgement, you need a standard.  My choice is Wilt Chamberlain, and the reasons I chose him is because no single player dominated as much as The Big Dipper.  Babe Ruth's records have been broken, as have Jim Brown's, and Gordie Howe's, but most of Wilt's records have not seriously been challenged.  This page wasn't created to argue why Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest player ever.  (To view that site, click here.)  This page serves only one purpose -- to prove that whatever you think about Michael Jordan's place in basketball history, it is NOT at the very top. 

If you disagree, that is your choice, but have your well-defined reason as to why your player is the best ever.  For Jordan, there is no standard.  He uses popularity, media-hype, and endorsements as his reasons.  This page will systematically tear down the popular reasons given for Jordan's supposed dominance, as well as expose the myths created by the media.  

With that said, here are the topics:

Jordan in college - a perfect example of media hype.
Does Jordan make those around him better? - Dismantling the myth.
Who is better?  - Before you read this, know why you think Jordan is the best, and you will see it dismantled.
Does Jordan's game have a weakness? - Dismantling another myth.
Putting Jordan's "greatness" into perspective - Debunking more myths.
1994 and 1995 - Proof that Jordan's impact on the team is overrated.
Jordan's unmerited hype - Examples of media hype covering Jordan's shortcomings.
Jordan - the greatest athlete ever?  Proof that ESPN's list was biased and ignorant.

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