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Native American Genealogy Resources

Microfilmed Records of The Five Civilized Tribes

Nearly all records of The Five Civilized Tribes were processed through the office of Indian Affairs. Records may be found in The National Archives or It's Regional Branches. Many film are available for use at Research Librairies or For Sale from The Archives OR Scholarly Resources or For Rent from FHL or AGLL.


M208 Records of The Cherokee Indian Agency in TN 1801-1835

7RA06 Chapman Roll 1852

7RA60 1890 Census

T985 Old Settler Roll 1895-1896 (with Index to Payment Roll of 1896

7RA29 1883 Census and Payroll 1883

7RA07 1880 Census and Index 1880

75A51 Index To Tompkins Roll 1 1867

7RA81 Indexes: Cherokees By Intermarriage, Deleware Cherokees New Born Freedmen, New Born Cherokees By Blood

7RA04 1867 Tompkins Roll of Cherokee Citizens & Freedmen 1867

7RA04 1867 Census

7RA19 1896 Census

7RA71 Index To 1896, Except Freedmen

7RA01 1852 Drennen Roll

7RA81 Delaware,Shawnee & North Carolina Cherokees


T275 Parsons & Abbott Roll 1832

7RA23 Old Settlers Roll 1857

7RA05 Dunn Roll Citizens&Freedmen 1867

M4 Records Of The Creek Trading House 1795-1816

7RA41 Authenticated Tribal Roll 1890

7RA42 Lists & Index Of Creek Applicants Admitted To Citizenship 1896


7RA64 Index To Payroll & Orphans List 1893

7RA62 Census Index 1885

7RA63 Choctaw-Chickasaw Freedmen Rolls 1885

7RA66 Census Of Chocktaw-Chickasaw Freedmen 1896 1896

T500 Records Of The Choctaw Trading House 1824


RG56 Records Of The Treasury Department - Correspondence M749 about Administration of Trust Funds For The Chickasaw and Others. 1834-1872

7RA21 Census Rolls 1879 with Index

7RA21 Annutity Roll 1878


7RA20 Allotment Schedules 1901-1902

7RA20 Census Rolls 1868

7RA20 Census Rolls 1895-1897

Other Resources

American Indians A select Catalog Of National Archives Microfilm Publications

A roll by roll listing submitted by agents or superintendents. Includes, seminairies and people who maintained an affiliation with a tribe. Includes Mississippi Choctaw and Eastern Cherokee. Does not include The 5 Civilized Tribes. This is a 4 star Resource. The National Archives has descriptive pamphlets for many of the publications.

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