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My Club

This page is the introduction of the club which I belong to.
The neme of the club is "INTERPRETER GUIDE CLUB". Have you ever heard of this name?
Now, let me intoduce the events of our club.

JUNE : The Speech Contest for The Freshman
JULY : Kiyomizu Temple Guide ( We go to Kiyomizu Temple to guide foreigner.)
AUGUST : Summer Traning Camp ( We go to somewhere, and during the camp, we have to speak only English.)
SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER : Prepare for University Festival ( We make lots of minitures of the Japanese traditional buildings. Freshman plan them by themselves, and other club members make them following the plans.)
NOVEMBER : University Festival ( We guide the minitures that we have made for 2 month in English and Japanese) Preliminary Guide Contest for Freshman ( Freshman choose one topic from the Japanese traditional culture, and compete them each other)
DECEMBER : JSGF Guide Contest ( Two freshman who were chosen in the preliminary guide contest join the final guide contest, and compete them with other university students.)
Farewel Party ( We have this party for the juniors and seniors who retire the club and graduate university.)
MARCH : Spring Traning Camp ( I have never experienced this camp, because I am still freshman. I think this is almost the same as the summer camp.) This is the summary of the activities of our club through a year. If you are interested in our club, or feel like to joining our club, please send me an email,( If you are a student of our university, please visit our club room. All the club member is looking forward to seeing you, and of course, we all welcome you!

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