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Year in year out, month in month out, day in day out, each day is the same. Nothing has obviously changed from the past.

Time is the only thing in the world everyone has an equal amount of. No one gains more or less than anyone else.

Nevertheless, who is going to use every single second worthily and economically? This is what we should think.

If you wish to get anything on this planet, goodwill will help.

Nine gems

Diligence, Neatness, Intelligence, Circumspection, Honesty, Morality, Experience, Mindfulness, Thoughtfulness are the nine gems. Any act, which has been done continuously, a small thing can lead to a big thing. A small merit can lead to a big merit after time. An irregular deed doesn’t deserve merit.

Under the Sun, there is nothing as wasteful and regretful as the waste of time. Wasting one second is the same as wasting your life. At any age you have already lost those years. Seize the day!

Anxiety is the enemy of life. The past is a dream. The future is an uncertainty. Only in this moment, we can rectify everything. Nobody can make trouble for us, we make it ourselves.

A good deed can be done at anytime. Carelessness misleads us from goodness. Goodness gave us contentment in the past and fulfills a wish in the future. Depravity gave us resentment in the past and gives disappointment in the future. Be satisfied in your life without comparing it to others.


We regularly mention mindfulness and wisdom. Mindfulness and wisdom generally go together. Although we always use wisdom, we rarely use mindfulness. In fact, mindfulness is invaluable and necessary for our life. Your mindfulness should be greater than your expectation.

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