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Wildcat Voiture 1261

Manhattan Kansas

Updated 10 November 2007

Next Promenade is White City 28 January 2008.

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info on next Promenade Nationale in Florida

Voiture #1261 is Headquartered in Manhattan, Kansas with membership comprised of Legionaires from Legion Posts within Riley, Pottawatomie, Wabaunsse, Dickenson, Morris and a portion of Geary Counties. Meetings (Promonades) are held the fourth Monday of each month and are rotated at the following American Legion Posts; Manhattan, St. George, and White City.

Currently our major fund raising project to advance our charitable projects is a weekly Bingo which is held the every Sunday at the Manhattan VFW Post from 6:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M.. Our initial Bingo startup at this new location began Sunday 8 October 2000 and is doing very well for helping us raise the funds needed to meet our local cheritable goals.

For current statistics visit the official POW/MIA site at this link

< Child Welfare Youth Sports

Child Welfare: Today our efforts touch over 1,300,000 children annually, with last years annual investment of $6,201,100.P>

Youth Sports: Voyageurs provide funds, through grants, to needy athletes and teams so they may attend and participate in amateur sporting events. The motto of the Youth Sports program is: No athlete shall stay home for lack of funds.last year $2,115,647 was expended assisting 34,293 athletes nationally.

Nurses Training: Voyageurs have granted in excess of 557 million Dollars since the inception of our Registered Nurse Scholarship program and graduated over 23,000 Registered Nurses. Locally we assisted six nurses with $1000 per semester.

Carville Star: Voyageurs provide over 90% of the funding for the Carville Star, which is the only publication on research dealing with Hansen's Disease (Leprosy). nationally $82,413 was donated.

Americanism: Voyageurs sponsor various Americanism projects with a total nation wide cash expenditure of $15,003,150, respect for the flag, and annual Law Officer of the Year and an annual Hero of the Year Award.

VA and American Legion Help Numbers

BELOW Are Our Grand Elecected 2008 Officers

Front Row: Past Grand Chef de Gare Dan Roberson, Cheminot Nationale Steve Ash, Grand Chef de Gare Carl Gregg,

Back Row, Grand Sous Chef de Train Bill Christesen, Grand Correspondant Wayne McReynolds, Grand Chef de Train E. Blaine Schoolcraft, Grand Guarde de la Porte John Lee

Our Voiture officers are:

Chef de Gare Don Peters

Chef de Train Dave Hinkson

Conducteur Vince VanCleave

Correspondant John Lee

Commissaire Intendant Joe Riniker

Garde de la Porte Bobby Cooper

Lampiste Joel Wade

Grand Cheminot Charles Quick

Commis Voyageur Dave Warnow

Aumonier Steve Ash

Avocot Jim Schroer

Drapeau Walt Royer

Contact email:

TheChef De Gare has made the following appointments for the up coming year:

Voyager Don Peters Director of Child Welfare

Voyager Steve Ash Director of Nurses Training

Voyager Jim Cook Historian

Voyager Joe Riniker Commissaire Intendant

Voyager Dale Arnett Directeur of Voiture Activities

Voyager Joel Wade Directeur of Box Car Association

Voyager Charles Quick Director of VAVs