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2008 OKSSDA State Championships--Tulsa

2008 Oklahoma/Kansas State Swing Dance Championships
October 31 & November 1, 2008
Homebuilders Association (HBA) Building, Tulsa, OK

Mr. Kelly's Take: The 2008 state championships had a unique Halloween theme, but the dancing and music didn't scare anybody that came into the "HBA Arena" (my name for the facility) whatsoever. Wichita Dance Beat made its OKSSDA debut just nine months after it was formed, and did they ever bring it to the table!
Will Carlton and Stevie Blakely did their usual flair and helped the club out by winning Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary for the third straight year, and placing 2nd and 3rd in Pro-Am Contemporary with Ron Harvell (Stevie's partner) and Cathy Fieser (Will's partner). Yours truly (Kelly) competed four times in this convention (a career first), starting with Masters Strictly Swing (I'm 41 and partner Rena Young is 61) on Friday night, followed by Female Pro-Am Strictly Swing with Stevie, Novice SS with Rena (again), and swing teams with "The Dance Beat" on Saturday.
Rena and I were given 8th in both our contests (not bad, considering our first time competing together and the competition is better than four years ago), while Stevie and I were given 9th of 10 couples (a judge's scores were thrown out).
Jan Grewing returned to state competition by dancing Female Pro-Am SS with Joe Rohlin and Ron Harvell. Joe was 7th and Ron 8th in this tough field. She's still got the touch and moves to match; you go, Jan!
Other dancers competing for WDB included Ed and Shirley Parks, who were the only couple to compete in Novice Progressive, and therefore were given 1st. They performed an exhibition and were rewarded with a big hand at the finish. Also, Joe and Shelley Drassen did Novice Strictly Swing and finished 7th in their first strictly swing contest. Ron and Cathy, along with Joe Rohlin and Lori Robinson, competed in Novice Strictly Swing as well. Way to go, all of you!
The WDB swing team ("The Dance Beat") took the floor for the last time this year, and did their best performance as a team. A very appreciative and enthusiastic audience cheered the team on, and out of all that, they were given 2nd to a team from Swing Tulsa Style, which put on one of the most unique team performances I've ever seen. Enough said; see the video.
In the end, Swing Tulsa Style regained the club title from Oklahoma City Swing Club (2007 club champion), while Wichita Dance Beat finished 2nd; OKC was third, and the host Tulsa Swing Club was 4th. Thanks to all the dancers who made this contest a fun time for all; the 2009 state contest is scheduled (tentatively) for OKC next year and is to be hosted by Sooner Dance Club. As always, stay tuned; you never know what will happen. Here now are the final results of OKSSDA 2008:

Masters Strictly Swing (12 couples)
1st--Don Law and Enola O'Connor
2nd--Johnnie Fulks and Jeanne DeGeyter
3rd--Bob Cervantes and Glenda Evans
4th--John Thomas and Christie Thomason
Other couples: Doug Friend and Jean Anderson, Steve and Isabel Owen, Walt Warner and Brenda Rumley, Kelly Eslinger and Rena Young, Tom Cameron and Patti Pafford, Staton Tait and Betsy Myrick, Ed and Shirley Parks, and Ward Fowler and Deborah Davis.

Newcomer Jack-N-Jill (9 couples in finals)
1st--Jon and Glenna Peterson
2nd--Chester Jacewitz and Betsy Myrick
3rd--Staton Tait and Isabel Owen

Novice Jack-N-Jill (5 couples in finals)
1st--Jorge Villatoro and Sarah Daly
2nd--Erik Thompson and Tracy Staten
3rd--John Thomas and Amanda Thompson

Intermediate/Advanced Jack-N-Jill (4 couples in finals)
1st--Will Carlton and Jeanne DeGeyter
2nd--Don Law and Stevie Blakely
3rd--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Janet Rials

Masters Jack-N-Jill (7 couples in finals)
1st--Don Law and Enola O'Connor
2nd--Jeff Heffington and Christie Thomason
3rd--James Royall and Jean Anderson

