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Oklahoma/Kansas State Swing Dance Association

updated November 6, 2016

The Oklahoma/Kansas State Swing Dance Association had their first contest in 1984, when it was known as the Oklahoma State Swing Dance Association. It was held at a Howard Johnson's hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and hosted by the Tulsa Swing Club. Since those humble beginnings, some of the clubs in the association have been there for the ride, including Swing Tulsa Style, Tulsa Swing Club, Sooner Dance Club, and Oklahoma City Swing Club.

The Tulsa Swing Club established early dominance, winning the club championship trophy each of the first four years. However, in 1987, there were TWO contests, one in the spring, and the other in the fall. Tulsa Swing Club won the spring convention, while Sooner Swing Club (now Sooner Dance Club) won the fall convention. Tulsa Swing Club's sixth title was in 1989, and after that, their "glory days", so to speak, ended. Speaking of 1989, a little history was made when a new dance club from Wichita, Kansas decided to take on Oklahoma's "big boys" and join the OSSDA.

That club was none other than the Wichita Push Club. WPC would make a big impact on the association, and they achieved their greatest moment in 1993, when they became the first (and only) non-Oklahoma club to EVER win the OSSDA team (club) trophy. In fact, this would start a five-year win streak for WPC. Swing Tulsa Style ended WPC's reign in 1998, and went on to win the team trophy nine straight years before OKC Swing Club ended the streak in 2007.

In 1997, River City Swing Club, led by National Swing Dance Hall of Fame member Harry Reese, became the second Wichita club to join the OSSDA. Two years later, Oz Swing Club joined the association for the 1999 contest; and after the 2001 contest in Tulsa, the Cow Town Swing Dance Club, from Shawnee Mission, Kansas, was admitted to the association.

In 2000, the association's name was changed to the Oklahoma/Kansas State Swing Dance Association to reflect the presence of the two Kansas clubs then in the association, while keeping the "Oklahoma" name in first prominence and keeping tradition intact.

Seven clubs have had to drop out of the association since 1999, including four long-time member clubs Supreme Swing, Wichita Push Club, River City Swing, and Sooner Dance Club. These clubs include: (city and year the club left the OKSSDA in parentheses)

--Central Oklahoma Swing Dance Club (OKC area) (1999-lack of members)

--Supreme Swing (Tulsa) (2003--lack of members plus passing of Jerry Crim)

--Oz Swing Club (Wichita) (2005--lack of members)

--Cow Town Swing Dance Club (Kansas City, KS) (2006-club's choice)

--Wichita Push Club (5-time OKSSDA Club Champion) (2008-declining number of members)

--River City Swing (Wichita) (2012--no members other than Harry Reese)

--Sooner Dance Club (Norman, OK) (2012--lack of members)

River City Swing did return to the OKSSDA in 2013, and actually had a dance team beat Swing Tulsa Style in a teams contest (RCS 2nd, STS 3rd)--a first in OKSSDA history.

Many of West Coast Swing's great dancers, locally, regionally, and nationally, have competed at the OKSSDA contest since 1984. You might recognize quite a few, and here they are: Gary Long, Harry Reese, Jerry Crim (deceased), Jack and Debbie Nevel, Jim Ramsbottom, Judy Ford LaFemina, Jody Bridges (deceased), Doug and Star Morris, Beverly Morris, Jerry Owsley, Jan Neely, Harry and Mary Ann Gust, Mark Harris, Mary Carrington-Harris, Floyd Schlicher, Jackie Smith, Tom Cameron, Chips Hough, Glenda Evans, Terry Rosebourough, Andrea (Scott) Vaughn, Jeanne DeGeyter, Andrew Khouw, Betty Langston, Jennifer (Peterson) Roberson, Austin Murrey, Dee Murrey, Will Carlton, Nick Nichols, Jean Anderson, Dennis Holt, Judy Singer, Rex Sturdy, Pam Sturdy, Bob Cervantes, and Ben Clemons.

The OKSSDA Board of Supervisors has a pre-contest meeting in April each year. That meeting is held on the first or second Saturday in April, then the contest comes on the first or second Friday and Saturday in November in the city which the host club resides.

As of November 2016, these clubs were OKSSDA members: Swing Tulsa Style, Wichita Dance Beat, Oklahoma City Swing Club, and Tulsa Swing Club.

Here are the past winners of the OSSDA/OKSSDA Club Trophy:

1984--Tulsa Swing Club
1985--Tulsa Swing Club
1986--Tulsa Swing Club
1987(I)--Tulsa Swing Club
1987(II)--Sooner Swing Club
1988--Tulsa Swing Club
1989--Tulsa Swing Club
1990--Oklahoma City Swing Club
1991--Swing Tulsa Style
1992--Swing Tulsa Style
1993--Wichita Push Club
1994--Wichita Push Club
1995--Wichita Push Club
1996--Wichita Push Club
1997--Wichita Push Club
1998--Swing Tulsa Style
1999--Swing Tulsa Style
2000--Swing Tulsa Style
2001--Swing Tulsa Style
2002--Swing Tulsa Style
2003--Swing Tulsa Style
2004--Swing Tulsa Style
2005--Swing Tulsa Style
2006--Swing Tulsa Style
2007--Oklahoma City Swing Club
2008--Swing Tulsa Style
2009--Swing Tulsa Style
2010--Swing Tulsa Style
2011--Swing Tulsa Style
2012--Swing Tulsa Style
2013--Swing Tulsa Style
2014--Swing Tulsa Style
2015--Swing Tulsa Style
2016--Swing Tulsa Style

Note: (I) stands for the 1987 spring convention, while (II) stands for the 1987 fall convention.

NUMBER OF CLUB TROPHIES WON (ALL-TIME): Swing Tulsa Style 20, Tulsa Swing Club 6, Wichita Push Club 5, Oklahoma City Swing Club 2, Sooner Swing Club 1.

Past OKSSDA Competitions and Results

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