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2005 Dance Convention Results

2005 OKSSDA Swing Dance Championships
November 4-5, 2005
Clarion Hotel/Meridian Convention Center
Oklahoma City, OK
Hosted by Sooner Dance Club

Kelly's take: The 2005 OKSSDA Championships are in the books, but not without questions. A questionable sound system during several contests, and strange Strictly Swing song selections were among the issues that were troublesome. Meanwhile, the Wichita Push Club team (consisting of four couples, including WPC co-founder Jerry Owsley among others) placed a shocking 2nd, beating out River City Swing and Tulsa Swing Club. Yours truly, Kelly Eslinger, and Mary Ann Gust drew Don Henley's "Dirty Laundry" for Pro-Am Strictly Swing. I tried to make the most of what I could, but finished sixth (totally sucked!). Oh, well. And if you were wondering, Swing Tulsa Style won its 8th consecutive team trophy. On top of that, they host the 2006 state contest in Tulsa. Should be interesting; now here are the final results of OKSSDA 2005:

Newcomer/Novice Jack-N-Jill
1st--Don Law and Lisa Morris (STS/OKC)
2nd--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Paula Day (STS)
3rd--Ron Harvell and Sherry O'Connell (RCS/SDC)

Intermediate/Advanced Jack-N-Jill
1st--Nick Nichols and Jody Boyd (STS/TSC)
2nd--Arlie Kuykendall and Jeanne DeGeyter (SDC/STS)
3rd--Harry Reese and Gloria Auth (RCS/SDC)

Newcomer Traditional
1st--Ward Fowler and Linda Bebee (OKC)
2nd--Doug Friend and Deborah Davis (STS)

1st--Floyd Schlicher and Jackie Smith (OKC)
2nd--Johnnie Fulks and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Judy Singer (TSC/STS)
4th--Dennis Holt and Jane Cramton (STS)
Other dancers: Nick Nichols and Ann Taylor (STS/TSC), Harry Reese and Cathy Fieser (RCS)

Novice Progressive
1st--Don Law and Enola O'Connor (STS)
2nd--Jeff and Mary Jane Heffington (STS)
3rd--Ron Harvell and Rena Young (RCS)
4th--Ed and Shirley Parks (RCS)

Newcomer/Novice Strictly Swing
1st--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Bonnie Cannon (OKC)
2nd--Don Law and Mary Jane Heffington (STS)
3rd--Jeff Heffington and Enola O'Connor (STS)
4th--Mike Miller and Lisa Morris (OKC)
Other dancers: Hiroshi Yamada and Linda Bebee (OKC), Ted Meyers and Paula Day (STS)

Intermediate/Advanced Strictly Swing
1st--Harry Reese and Jeanne DeGeyter (RCS/STS)
2nd--Nick Nichols and Jody Boyd (STS/TSC)
3rd--Andrew Khouw and Jean Anderson (STS)
4th--Robert Howard and Janet Yeager (SDC)

Intermediate Progressive
1st--Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson (STS) (only couple in contest)

Pro-Am (Routines)
1st--Tom Cameron and Ann Taylor (TSC)
2nd--Brock Geeslin and Shirley Moore (OKC)
3rd--Andrew Khouw and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)

Pro-Am Strictly Swing
1st--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Jeanne DeGeyter (OKC/STS)
2nd--Bob Yelle and Jody Boyd (TSC)
3rd--Johnnie Fulks and Jean Anderson (STS)
4th--Don Law and Jane Cramton (STS)
Other dancers: Kelly Eslinger and Mary Ann Gust (WPC), Ted Meyers and Judy Singer (STS), Tom Cameron and Sandy Donceel (TSC)

Open Contemporary
1st--Dennis Holt and Judy Singer (STS) (only couple in contest)

Swing Teams
1st--SwingBabys (STS)
2nd--Wichita Push Club (WPC)
3rd--River City Swing X-Team (RCS)
4th--Tulsa Swings (TSC)

