WCW Saturday Night Results
April 1, 2000
Hosted By Scott Hudson and Larry Zybsco

Jeremy Lopez and Tommy Rogers Vs. Los Fabulosos
Silver King grabs the microphone before the match. Tells the fans not to worry because he’s here. He yells something out in Spanish. Silver King and Lopez start off. King had a side head lock on Loepz, Lopez bounces King off the ropes but King releases and pushes Lopez to the outside. Rogers and El Dandy both in, the Fabulosos double team Rogers until Lopez comes back in. Rogers and Lopez whip Dandy into Silver King, Silver ducks and Dandy flips of Silver King all the way down to the floor. At the entrance way we see Lash Leroux come out with a painting isle. Lopez follows him out with a sling shot cross body. Silver King and El Dandy back in control with quick tags, controlling Lopez. King hits a spin heel kick into the corner followed by a two count, King tags in Dandy who kicks Lopez full blast in the face. El Dandy and Silver King both in and take Lopez to the outside. Rogers kept back by the referee, allowing Dandy and King to drop Lopez over the guard rail throat first. Rogers gets a hold of El Dandy to even up the odds. King and Lopez back in to the ring now, King tries a springboard moonsault from the second rope but misses. Lopez tags in Rogers but the referee doesn’t see it. King tries to hold down Lopez but Lopez makes another tag, a legal tag this time. All four men into the ring, King and Rogers fall to the floor while continuing their battle, Lopez climbs the ropes and comes off the top with a cross body block into a cover, only two. El Dandy back up on his feet, grabs the tights of Lopez and rolls him up for the quick victory.

Brian Knobbs Interview
Knobbs has the Hard Core championship draped over his shoulder, Knobbs states that when he arrived earlier this afternoon to the building, he said that he wanted to throw out the leg drops, body slams, take downs etc.. He wants to get HARD CORE. Brian Knobbs challenges anybody backstage to sign on the dotted line in a Hard Core battle royal. The Hard Core title will be hung on a 15 foot high pole and the first person to the grab the title, is the new Hard Core champion.

Backstage, Mona is asked of her opinions on the recent formation of Russo and Bischoff. She says that Bischoff isn’t very interested in a women’s division. But she believes Russo would like to see the division prosper, and grow.

Little Jeannie Vs. Mona
They go for a tie up, but Mona hits a deep arm drag. They close in on each other again, side headlock applied by Mona, Jeannie pushes her off, Mona into the ropes and hits Jeannie with a shoulder block. Mona off the ropes again, Jeannie down ducks to the matt, Mona back off the ropes and is taken down by a monkey flip. Jeannie controlling Mona, but Mona hits a school boy roll up for only two. Jeannie back in control and slaps on the figure four, no affect, Jeannie slaps on a boston crab but Mona fights out of it, Jeannie knocks Mona back down with a punch. Jeannie drags Mona by the hair into the corner, and whips her back out via the hair in a snap mare take over. Jeannie begins to choke Mona across the middle rope. Jeannie applies a reverse chin lock on Mona, Mona fights out of it. Jeannie knocks her back down and then chokes her across the rope, Mona reaches up and flips Jeannie through the ropes to the floor. Mona slingshots Jeannie over the ropes. Mon executes a german suplex into a bridge, only two. Jeannie gains control, whips Mona into the opposite corner but Mona reverses. Mona executes a bulldog out of the corner, and then applies the Indian death lock as a pin fall, the referee counts to two but before he counts three, Asya runs in and begins to beat down Mona. Jeannie distracts the referee while Asya applies a scissors headlock on Mona. Jeannie and Asya then leave while the referee tends to Mona.

Kid Romeo Vs. Allan Funk
Romeo was show boating for the crowd, when Funk came in and attacked him from behind. Funk is wearing a tutu (Part of a Ballerina costume). Romeo gets control and executes a head scissors take over that sends Funk to the floor. Funk and Romeo back into the ring, Funk is dominating the youngster. Romeo hits a neck breaker that slows Funk down, Lash Leroux is seen coming back out to the entrance way to paint. Funk gains control and hits a power bomb, Barry Horowitz then comes walking down to ringside. Funk whips Romeo into the ropes, picks him up in a spin around and slams him down for an inverted power bomb. Romeo off the ropes, Funk ducks and Romeo up and over into a sunset flip, only two. Romeo off the ropes and hits a kick to the face of Funk. Romeo picks up Funk, turns around and slams him down face first. Romeo and Funk back up, Romeo hits an enziguri. Funk and Romeo running off the ropes back and forth, Funk crosses Romeo but Horowitz pulls down the top rope, Funk tumbles up and over down to the floor. Horowitz rolls him back in, Romeo covers for the victory.

Backstage, Lane and Rave are asked what they think of the new team of Russo/Bischoff. Lane states that he worked in WCW for two years with Eric Bischoff and Bischoff never said one word to him. Rave simply says that Russo promised him and Lane the world.

The video of the new Bif Naked song for "Ready 2 Rumble" is shown. It includes such wrestling stars as Goldberg, Sting, Bam Bam Bigelow, Crowbar, Kid Romeo and others.

