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1999 Oklahoma State Swing Dance Championships

November 5-6, 1999
National Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, OK

1st--Derek Monk and Mary Monk (COSC)*
2nd--Dorain Hobbs and Laura Johnston (SDC)
3rd--Isaac Boehr and Evie Boehr (OZ)
4th--Joe Varietta and Kristy Frank (SDC)
Other dancers--Jim Ross and Liz Andre' (OKC)
Note: COSC stood for Central Oklahoma Swing Club, which would cease operations one year later, in 2000.

Novice Traditional
1st--Rex Sturdy and Pam Sturdy (OZ)
2nd--Bill Buxton and Janet Cope (OKC)
3rd--Bobby Jordan and Diana Higgins (STS)
4th--Ken Bryant and Carol Barber (OKC)
Other dancers--Larry and Judikay Boehringer (RCS), Tom Whitson and Sheli Barker (SDC), Sandy and Dorothy Sanbar (SDC), and Chris Ransdell and Andrea Davis (SDC)

Novice Contemporary
1st--Nick Nichols and Jody Boyd (STS)
2nd--Mike Puckett and Judy Singer (STS)
3rd--Peter Brangaccio and Heather Lightfoot (TSC)
4th--Mike Miller and Cindy Adams (OKC)
Other dancers--Jeremy Emack and Chelsea Rogers (SDC), and Dorain Hobbs and Andrea Davis (SDC)

Advanced Novice
1st--Austin Murrey and Rachel Sturdy (OZ)
2nd--Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson (STS)
3rd--Jeremy Emack and Sheli Barker (SDC)
4th--Chris Randall and Chelsea Barker (SDC)

1st--Chips Hough and Glenda Evans (STS)
2nd--Larry Mansfield and Jan Henry (SDC)
3rd--Jerry and Jan Owsley (WPC)
4th--Mark Harris and Mary Ann Gust (WPC)
Other dancers--Bob Cervantes and Jane Cramton (TSC/STS), Mike Olga and Jackie Williamson (OKC), Al Neal and Susie Crim (OKC), and Mickey Sherman and Sheli Barker (SDC)

1st--Terry Rosebourough and Andrea Scott (STS)
2nd--Bob Cervantes and Judy Singer (TSC/STS)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Jody Boyd (SS/TSC)
4th--Harry Reese and Cathy Fieser (RCS)
Other dancers--Bobby Jordan and Jane Cramton (STS), Chris Gehant and Sheli Barker (SDC), Mickey Sherman and Laura Johnston (SDC), and Bing Wines and Burna Rodgers (SDC)

Traditional Draw
1st--Austin Murrey and Janet Rials (OZ/STS)
2nd--George Thomas and Judy Singer (STS)
3rd--Rusty Rooms and Carrie Ferrill (OKC)
4th--Mark Harris and Mary Carrington-Harris (WPC)
Other dancers--Tom Cameron and Bobbi Brown (SS), Bob Cervantes and Jody Boyd (TSC), Terry Rosebourough and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS), Dennis Holt and Brenda Ess (STS), Jeremy Emack and Laura Johnston (SDC), and Bing Wines and Chris Shaffer (SDC)

Open Contemporary
1st--Bob Cervantes and Sharon Lawson (TSC)
2nd--Harry and Mary Ann Gust (WPC)

Club Trophy
1st--Swing Tulsa Style (38.0 points--2nd straight win)
2nd--Sooner Dance Club (26.0 points)
3rd--Oz Swing Club (15.5 points)