1st--Swing Tulsa Style (62 points--8th straight win)
2nd--Oklahoma City Swing Club
3rd--Tulsa Swing Club

DALLAS D.A.N.C.E. 2005
September 2-4, 2005
Fairmont Hotel, Dallas

Kelly's take: Another great Dallas D.A.N.C.E. is in the books, even though the computer crashed while the scores for Advanced Jack-N-Jill preliminaries were being entered, and awards were not handed out until 1:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday night (in my opinion, unacceptable). Yours truly competed in the Novice Jack-N-Jill along with 67 other leaders and 74 followers. Even though I didn't make the semifinals, it was a pleasure to compete with so many dancers from around the country. Meanwhile, Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann won their 17th straight NASDE Classic event, Parker Dearborn and Jessica Cox were upset in Showcase by the duo that beat them at the 2004 U.S. Open--David Appel and Susan Kirklin; and the Tulsa Swing Babies (led by Jeanne DeGeyter) won the Swing Teams division in another upset. Here now are the final results of Dallas D.A.N.C.E. 2005:

Novice Traditional (10 entries)
1st--Brian Kidd and Delaina Knorr (Dallas)
2nd--Jim Guglielmo and Abigail Reed (Lebanon, CT)
3rd--Joe Wright and Ashley Davidson (Dallas/College Station, TX)
4th--Michael Diener and Jeannette Holmes (New York/Dallas)
5th--Tony Watson and Elizabeth Stark (Dallas)

Masters (9 entries)
1st--Tom Daniell and Cher Peadon (Fort Worth, TX)
2nd--Tim Brown and Connie Coufal (Akron, OH)
3rd--John Thomas and Glenda Evans (Tulsa)
4th--Kerry Turner and Cindy Culver (Dallas)
5th--Jim Widdeke and Diane Lynn (San Diego)

Showcase (5 entries)
1st--David Appel and Susan Kirklin (Houston/Austin, TX)
2nd--Parker Dearborn and Jessica Cox (San Diego)
3rd--Jason Miklic and Sophy Kdep (Cincinnati)
4th--James Leyva and Lindy Greer (Dallas)
5th--Gary Jobst and Csilla Madocsai (Southern California)

Female Pro-Am
1st--Tom Tidwell and Lori Hayner (Dallas)
2nd--Tony Watson and Alisha Turner (Dallas)
3rd--Jimmy Torres and Beata Howe (Dallas)
4th--Michael Arulfo and Erica Berg (Minneapolis)
5th--David Young and Becky Burgess (Houston)

Male Pro-Am (11 entries)
1st--David Appel and Becky MacCorkle (Houston)
2nd--Jason Barnes and Lisa Pietrowiak (Minneapolis)
3rd--Doug Rousar and Julie Gellendin (Wisconsin)
4th--Mike Topel and Crystal Fischer (Madison, WI)
5th--Lewis Neal and Sharon Thompson (Washington, DC)

Classic (15 entries)
1st--Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann (Santa Monica and Long Beach, CA)
2nd--Markus Smith and Deonna Ball (Washington, DC)
3rd--Ronnie DeBenedetta and Brandi Tobias (San Diego)
4th--Damon and Lisa D'Amico (Houston)
5th--Angel and Debbie Figueroa (Cedar Park, TX)

Novice Jack-N-Jill (68 men and 74 women)
1st--Cory Chiquet and Angela Pinson
2nd--Dave Megaffin and Natalie Arnold
3rd--Michael Guzman and Grace Aguila
4th--Dennis Taupo and Sandra Ballestro
5th--Henry De Los Reyes and Tova Alladice

Intermediate Jack-N-Jill
1st--Jeff Moore and Vanessa Duhon
2nd--Michael Diener and Abigail Reed
3rd--Nick Arquette and Becky MacCorkle
4th--Alan Anicella and Willow Colson-Wall
5th--Victor Loviera and Tracie Allen

Advanced Jack-N-Jill
1st--Austin Murrey and Sophy Kdep
2nd--Jason Barnes and Leslie Daniell
3rd--Doug Rousar and Samantha Buckwalter
4th--Bill Caffy and Kelly McBreen
5th--Will Carlton and Stacy McBreen

