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2006 OKSSDA State Championships--Tulsa

2006 OKSSDA State Championships
November 10-11, 2006
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Tulsa

Mr. Kelly's Take: What can I say? Another OKSSDA convention in the books, and one of the most fun times I've ever had in Tulsa, or anywhere, for any swing dance contest (other than the hotel's restaurant, but that's a different story); especially since the theme was "Honoring the Kings and Queens of Swing", and many of them were in the house, including Andrea Scott, who was my first Pro-Am Strictly Swing partner in 2004. Does the tune "Slow Boat to China" come to mind? Anyway, Andrea had taken over a year off to re-energize, and after that time, she still has the touch, believe me.
The "Kings and Queens of Swing" who were in attendance received a special award in appreciation of their contributions to swing in Oklahoma and Kansas. Mark Harris introduced all of them, even those who weren't able to be at the convention, and afterwards, had the audience stand and give the dancers a much-deserved standing ovation.
Those "Kings and Queens of Swing" in attendance were: Will Carlton, Jeanne DeGeyter, Glenda Evans, Barry Jones, Austin Murrey, Harry Reese, Judy Rooms, Andrea Scott, and John Thomas. Others honored but not present were: Jody Bridges (deceased), Jerry Crim (deceased), Judy Ford LaFemina, Chips Hough, Barbara Little, Gary Long, Doug Morris, Star Morris, Al Neel, and Terry Rosebourough. Congrats to all the Kings and Queens for raising the bar for all of us! Now back to the convention:
Barry Jones and Austin Murrey shared emcee duties and did the best job of emceeing a state contest that I can remember. The energy from the audience was at an all-time high, especially with dancers from the Oklahoma City Swing Club, the 2007 host club. OKC finished 2nd in the team trophy race, with their supporters often making the loudest cheers in the entire audience--because their dancers won or shared four first place wins.
Swing Wichita Dance Club made a statement in its first contest as an OKSSDA member club. SWDC members scored FIVE first place wins, with Will Carlton scoring three of them in his return to OKSSDA competition, one of which was with his mother, Jan Grewing. Will and Jan started SWDC in August of 2005, and already the club has made quite an impact. SWDC may have finished third in the team trophy race, but don't be surprised if it wins a team trophy in the not-too-distant future.
Brian Low won Newcomer/Novice Strictly Swing for SWDC, teaming with OKC's Bonnie Cannon. Meanwhile, Mark and Mary Harris did quite well in their return to state competition, with Mark and partner Glenda Evans winning Masters, and Mary teaming with Brian Low for a 4th place finish in Pro-Am Strictly Swing.
Terry and Colleen Cummings competed for River City Swing in their first WCS convention and had great results--Terry won Intermediate/Advanced Jack-N-Jill with Tulsa's Enola O'Connor, followed by Terry and Colleen placing 2nd in Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary. Not too bad for their first swing dance convention!
And believe it or not, yours truly, Kelly Eslinger, won something--a one-hour private lesson with none other than... Will Carlton! That was one of many door prizes given away this weekend, along with a ton of great memories that attendees will take with them from the 2006 OKSSDA state contest.
Oh, before I forget, Swing Tulsa Style won its 9th consecutive team trophy--the beat goes on for STS. Now, its on to the rest of the year and preparing for the 2007 OKSSDA State Championships in Oklahoma City. May I say to all dancers and competitors..."CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!"

Newcomer/Novice Jack-N-Jill (18 couples)
1st--Erik Thompson and Cheryl Wilson (OKC/Tulsa)
2nd--Mike Britt and Chelsea Rodgers (OKC)
3rd--Brian Low and Penny Rose (Wichita/Tulsa)

Intermediate/Advanced Jack-N-Jill (12 couples)
1st--Terry Cummings and Enola O'Connor (Derby, KS/Tulsa)
2nd--Will Carlton and Helene von Seckendorff (Wichita/Hollister, MO)
3rd--Don Law and Jennifer Roberson (Tulsa)

Newcomer Traditional (5 couples)
1st--Erik and Amanda Thompson (OKC)
2nd--Brad Evans and Christie Thomason (STS)
3rd--Drury Fenton and Diana Fleak (STS/TSC)
4th--George Bachman and Vanessa Zimmerman (RCS)
Other dancers--Bill Hendricks and Carolyn Smith (OKC)

Novice Progressive (5 couples)
1st--Danny Tollison and Shirley Moore (OKC)
2nd--Ward Fowler and Linda Bebee (OKC)
3rd--Doug Friend and Sarah Rehm (STS)
4th--Ed and Shirley Parks (RCS)
Other dancers--Danny Castro and Donna Walker (OKC)

Pro-Am Strictly Swing (10 couples in 4 heats)
1st--Will Carlton and Jennifer Roberson (SWDC/STS)
2nd--Glenda Evans and Don Law (STS)
3rd--Stevie Young and Lonnie Johnson, Jr. (SWDC/OKC)
4th--Mary Harris and Brian Low (SWDC)
Other dancers--Bing Wines and Janet Yeager (SDC), Harry Reese and Cathy Fieser (RCS), Jeanne DeGeyter and Andrew Khouw (STS), Tom Cameron and Tracy Tibbets (TSC), Judy Singer and Doug Friend (STS), and Michelle Young and Bob Yelle (TSC)

Masters (4 couples)
1st--Mark Harris and Glenda Evans (SWDC/STS)
2nd--Jeff and Mary Jane Heffington (STS)
3rd--Bob Cervantes and Judy Singer (TSC/STS)
4th--Tom Cameron and Diana Fleak (TSC)

Teams (3 entries)
1st--SwingBabys (STS)
2nd--X-Team (RCS)
3rd--Tulsa Swing Club

Pro-Am Contemporary (4 couples)
1st--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Jeanne DeGeyter (OKC/STS)
2nd--Dennis Holt and Janet Rials (STS)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Ann Taylor (TSC)
4th--Brian Low and Stevie Young (SWDC)

Newcomer/Novice Strictly Swing (5 couples in 2 heats)
1st--Brian Low and Bonnie Cannon (SWDC/OKC)
2nd--Doug Friend and Roxanne Greenwood (STS)
3rd--Arlie Kuykendall and Dana Holloway (OKC)
4th--Ted Meyers and Penny Rose (STS/TSC)
Other dancers--Ray Hucek and Candy Pettigrove (TSC)

Intermediate/Advanced Strictly Swing (6 couples in 3 heats)
1st--Will Carlton and Jan Grewing (SWDC)
2nd--Johnny Fulks and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
3rd--Andrew Khouw and Jennifer Roberson (STS)
4th--Dennis Holt and Judy Singer (STS)
Other dancers--Nick Nichols and Enola O'Connor (STS), and Robert Howard and Janet Yeager (SDC)

Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary (5 couples)
1st--Will Carlton and Stevie Young (SWDC)
2nd--Terry and Colleen Cummings (RCS)
3rd--Don Law and Enola O'Connor (STS)
4th--Harry Reese and Jeanne DeGeyter (RCS/STS)
Other dancers--Bob Cervantes and Kris Pendley (TSC)

OKSSDA Team Trophy
1st--Swing Tulsa Style (61.5 points--9th year in a row)
2nd--Oklahoma City Swing Club (25.5 points)
3rd--Swing Wichita Dance Club (23 points)