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2001 OKSSDA State Championships

November 2001, Tulsa, OK
Hosted by Swing Tulsa Style
Updated February 20, 2005

Novice Jack-N-Jill Winners--Bill Bateman and Jennifer Peterson (OZ/STS)

Advanced Jack-N-Jill Winners--Mark Harris and Jeanne DeGeyter (WPC/STS)

1st--David Salata and Jennifer Peterson (STS)
2nd--Ross Fieser and Lori Aukofer (RCS)

Novice Traditional
1st--Larry and Judikay Boehringer (RCS)
2nd--Ken Bryant and Carol Barber (OKC)

Advanced Novice
1st--Chips Hough and Judy Singer (STS)
2nd--Kevin Pykiet and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
3rd--Thom Ginther and Mary Carrington-Harris (WPC)
4th--Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson (STS)

1st--Chips Hough and Glenda Evans (STS)
2nd--Harry Reese and Cathy Fieser (RCS)
3rd--Mark Harris and Kathy Sappington (WPC)
4th--Floyd Schlicter and Jackie Smith (OKC)
Other dancers--Tom Cameron and C. Ann Williams (Supreme Swing), Jerry Crim and Mary Robinett (Supreme Swing)

Mixed Pro-Am
1st--Austin and Dee Murrey (OZ)
2nd--Terry Rosebourough and Judy Singer (STS)

Novice Strictly Swing
1st--Chips Hough and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
2nd--Rex and Pam Sturdy (OZ)
3rd--Justin Cousatte and Janet Rials (RCS/STS)
4th--Bob Yelle and Patti Henshaw (STS)
Other dancers--Larry Boehringer and Lori Robinson (RCS), Patrick Bunch and Lil Trower (OZ), Ross Fieser and Cathy Fieser (RCS), and Joe Rohlin and Judikay Boehringer (RCS)

Note: Advanced Strictly Swing and Open Contemporary were not held due to unforseen circumstances surrounding dancers' eligibilities.

Best Costume--Chips Hough and Glenda Evans

Team Trophy--Swing Tulsa Style (4th straight year)