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2004 OKSSDA State Championships--Tulsa (HBA Arena)

2004 OKSSDA State Championships
November 5-6, 2004, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hosted by the Tulsa Swing Club

Newcomer/Novice Jack-N-Jill Champions--Robert Howard and Janet Yeager (OKC)

Intermediate/Advanced Jack-N-Jill Champions--Mark Harris and Janet Rials (CTSDC/STS)

Newcomer (5 couples)
1st--Don Law and Enola O'Connor (TSC)
2nd--Tony Yelle and Ashly Robinson (TSC)
3rd--Tim Smith and Cheryl Wilson (STS)
4th--Steve Thomsen and Susan Neubauer (STS)
Other dancers--Ed and Shirley Parks (RCS)

Novice Progressive (8 couples)
1st--Robert Howard and Janet Yeager (OKC)
2nd--Jeff and Mary Jane Heffington (STS)
3rd--John Thomas and Betty Langston (STS)
4th--Ted Meyers and Elizabeth Markley (STS)
Other dancers--Leon Wesley and Ann Moss (STS), Bob Yelle and Rebekah Thoreen (TSC), Larry and Judikay Boehringer (RCS), and Ron Harvell and Cathy Fieser (RCS)

Newcomer/Novice Strictly Swing (11 couples)
1st--Brian Low and Amy Hamilton (OZ)
2nd--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Bonnie Cannon (OKC)
3rd--Hiroshi Yamada and Janet Yeager (OKC)
4th--John Thomas and Roxanne Greenwood (STS)
Other dancers--David and Gayle Clanin (TSC/STS), Ted Meyers and Paula Day (STS), Kevin Stephenson and Betty Langston (STS), Jeff Heffington and Enola O'Connor (STS/TSC), Leon Wesley and Angel Butler (STS/TSC), Don Law and Ann Taylor (TSC), and Bob Yelle and Tonya Conkling (TSC)

Intermediate/Advanced Strictly Swing (7 couples)
1st--Austin Murrey and Andrea Scott (OZ/STS)
2nd--Harry Reese and Jeanne DeGeyter (RCS/STS)
3rd--Dennis Holt and Judy Singer (STS)
4th--Kenny Nelson and Jennifer Peterson (CTSDC/STS)
Other dancers--Andrew Khouw and Jean Anderson (STS), Tom Cameron and Jody Boyd (TSC), and Mark Harris and Mary Carrington-Harris (CTSDC)

Masters (6 couples)
1st--John Thomas and Glenda Evans (STS)
2nd--Johnnie Fulks and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Ann Moss (TSC)
4th--Andrew Khouw and Betty Langston (STS)
Other dancers--Nick Nichols and Ann Taylor (STS), and Harry Reese and Cathy Fieser (RCS)

Teams (2 teams)
1st--Swing Babies (STS)
2nd--The Kokomo Crew (RCS)

Intermediate Contemporary (2 couples)
1st--Andrew Khouw and Jennifer Peterson (STS)
2nd--Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson (STS)

Pro-Am (routines) (4 couples)
1st--Austin and Dee Murrey (OZ)
2nd--Andrew Khouw and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Angel Butler (TSC)
4th--David Clanin and Jody Boyd (TSC)

Pro-Am Strictly Swing (7 couples)
1st--Austin Murrey and Jennifer Peterson (OZ/STS)
2nd--Nick Nichols and Jody Boyd (STS/TSC)
3rd--Kelly Eslinger and Andrea Scott (WPC/STS)
4th--Kevin Stephenson and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
Other dancers--Jeff Heffington and Glenda Evans (STS), Tom Cameron and Rebekah Thoreen (TSC), and Mark Harris and Betty Langston (CTSDC/STS)

Contemporary (3 couples)
1st--Austin Murrey and Jeanne DeGeyter (OZ/STS)
2nd--Bob Yelle and Jody Boyd (TSC)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Kathy Lolar (TSC)

Team Trophy
1st--Swing Tulsa Style (73 points--7th straight year)
2nd--Tulsa Swing Club (31.5 points)
3rd--Oz Swing Club (17.5 points)

Note: Kelly Eslinger was the only dancer from Wichita Push Club in the entire state contest, and his dance with Andrea was his FIRST spotlight dance EVER! Not too bad for a first-timer!