Frankie Lancaster Vs. Lash Leroux
Tie up, Leroux gets a side head lock, Lancaster pushes Leroux into the ropes, Leroux comes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Lancaster in control for most of the match, Leroux showed some signs of determination but couldn’t get it done. Leroux hit his finishing move the Whiplash 2000, folloed by a pin for only two. Lancaster begged for Leroux tostop, Leroux hit him with a series of punches and then executed Whiplash 2000 for a second time for the pin fall victory.

Steve Armstrong Vs. Hugh Morrus
Morrus backs Armstrong into the corner, thrusts his shoulder into the midsection of Armstrong before whipping him out of the corner. Morrus picks him up and slams him back down to the mat. Attempts a pin fall but only gets two. Morrus whips him off the ropes, Armstrong ducks, and then his him with a flying forearm. Morrus back up and charges at Armstrong, crushes him in the corner, then climbs up top for the moonsault finisher "No Laughing Matter".

Clips are shown of the Backstreet boys, Three Count and other WCW stars took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a celebrity basketball game, at the Sun Dome in Tampa Bay, Florida.

3 Count Vs. Shark Boy, Elix Skipper and Frank Paris
Evan Karagais has a microphone, states everyone goes down for the three count and then the three boys sing their song. The song is cut off and a theme resembling the JAWS movie them is played. Shark Boy and Evan start off. Evan doesn’t do much as he tags in Shane Helms. Shane is immediately met by Shark Boy who punches him 10 times in the corner, Shane gathers himself and hits a nice inverted powerbomb. Before he had an opportunity to grab Shark Boy, Shark Boy tagged in Elix Skipper, Shane tagged in Shannon Moore. Evan tagged in, works over Elix but Elix gets a chance and tags in the rookie of WCW, Frank Paris. Large disorder from all members of the match, the end came with Evan slamming Paris and then getting the pin.

Clips of the Diamond Dallas Page interview from Monday Nitro is shown.

Chris Harris Vs. Chuck Palumbo
Palumbo pretty much dominated this match with some fast paced maneuvers. The match came to a close with a spin heel kick that Palumbo calls the Jungle Kick. He then climbed to the top rope and came off with a shoulder block. The top rope move was screwed up due to Harris turning the other way and walking towards the opposite corner. Palumbo did a nice job of completing the move still. He then rolled up Harris for the victory.

Hugh Morrus is backstage and is asked the question and Russo/Bischoff. He states that he worked with Bischoff before, he then starts giggling.

Cassidy Riley Vs. Hail w/ Jimmy Hart
Hail challenges Riley to hit him, Riley comes out and slaps him but no effect. Hail then picks him up and slams him down. Hail tosses Riley to the outside, Riley slow to his feet and slowly roll back in. Hail pikcs him back up, hits the jumping stuffed pile driver followed by a pin. After the match, we see two EMT’s with a stretcher rush to the ring as usual after a Hail match, to sell the devastation of the "Stuff Piledriver"

Kory Williams and Ashely Hudson Vs. Mamalukes
Vito grabs the microphone and tells the announcer to tell the fans that they are the Paisans. The announcer does so. Vito easily takes down Hudson. Vito tags in Johnny the Bull, both Johnny and Vito stomp away at Hudson. Johnny maintains control and then tags back in Vito. Vito backs Hudson into the corner and punches his chest a few times. Johnny tagged in, the Mamalukes double team Hudson with the Vincent Hearst bomb. Johnny keeps Hudson in there corner before tagging back in Vito. Vito slips up and tags in Kory Williams. Williams hits several nice drop kicks on both Vito and Johnny. It doesn’t last however, as Vito gains control once more, hits the spinning DDT followed by the pin.

Hard Core Championship Battle Royal: Brian Knobbs’s Open Challenge
Knobbs unloads his basket of goodies. Trash cans, brooms, a shovel, baking sheets and more. Knobbs grabs the microphone and tells whoever signed up, to come out. Adrian Byrd comes out with two trash can lids. Next is Dave Burkhead who comes out with a steel chair. Rick Fuller with a trash can. Norman Smiley is out as well. Finally the Dog. Fuller opens the match up with nailing Knobbs with his trash can. EVERYONE is taking shots at Brian Knobbs. Four on one. Burkhead nails Dog with the chair but Dog continues to bite away at Knobbs. Smiley climbs up the ropes first and tries for the belt but is yanked back down. Knobbs gains control by blasting everyone in the face with a fire extinguisher. He then hits Burkhead in the head with a chair. Knobbs gores to the top, but Smiley nails Knobbs with the kendo stick to the back. Everyone’s down except Smiley who has a trash can. That doesn’t last long as Knobbs gets up and knocks down Smiley. Knobbs then sets up a ladder in the opposite corner from the pole. Smiley whips Knobbs into the ladder, Fuller then picks up the ladder and slams it across the back of Knobbs. Burkhead makes a run at the belt but is knocked down. The ring is cleared of everyone but Knobbs and Smiley. Smiley hits Knobbs with the trash can lid and then does the big wiggle on him. The ring fiulls up with participants again, but Smiley goes for the belt, Knobbs nails Smiley in the crotch with the kendo stick. The ring is cleared again of everyone except Knobbs and Smiley. Smiley sets up the ladder while Knobbs is out cold. Smiley does a big wiggle and then slowly climbs the ladder. Just before he gets his hands on it, Knobbs nails him in the back with a chair. Knobbs then scrambles up the ladder and grabs his title belt.

Credit: WCW.com