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2007 OKSSDA State Championships--OKC

2007 Oklahoma/Kansas State Swing Dance Championships
November 2-3, 2007, Meridian Convention Center, OKC

Mr. Kelly's Take: Oklahoma City is rejoicing that the OKC Swing Dance Club won the OKSSDA club trophy after Swing Tulsa Style had won it nine consecutive years, which, just by sheer coincidence, happened to be every year that I have gone to the state contest, starting in Tulsa back in 1998.
OKC Swing Club can also thank Swing Wichita Dance Club and friends for helping them win their second-ever team trophy (their first came way back in 1990!); meanwhile, Swing Wichita was led by Will Carlton and Stevie Young, plus their friends, including Kyle Patel, Oscar Hampton, Shannon Albert (STS), and Chelsea Rodgers (OKC). Stevie won three contests (one of which was a tie in Pro-Am Routine), and took second in another. Will won one contest and placed second in three others, and co-founder Jan Grewing won Female Pro-Am Strictly Swing with Kyle.
OKC won or shared five first-place wins this time, including a 1-2-3 finish in Newcomer Strictly Swing. It also won or shared all three Jack-N-Jill contests on Friday night. Their winners included Erik and Amanda Thompson, James and Treva Royall, Brock Geeslin and Shirley Moore, Chelsea Rodgers, and Allen and Mickey O'Dell. Among the two other Wichita dance clubs, River City Swing was represented by these dancers: Harry Reese, Cathy Fieser, Ed and Shirley Parks, Amy Haney, Ron Harvell, Rena Young, Joe Rohlin, George Bachman, Vanessa Zimmerman, and the River City Swing X-Team. Ed placed 2nd in Female Pro-Am with Stevie Young, while Ed and Shirley, along with Ron and Cathy, competed in Novice Progressive.
Wichita Push Club was represented competition-wise by Mary Ann Gust; she won 2nd in Masters with Harry Reese and danced with Tom Cameron in Intermediate/Advanced Strictly Swing. The club had six members as judges: Kelly Eslinger, Harry and Mary Ann Gust, Gail Webb, and Joe and Shelley Drassen.
Congratulations to all competitors and dancers for a great 2007 OKSSDA contest; now here are the final results of OKSSDA 2007:

Newcomer Jack-N-Jill
1st--Todd Wasson and Zetty Templin (Oklahoma City)
2nd--Allen and Mickey O'Dell (Oklahoma City)
3rd--Chris Rose and Linda Cuccio (Oklahoma City)
4th--John McCarthy and Rhonda Corley (Oklahoma City)

Novice Jack-N-Jill
1st--Erik Thompson and Treva Royall (Oklahoma City/Edmond, OK)
2nd--John Thomas and Christie Thomason (Bixby, OK/Tulsa)
3rd--Doug Friend and Roxanne Greenwood (Tulsa)
4th--Jorge Villatoro and Linda Bebee (Oklahoma City)

Intermediate/Advanced Jack-N-Jill
1st--Dennis Holt and Chelsea Rodgers (Tulsa/Oklahoma City)
2nd--Don Law and Lisa Morris (Tulsa/Oklahoma City)
3rd--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Jean Anderson (Oklahoma City/Tulsa)
4th--Bing Wines and Stevie Young (Norman, OK/Andover, KS)

Novice Progressive (8 couples)
1st--James and Treva Royall (OKC)
2nd--Doug Friend and Christie Thomason (STS)
3rd--John Thomas and Alicia Hutchins (STS)
4th--Jorge Villatoro and Bonnie Cannon (OKC)
Other couples--Ray Hucek and Penny Rose (STS), Stan Groom and Paula Day (STS), Ed and Shirley Parks (RCS), and Ron Harvell and Cathy Fieser (RCS).

Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary
1st--Will Carlton and Stevie Young (SWDC)
2nd--Tom Cameron and Kathy Lolar (TSC)

Pro-Am Routine
T1st--Dennis Holt and Enola O'Connor (STS)
T1st--Oscar Hampton and Stevie Young (SWDC)
2nd--Will Carlton and Shannon Albert (SWDC/STS)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Diana Fleak (TSC)

1st--Brock Geeslin and Shirley Moore (OKC)
2nd--Harry Reese and Mary Ann Gust (RCS/WPC)
3rd--Ward Fowler and Linda Bebee (OKC)

Newcomer Strictly Swing
1st--Allen and Mickey O'Dell (OKC)
2nd--Neil Craig and Rhonda Corley (OKC)
3rd--John McCarthy and Linda Cuccio (OKC)
4th--George Bachman and Vanessa Zimmerman (RCS)

Novice Strictly Swing (9 couples in 3 heats)
1st--Erik and Amanda Thompson (OKC)
2nd--John Thomas and Christie Thomason (STS)
3rd--Doug Friend and Roxanne Greenwood (STS)
4th--Jorge Villatoro and Gail Moore (OKC)
Other couples--Stan Groom and Alicia Hutchins (STS), Alan Blakely and Shirley Parks (RCS), Ron Harvell and Rena Young (RCS), Joe Rohlin and Cathy Fieser (RCS), and Ed Parks and Amy Haney (RCS).

Intermediate/Advanced Strictly Swing (7 couples in 2 heats)
1st--Kyle Patel and Stevie Young (SWDC)
2nd--Will Carlton and Chelsea Rodgers (SWDC/OKC)
3rd--Oscar Hampton and Shannon Albert (SWDC/STS)
4th--Don Law and Enola O'Connor (STS)
Other couples--Robert Howard and Janet Yeager (SDC), Tom Cameron and Mary Ann Gust (TSC/WPC), and Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson (STS).

Female Pro-Am Strictly Swing
1st--Kyle Patel and Jan Grewing (SWDC)
2nd--Ed Parks and Stevie Young (RCS/SWDC)

Male Pro-Am Strictly Swing (6 couples in 2 heats)
1st--Austin Murrey and Chelsea Rodgers (STS/OKC)
2nd--Will Carlton and Enola O'Connor (SWDC/STS)
3rd--Brock Geeslin and Jackie Smith (OKC)
4th--Paul Ramirez and Gail Moore (OKC)
Other couples--Harry Reese and Cathy Fieser (RCS), and Bing Wines and Janet Yeager (SDC).

Teams (exhibitions)
River City Swing--only team in contest
Mid West Swang--exhibition team consisting of Will Carlton, Austin Murrey, Stevie Young, Chelsea Rodgers, Kyle Patel, Oscar Hampton, Shannon Albert, and Alan Blakely.

OKSSDA Club Trophy
1st--Oklahoma City Swing Club (43.5 points)-#
2nd--Swing Tulsa Style (33 points)
3rd--Swing Wichita Dance Club (30 points)
#-ends Swing Tulsa Style's record run of 9 consecutive OKSSDA club championships (started in 1998 when STS ended Wichita Push Club's run of 5 consecutive club championships)