Swing Teams
1st--SwingBabies (coached by Jeanne DeGeyter/Tulsa)
2nd--24 Swing (coached by Wes and Pam Neese/Dallas)
3rd--River City Swing Team (coached by Harry Reese/Wichita)

Novice Strictly Swing
1st--Jeff Moore and Tara Patureau (Houston)
2nd--Dennis Taupo and Heather Blue (Houston)
3rd--Glenn and Paula Morris (Houston)
4th--Tom and Terri Tidwell (Irving, TX)
5th--Bill Morehead and Suzanne Wilkes (Houston)

Intermediate/Advanced Strictly Swing
1st--Doug Rousar and Leslie Daniell (Wisconsin/Dallas)
2nd--Trent Haynes and Samantha Buckwalter (Houston/Windsor, CA)
3rd--Bryan Spivey and Valerie Menard (Houston/ Lafayette, LA)
4th--Will Carlton and Stacy McBreen (Wichita/Atlanta)
5th--Shawn Tobias and Kelly McBreen (Massachusetts/Austin, TX)

Masters Strictly Swing
1st--Richard and Roxanne Ware (New Braunfels, TX)
2nd--John Boden and Cher Peadon (Fort Worth, TX)
3rd--John "Heavy" and Barbara "Snowflake" Grammer (Houston)
4th--Tom Daniell and Adel Husband (Dallas)
5th--Michael Stephens and Suzanne Wilkes (Houston)

Champions Strictly Swing (25 entries)
1st--Kyle Redd and Tatiana Mollmann (Dallas/Long Beach, CA)
2nd--Terry Rosebourough and Brandi Tobias (Dallas/San Diego)
3rd--Mario Robau, Jr. and Blake Hobby (Houston/Connecticut)
4th--Angel Figueroa and Deborah Szekely (Cedar Park, TX/Alhambra, CA)
5th--Matt Auclair and Debbie Figueroa (St. Louis/Cedar Park, TX)

Cabaret (7 entries)
1st--Ronnie DeBenedetta and Brandi Tobias (San Diego)
2nd--It's Raining Men (Dallas)
3rd--Dance Force (Houston)
4th--Chuckie's Choreography (Houston)
5th--Clifford Davis and Sharon Clute (Dallas)

Invitational Jack-N-Jill (23 couples)
1st--James Leyva and Tatiana Mollmann (Dallas/Long Beach, CA)
2nd--Kyle Redd and Deborah Szekely (Dallas/Alhambra, CA)
3rd--Kevin Fitzhugh and Blake Hobby (Baltimore/Connecticut)
4th--Matt Auclair and Brandi Tobias (St. Louis/San Diego)
5th--Angel Figueroa and Beata Howe (Cedar Park, TX/Dallas)
Note: This category was judged by all the female dancers.

Special Note: A special fund-raiser for the American Red Cross was held after the last contest each night to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Attendees raised $15,000 while an anonymous donor matched that total by tripling the total donation to $45,000--thank you, dancers!

Social Dance Awards
Novice Level: Bruce Park (Dallas) and Julie Bronson (Houston)
Open Level: Tim Allman (San Antonio) and Jeannie Tucker (Tucson, AZ)

Ted Wilcher Award--Andrew Luster

2005 Grand Prix of Swing
July 15-17, 2005--Downtown Marriott/Muelebach Hotel
Kansas City, Missouri
(updated October 21, 2005 from

Kelly's Take: Easily the best-run Grand Prix of Swing in its short three-year history, bar none. Great workshops by Austin Murrey, Jeanne DeGeyter, Matt and Crystal Auclair, John Lindo, and Angel and Debbie Figueroa; plus great contests and all the late-night social dancing Grand Prix of Swing fans could stand. I competed with Glenda Evans in Pro-Am Strictly Swing and enjoyed it, even though I didn't place in the top five. I left everything out on that floor, and that's all I can ask and do. See you next July for Grand Prix 2006!