Female Pro-Am Strictly Swing (10 couples featuring 4 Pros)
1st--Glenda Evans and Don Law (STS)
2nd--Jeanne DeGeyter and Andrew Khouw (STS)
3rd--Glenda Evans and John Thomas (STS)
4th--Jeanne DeGeyter and Erik Thompson (STS/OKC)
Other couples: Jeanne DeGeyter and Doug Friend (STS), Glenda Evans and Ray Hucek (STS), Jan Grewing and Joe Rohlin (WDB), Jan Grewing and Ron Harvell (WDB), Stevie Blakely and Kelly Eslinger (WDB), and Stevie Blakely and Ed Parks (WDB)

Male Pro-Am Strictly Swing (8 couples featuring 4 Pros)
1st--Dennis Holt and Enola O'Connor (STS)
2nd--Will Carlton and Amanda Thompson (WDB/OKC)
3rd--Will Carlton and Christie Thomason (WDB/STS)
4th--Dennis Holt and Janet Rials (STS)
Other couples: Bob Cervantes and Tracy Tibbles (STS), Will Carlton and Shirley Parks (WDB), Tom Cameron and Kathy Brennan (TSC), and Tom Cameron and Janie Drumheller (TSC)

Novice Progressive
1st--Ed and Shirley Parks (WDB) (only couple in contest)

Masters Routine (3 couples)
1st--Bob Cervantes and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
2nd--Doug Friend and Glenda Evans (STS)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Sandy Donceel (TSC)

Newcomer Strictly Swing (4 couples)
1st--Steve and Isabel Owen (STS)
2nd--John and Robyn Woods (OKC)
3rd--Bob and Becky Stevens (STS)
4th--Jon and Glenna Peterson (RCS)

Novice Strictly Swing (11 couples)
1st--Erik Thompson and Gail Moore (OKC)
2nd--Jorge Villatoro and Sarah Daly (SDC)
3rd--James and Treva Royall (OKC)
4th--John Thomas and Tami Franklin (STS/TSC)
Other couples: Doug Friend and Christie Thomason (STS), Ron Harvell and Cathy Fieser (WDB), Joe and Shelley Drassen (WDB), Kelly Eslinger and Rena Young (WDB), Joe Rohlin and Lori Robinson (WDB), Neil Craig and Rhonda Corley (OKC), and John McCarthy and Margaret Tambini (OKC)

Intermediate/Advanced Strictly Swing (6 couples)
1st--Will Carlton and Jeanne DeGeyter (WDB/STS)
2nd--Andrew Khouw and Stevie Blakely (STS/WDB)
3rd--Don Law and Enola O'Connor (STS)
4th--Harry Reese and Michelle Young (RCS/STS)
Other couples: Bob Cervantes and Janet Rials (STS), and Tom Cameron and Kathy Lolar (TSC)

Pro-Am Contemporary (6 couples)
1st--Jeanne DeGeyter and John Thomas (STS)
2nd--Stevie Blakely and Ron Harvell (WDB)
3rd--Will Carlton and Cathy Fieser (WDB)
4th--Tom Cameron and B. Hope Rhodes (TSC)
Other couples: Harry Reese and Amy Haney (RCS), and Bing Wines and Janet Yeager (SDC)

Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary (3 couples)
1st--Will Carlton and Stevie Blakely (WDB) (3rd straight year with win)
2nd--Harry Reese and Jeanne DeGeyter (RCS/STS)
3rd--Dennis Holt and Brenda Rumley (STS)

Swing Teams (2 teams)
1st--Phantoms of Swing (STS--coached by Jeanne DeGeyter and Andrew Khouw)
2nd--The Dance Beat (WDB--coached by Will Carlton and Stevie Blakely)

OKSSDA Club Championship Trophy
1st--Swing Tulsa Style (57 points)
2nd--Wichita Dance Beat (40 points)
3rd--Oklahoma City Swing Club (17 points)
4th--Tulsa Swing Club (15 points)
5th--River City Swing (8 points)
6th--Sooner Dance Club (6 points)