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Wat Buddha Samakhee Grounds development Plan

In July 2000, Venerable Phra Soponthammawong, Venerable Teacher (Phra Khru) Dhammathorn Setthakic Samahito and Wat's committees discussed the proposed development of the grounds of Wat Buddha Samakhee. We have agreed to develop Wat Buddha Samakhee according to the following plan.
1. Expanding and decorating the bridge and entrance
2. Enlarging the parking area
3. Making a rose garden
4. Renovating the warehouse (shed)
5. Remodeling a garage to Uposatha hall or chapter house
6. Creating the Buddha garden (Lahn-Tahm or Dhamma grounds)
7. Building the new bathroom and toilet.
8. Extending the conservatory
9. Constructing the Dhamma Practising Sala (Meditation hall)

After Venerable Phra Soponthammawong and Venerable Teacher (Phra Khru) Dhammathorn Setthakic Samahito went back to Thailand, Wat Buddha Samakhee’s organising committee along with monks and the laity have carried out and accomplished many tasks (1, 2, and 3). Most of the tasks are still in progress (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9). Up to this time we have a lot of success in developing Wat Buddha Samakhee according to our plan.

Thai Cultural Centre Project
Thais, irrespective of their choices of adopted countries or residence, all share in the Thai cultural heritage as well as the responsibility of safeguarding and presenting Thai culture to the world at large. So far the Thai community has done many cultural activities for instance Loi Khathong Festival, the Forest Robe Presentation Ceremony, the Annual Robe Presentation (Kathina) Ceremony, Thai Food Fair, and the Grand Opening of Wat Buddha Samakhee.

It was found that the Thai community lack of its own place to perform those activities. On that account, the Thai community needs to establish a Hall to serve as a focal point for their cultural activities.
The Thai Cultural Centre will be a place to present Thai culture to New Zealanders and other ethnic groups, to exchange all meaningful culture, and to constitute the forefront in the process of adopting foreign cultures and applying such cultures in the manner consistent with the ideals of Thai culture.
The function of Thai Cultural Centre could be separated into 6 parts as the Thai traditional centre, Sunday school and summer camp, Meditation class, Thai cultural resource centre, Meditation retreat centre, and Thai cultural meeting, conference, and exhibition centre

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