The 8 Ways of the Hand!

The Wong family system is also known as „Wong-Gar“ and „Huang-Jia-Chuan“.

It includes forms /fighting applications from 20 animals and 5 Elements from 8 Styles/Systems !

Until now the only Sifu in the Western Hemisphere is Grandmaster Klaus Schuhmacher of Germany ~ Europe.

Unfortunately some people claim to be Sifu ~ Instructors of the B.Z.C.F. System.

In fact these people reached only low color sash level on part time instruction.
None of them ever received any Sifu or high rank certificate in this art.

Today (2005) only Manuel Maas, and Martin Jenek in Germany, and
Jerome Windmon in the U.S.A. are the highest ranking students in B.Z.C.F.

Sifu Schuhmacher demonstrates a stance of the Northern Shao-Lin-Lo-Han (Buddha Boxing) Style
and below a double jump kicking technique and a swinged Backkick from northern Tan-Tui forms !