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At this moment, we have 6 monks stay in the temple. The following are the names and pictures of these monks.

Phramaha Manit Ovatatatto age 45, Vassa 23(Venerable Maha Manit)

Phramaha Wichnao Pannavachiro age 41, Vassa 22 (Venerable Maha wichnao )

Phra Khanong Thitakuno age 39, Vassa 16 (Venerable Khanong)

Phramaha Chaipichit Thanuttano age 29, Vassa 9 (Venerable Maha Chaipichit)

Phramaha Sayan Mahacampeero age 28, Vassa 8 (Venerable Maha Sayan)