Grand Prix 100 Strictly Swing
1st--Bill Corey and Mary Carrington-Harris (Kansas City)
2nd--Thom Ginther and Kathy Sappington (Kansas City)
3rd--Stan Bennett and Linda Woods (Lee's Summit, MO)
4th--Andrew Khouw and Betty Langston (Tulsa)
5th--Jeff Heffington and Enola O'Connor (Tulsa)

Novice Jack-N-Jill
1st--Dennis Taupo and Heather Blue (Houston)
2nd--Vince Matthews and Heather Getz (Kansas City)
3rd--Joe Wright and Kristin Curtis (Dallas/Omaha)
4th--Mark Perez and Stacie Vaininuas (Omaha)
5th--Mike Brenton and Leisa Miller (Kansas City/Omaha)

Novice Strictly Swing
1st--Dennis Taupo and Heather Blue (Houston)
2nd--Mark Perez and Kristin Curtis (Omaha)
3rd--Mike Brenton and Heather Getz (Kansas City)
4th--Jeff and Mary Jane Heffington (Tulsa)
5th--Vince Matthews and Celeste Molen (Kansas City)

Newcomer Strictly Swing
1st--Rick and Lisa Gendron (St. Louis)
2nd--Andrew Walls and Britani Vernon (Springfield, MO)
3rd--Dennis Bordner and Victoria Ott (St. Louis)

Intermediate Jack-N-Jill
1st--Henry Pulido and Chrissy Bridgeman (St. Louis/Kansas City)
2nd--Andrew Khouw and Dee Murrey (Tulsa/Wichita)
3rd--Thom Ginther and Dawn DeGrushe (Kansas City/St. Louis)
4th--Henry Pulido and Linda Woods (St. Louis/Kansas City)
5th--Thom Ginther and Lara Craig (Kansas City)

Intermediate Strictly Swing
1st--Henry Pulido and Dawn DeGrushe (St. Louis)
2nd--Thom Ginther and Chrissy Bridgeman (Kansas City)
3rd--Ross Behrens and Laura Plummer (St. Louis)

Pro-Am Strictly Swing (Male Pro)
1st--Angel Figueroa and Heather Blue (Austin, TX/Houston)
2nd--Matt Auclair and Ellen Ransom (St. Louis)
3rd--Austin and Dee Murrey (Wichita)
4th--Austin Murrey and Lara Craig (Wichita/Kansas City)
5th--Matt Auclair and Kathy Sappington (St. Louis/Kansas City)

Pro-Am Strictly Swing (Female Pro)
1st--Dennis Taupo and Debbie Figueroa (Houston/Austin, TX)
2nd--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Jeanne DeGeyter (Oklahoma City/Tulsa)
3rd--Henry Pulido and Glenda Evans (St. Louis/Tulsa)
4th--Thom Ginther and Glenda Evans (Kansas City/Tulsa)
5th--Andrew Khouw and Jeanne DeGeyter (Tulsa)
Note: Kelly Eslinger (Wichita) danced with Glenda Evans and (by webmaster's speculation) placed 6th or 7th out of 9 couples.

Advanced Strictly Swing
1st--Matt Auclair and Debbie Figueroa (St. Louis/Austin, TX)
2nd--Austin Murrey and Jeanne DeGeyter (Wichita/Tulsa)
3rd--Angel Figueroa and Crystal Lambert (Austin, TX/St. Louis)

Advanced Jack-N-Jill
1st--Matt Auclair and Crystal Lambert (St. Louis)
2nd--Austin Murrey and Jeanne DeGeyter (Wichita/Tulsa)
3rd--Kenny Nelson and Glenda Evans (Kansas City/Tulsa)

Nightclub 2-Step Just Dance
1st--Dillon Olson and Josie Olson (Kansas City)
2nd--Thom Ginther and Kathy Sappington (Kansas City)
3rd--Mike Bicklein and Dawn DeGrushe (St. Louis)

