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1998 Oklahoma State Swing Dance Championships

November 6-7, 1998
Elks Lodge, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Novice Jack-N-Jill Winners--Mark Harris and Judy Singer (WPC/STS)

Open Jack-N-Jill Winners--Jerry Owsley and Mary Ann Gust (WPC)

1st--Austin Murrey and Dee Murrey (RCS)
2nd--Jim Womack and Delisha Harris (OKC)
3rd--Mike Puckett and Stefanie Crawford (STS/TSC)
4th--Jack Nofire and Barbara Bogart (WPC)
5th--Larry Boehringer and Judikay Boehringer (RCS)

Novice Traditional
1st--Chips Hough and Sandi Eslick (STS)
2nd--Rex Sturdy and Pam Sturdy (RCS)
3rd--Jeff Martin and Jody Boyd (TSC)
4th--Jay Ravenscroft and Kerry Childress (TSC)

Novice Contemporary
1st--Mark Harris and Mary Carrington (WPC)
2nd--Peter Brangaccio and Heather Lightfoot (TSC)
3rd--Aaron Miller and Amie Broostin (OKC)
4th--William Adrian and Angel Butler (SS)

Advanced Novice
1st--Justin Cousatte and Rachel Sturdy (RCS)
2nd--Nick Nichols and Janet Rials (STS)

1st--Floyd Schlicter and Jackie Smith (OKC)
2nd--Jerry Owsley and Mary Ann Gust (WPC)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Cathy Clark (SS)
4th--Bob Cervantes and Jean Anderson (SS/STS)
5th--Harry Gust and Jan Owsley (WPC)

1st--Bob Cervantes and Judy Singer (SS/STS)
2nd--Bob Yelle and Michelle Young (STS)
3rd--Harry Reese and Cathy Fieser (RCS)
4th--Tom Cameron and Angel Butler (SS)

Open Traditional (Draw music)
1st--Jerry Owsley and Jan Owsley (WPC)
2nd--Bob Cervantes and Sharon Lawson (SS/STS)
3rd--Richard Wilde and Brenda Ess (TSC/STS)

Open Contemporary
1st--Dennis Holt and Brenda Ess (STS)
2nd--Terry Rosebourough and Beverly Morris (TSC)
3rd--Bob Cervantes and Kris Pendley (SS/STS)
4th--Harry Gust and Mary Ann Gust (WPC)
5th--Tom Cameron and Kathy Lolar (SS)

Club Trophy
1st--Swing Tulsa Style (28 points)
2nd--Wichita Push Club (19 points)
3rd--River City Swing (18 points)

Note: STS' win ended Wichita Push Club's five-year winning streak, which had started in 1993.