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Movie Review

"A Scent of A Woman"

Starring : Al Pacino, Chris O'Donnel
Directed by Martin Brest
Presented by 1992 America/Universal

I saw a movie called "Scent of a Woman". I was very impressed by this movie. In this movie, there are two main people. One is an honor student of a prestigious high school, Charlie. He is in big trouble. He just happens to be at the scene of the mischief of his friends at school. As a result, he is forced to tell the truth at the disciplinary committee, or to speak up for his friends. The other main person is an old blind man, Frank, who has worked as a serviceman before, and is a difficult man. One day, Charlie askes to take care of Frank for a weekend. He does the job in order to earn money to get back to his hometown. At first, he thinks that Frank will just stay at home, however, Frank forces him to fly to New York with him. During the travel, Frank does what he likes with Charlie. Day by day, both come to learn more about each other. This was the best movie that I would like to recommend to you to watch. The reasons why I recommend it are the following three points: First, two actors who play the role of Frank and Charlie are great. Second, some scenes of the travel in New York are very exiting. Thirdly, the speech of Frank in the last scene is really good, and made me cry.

The actors who play the role of Frank and Charlie are Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell.@@Al Pacino was awarded an Academy Best Actor Award in this movie, for the role of an old blind man, Frank, and he plays it perfectly. I still remembered the expression of his eyes. Moreover, he plays a very difficult character and he should be very proud of himself that he was able to play this character. He did it well by the strength of his voice and the pauses between words. The actor of Chris O'Donnell is very refreshing. He also well-expressed the character of Charlie that was sincere and considerate. In this way, the two actors are excellent.

Another highlight of this film is the scene of Frank and Charlie in New York, especially the scene where they drive a Ferrari and dance the tango with a beautiful woman, Donna (Gabrielle Anwar). In the scene where Frank drives a Ferrari, he looks very lively. However, a policeman catches Frank and Charlie speeding and stops them. In such a situation, Frank easily deceives him with his sense of humor. It is very interesting. The other scene is when Frank dances the tango with Donna;I was transfixed. In spite of his blindness, his dancing is very good. In addition, Donna, a beautiful woman, makes the beauty of the two dancing stand out. These two scenes are the special highlights of this film.

Lastly, I thought the very last scene is the highlight of this film. Frank suddenly appears in the disciplinary committee in order to help Charlie who has been caught in a dilemma, and makes a speech to prove his justice. His speech makes me realized the real right side and the wrong side in our present society. What I meant by the real right side is a person who chooses a right way, no matter how difficult it is. The wrong side is those who choose safety even though it betrays their friends. Charlie chose a right way. However, in our present society, most people take a wrong way when they stand at a turning point in their life, and so tend to think it a normal choice and right. It is a very sad situation. When I listened to his speech, I thought that we should look over our society again.

I really recommend that you watch this film because of the above three reasons. If you watch this movie, I'm sure that you will find something good from it. This movie made me think more about life. I would like to make sure which way I should take when I stand at a turning point of my life, and live strongly with my principles and my pride like Frank and Charlie.

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