Nightclub 2-Step Jack-N-Jill
1st--Dillon Olson and Celeste Molen (Kansas City)
2nd--Andrew Khouw and Kristin Curtis (Tulsa/Omaha)
3rd--Matt Auclair and Lisa Gendron (St. Louis)

2005 Southwest Regionals
May 20-22, 2005--Sterling Hotel, Irving, TX
Hosted by Texas Classic Push Club

Kelly's take: This was a well-run SW Regional by Texas Classic; everything started on time, and the competitors and competition were even better. Personally, I decided not to compete because one, I had been up since 5 a.m. on Friday morning, got a rental car at 4 p.m., came into Dallas at 10:15 p.m., was fatigued by then, and secondly, I didn't ask anybody to dance with me competitively in advance (sorry). But anyway, thanks to those who came and danced at the 2005 Regionals--now here are the final results: (Newcomer Novice Strictly Swing was not held because not enough entries were received)

Novice Jack-N-Jill
1st--Tim Winter and Paula Morris
2nd--Brian Low and Faith Stephens
3rd--Dave Megaffin and Kelli Bourgeois

Intermediate Novice Jack-N-Jill
1st--Clint Madewell and Dee Murrey
2nd--Andrew Khouw and Rebecca Falkowski
3rd--Rick McClure and Suzanne Wilkes

Advanced Jack-N-Jill
1st--Miles Wallace and Jeanne DeGeyter
2nd--Kerry Turner and Amy Kassekert
3rd--Austin Murrey and Jamie Callahan

Intermediate Novice Progressive
1st--Charles Nieman and Carolyn Brice (DPC/TCPC)
2nd--Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson (STS)

Novice Strictly Swing (11 couples)
1st--Dennis Taupo and Heather Blue (SWWC)
2nd--Glenn and Paula Morris (SWWC)
3rd--Jimmy Torres and Faith Stephens (FDO/SWWC)
4th--Tim Winter and Angela Pinson (TCPC/DPC)
Note: Brian Low and Mary Jane Heffington (OZ/STS) finished 6th.

Female Pro-Am Progressive (4 couples)
1st--Tony Watson and Alisha Turner (TCPC/DPC)
2nd--Dave Megaffin and Robin McBride (FDO/TCPC)
3rd--Jimmy Torres and Beata Howe (FDO/DPC)

Male Pro-Am Strictly Swing (23 couples)
1st--Brian Spivey and Lisa Palmer (SWWC)
2nd--Terry Rosebourough and Becky MacCorkle (TCPC/SWWC)
3rd--Michael Stephens and Paula Morris (SWWC)
4th--Austin and Dee Murrey (OZ)

Advanced Progressive
1st--Miles Wallace and Amy Kassekert (FDO/TCPC)
2nd--Dennis Holt and Judy Singer (STS)
3rd--Kerry and Alisha Turner (DPC)

Intermediate Novice Strictly Swing
1st--Gary Raley and Suzanne Wilkes (SWWC)
2nd--Gianmarco Russo and Rebecca Falkowski (TCPC/SWWC)
3rd--Clint Madewell and Dee Murrey (TCPC/OZ)
4th--Andrew Khouw and Lisa Palmer (STS/SWWC)

Male Pro-Am Progressive
1st--Kerry Turner and Elizabeth Stark (DPC)
2nd--Austin and Dee Murrey (OZ)
3rd--Wes Neece and Sharon Lantrip (FDO/DPC)

Female Pro-Am Strictly Swing (24 couples)
1st--Gianmarco Russo and Kellese Key (TCPC)
2nd--Dennis Taupo and Robin McBride (SWWC/TCPC)
3rd--Brian Low and Glenda Evans (OZ/STS)
4th--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)

Novice Progressive
1st--Jeff and Mary Jane Heffington (STS)
2nd--Don Law and Enola O'Connor (STS)
3rd--Ted Meyers and Paula Day (STS)

Advanced Strictly Swing (10 couples)
1st--Jack Wells and Michaele Giles (DPC)
2nd--Michael Stephens and Jamie Callahan (SWWC)
3rd--Tom and Leslie Daniell (TCPC)
4th--Brian Spivey and Becky Burgess (SWWC)

