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2005 OKSSDA State Championships--OKC

2005 OKSSDA Swing Dance Championships
November 4-5, 2005
Clarion Hotel/Meridian Convention Center
Oklahoma City, OK
Hosted by Sooner Dance Club

Kelly's take: The 2005 OKSSDA Championships are in the books, but not without questions. A questionable sound system during several contests, and strange Strictly Swing song selections were among the issues that were troublesome. Meanwhile, the Wichita Push Club team (consisting of four couples, including WPC co-founder Jerry Owsley among others) placed a shocking 2nd, beating out River City Swing and Tulsa Swing Club. Yours truly, Kelly Eslinger, and Mary Ann Gust drew Don Henley's "Dirty Laundry" for Pro-Am Strictly Swing. I tried to make the most of what I could, but finished sixth (totally sucked!). Oh, well. And if you were wondering, Swing Tulsa Style won its 8th consecutive team trophy. On top of that, they host the 2006 state contest in Tulsa. Should be interesting; now here are the final results of OKSSDA 2005:

Newcomer/Novice Jack-N-Jill
1st--Don Law and Lisa Morris (STS/OKC)
2nd--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Paula Day (STS)
3rd--Ron Harvell and Sherry O'Connell (RCS/SDC)

Intermediate/Advanced Jack-N-Jill
1st--Nick Nichols and Jody Boyd (STS/TSC)
2nd--Arlie Kuykendall and Jeanne DeGeyter (SDC/STS)
3rd--Harry Reese and Gloria Auth (RCS/SDC)

Newcomer Traditional
1st--Ward Fowler and Linda Bebee (OKC)
2nd--Doug Friend and Deborah Davis (STS)

1st--Floyd Schlicher and Jackie Smith (OKC)
2nd--Johnnie Fulks and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Judy Singer (TSC/STS)
4th--Dennis Holt and Jane Cramton (STS)
Other dancers: Nick Nichols and Ann Taylor (STS/TSC), Harry Reese and Cathy Fieser (RCS)

Novice Progressive
1st--Don Law and Enola O'Connor (STS)
2nd--Jeff and Mary Jane Heffington (STS)
3rd--Ron Harvell and Rena Young (RCS)
4th--Ed and Shirley Parks (RCS)

Newcomer/Novice Strictly Swing
1st--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Bonnie Cannon (OKC)
2nd--Don Law and Mary Jane Heffington (STS)
3rd--Jeff Heffington and Enola O'Connor (STS)
4th--Mike Miller and Lisa Morris (OKC)
Other dancers: Hiroshi Yamada and Linda Bebee (OKC), Ted Meyers and Paula Day (STS)

Intermediate/Advanced Strictly Swing
1st--Harry Reese and Jeanne DeGeyter (RCS/STS)
2nd--Nick Nichols and Jody Boyd (STS/TSC)
3rd--Andrew Khouw and Jean Anderson (STS)
4th--Robert Howard and Janet Yeager (SDC)

Intermediate Progressive
1st--Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson (STS) (only couple in contest)

Pro-Am (Routines)
1st--Tom Cameron and Ann Taylor (TSC)
2nd--Brock Geeslin and Shirley Moore (OKC)
3rd--Andrew Khouw and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)

Pro-Am Strictly Swing
1st--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Jeanne DeGeyter (OKC/STS)
2nd--Bob Yelle and Jody Boyd (TSC)
3rd--Johnnie Fulks and Jean Anderson (STS)
4th--Don Law and Jane Cramton (STS)
Other dancers: Kelly Eslinger and Mary Ann Gust (WPC), Ted Meyers and Judy Singer (STS), Tom Cameron and Sandy Donceel (TSC)

Open Contemporary
1st--Dennis Holt and Judy Singer (STS) (only couple in contest)

Swing Teams
1st--SwingBabys (STS)
2nd--Wichita Push Club (WPC)
3rd--River City Swing X-Team (RCS)
4th--Tulsa Swings (TSC)

1st--Swing Tulsa Style (62 points--8th straight win)
2nd--Oklahoma City Swing Club
3rd--Tulsa Swing Club