Top Male Teacher
1st--Brian Spivey
2nd--Michael Stephens
3rd--Austin Murrey

Top Female Teacher
1st--Robin McBride
2nd--Jeanne DeGeyter
3rd--Alisha Turner

Team Trophy
1st--Texas Classic Push Club (41.5 points)
2nd--Southwest Whip Club (38.5 points)
3rd--Swing Tulsa Style (32.5 points)

Congratulations to all the winners and other dancers who competed in this year's Regionals--YOU ARE ALL WINNERS BECAUSE AS GARY LONG WOULD SAY "YOU DANCED--AND THEY DIDN'T!!"

The 2006 Southwest Regionals will be held in Houston, Texas on Memorial Day Weekend; the Houston Whip Club will host the first SWRDA event in Houston since 1985. We'll see you there!

2005 America's Classic Championships
March 24-27, 2005--Hilton Americas Hotel, Houston, TX

Several people from Tulsa, Kansas City, and some favorites of ours did very well at America's Classic 2005. Here is how they did:

Jeanne DeGeyter (Tulsa)--2nd in Female Pro-Am Non-Pro with Kenny Nelson (Kansas City); 3rd in Rising Star Jack-N-Jill with Mike Topel

Don Law and Enola O'Connor (Tulsa)--Won Amateur Novice Divsion!

Kenny Nelson (Kansas City)--2nd in Female Pro-Am Non-Pro with Jeanne DeGeyter

Chips Hough (Fountain Valley, CA; former Tulsan)--3rd in Masters with Janice Salmon

Matt Auclair (St. Louis)--Won Professional Strictly Swing with Debbie Figueroa; won Male Pro-Am Non-Pro with Rishma Prasad

James Leyva (Dallas)--3rd in Professional Classic Division with Lindy Greer

Congratulations to all of you and the others who danced and competed--YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!

2005 Tulsa City Swing Dance Championships
March 19, 2005--Tulsa, OK
Tulsa Swing Club Clubhouse

1st--Tim Smith and Michael Diane Rogers
2nd--Les Lieurance and Kathy O'Neal

Newcomer/Non-Newcomer (4 couples)
1st--Tim Smith and Jeanne DeGeyter
2nd--Susan Neubauer and John Thomas
3rd--Sandy Donceel and Tom Cameron
Other dancers--Sherry Williams and Bob Yelle

Regular Novice
1st--Don Law and Enola O'Connor
2nd--Jeff and Mary Jane Heffington
3rd--Ted Meyers and Paula Day

Intermediate Novice
1st--Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson (only couple in contest)

1st--John Thomas and Jeanne DeGeyter
2nd--Ann Williams and Tom Cameron

Strictly Swing (9 couples)
1st--Andrew Khouw and Glenda Evans
2nd--Dennis Holt and Judy Singer
3rd--Johnnie Fulks and Jeanne DeGeyter
Other dancers--Ted Meyers and Michael Diane Rogers, Don Law and Ashly Robinson, Tom Cameron and Ann Williams, John Thomas and Roxanne Greenwood, Jeff Heffington and Enola O'Connor, and Nick Nichols and Ann Taylor

1st--Andrew Khouw and Jeanne DeGeyter
2nd--John Thomas and Glenda Evans
3rd--Tom Cameron and Ann Moss

2005 Captial Swing Convention
Sacramento, CA--February 17-20, 2005

Some people from Tulsa and Kansas City did rather well in Sacramento, including:

Mary Jane Heffington--1st in Newcomer Jack-N-Jill

Jeff Heffington--2nd in Newcomer Jack-N-Jill

Glenda Evans--2nd in Masters Jack-N-Jill (with former Tulsan and Masters dance partner Chips Hough)

Kenny Nelson--1st in Intermediate Jack-N-Jill

Oh, by the way, Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann won Classic, making it 12 in a row dating back to 2004--What a streak!

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