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2004 Dance Convention Results

2004 OKSSDA State Championships
November 5-6, 2004, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hosted by the Tulsa Swing Club

Newcomer/Novice Jack-N-Jill Champions--Robert Howard and Janet Yeager (OKC)

Intermediate/Advanced Jack-N-Jill Champions--Mark Harris and Janet Rials (CTSDC/STS)

Newcomer (5 couples)
1st--Don Law and Enola O'Connor (TSC)
2nd--Tony Yelle and Ashly Robinson (TSC)
3rd--Tim Smith and Cheryl Wilson (STS)
4th--Steve Thomsen and Susan Neubauer (STS)
Other dancers--Ed and Shirley Parks (RCS)

Novice Progressive (8 couples)
1st--Robert Howard and Janet Yeager (OKC)
2nd--Jeff and Mary Jane Heffington (STS)
3rd--John Thomas and Betty Langston (STS)
4th--Ted Meyers and Elizabeth Markley (STS)
Other dancers--Leon Wesley and Ann Moss (STS), Bob Yelle and Rebekah Thoreen (TSC), Larry and Judikay Boehringer (RCS), and Ron Harvell and Cathy Fieser (RCS)

Newcomer/Novice Strictly Swing (11 couples)
1st--Brian Low and Amy Hamilton (OZ)
2nd--Lonnie Johnson, Jr. and Bonnie Cannon (OKC)
3rd--Hiroshi Yamada and Janet Yeager (OKC)
4th--John Thomas and Roxanne Greenwood (STS)
Other dancers--David and Gayle Clanin (TSC/STS), Ted Meyers and Paula Day (STS), Kevin Stephenson and Betty Langston (STS), Jeff Heffington and Enola O'Connor (STS/TSC), Leon Wesley and Angel Butler (STS/TSC), Don Law and Ann Taylor (TSC), and Bob Yelle and Tonya Conkling (TSC)

Intermediate/Advanced Strictly Swing (7 couples)
1st--Austin Murrey and Andrea Scott (OZ/STS)
2nd--Harry Reese and Jeanne DeGeyter (RCS/STS)
3rd--Dennis Holt and Judy Singer (STS)
4th--Kenny Nelson and Jennifer Peterson (CTSDC/STS)
Other dancers--Andrew Khouw and Jean Anderson (STS), Tom Cameron and Jody Boyd (TSC), and Mark Harris and Mary Carrington-Harris (CTSDC)

Masters (6 couples)
1st--John Thomas and Glenda Evans (STS)
2nd--Johnnie Fulks and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Ann Moss (TSC)
4th--Andrew Khouw and Betty Langston (STS)
Other dancers--Nick Nichols and Ann Taylor (STS), and Harry Reese and Cathy Fieser (RCS)

Teams (2 teams)
1st--Swing Babies (STS)
2nd--The Kokomo Crew (RCS)

Intermediate Contemporary (2 couples)
1st--Andrew Khouw and Jennifer Peterson (STS)
2nd--Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson (STS)

Pro-Am (routines) (4 couples)
1st--Austin and Dee Murrey (OZ)
2nd--Andrew Khouw and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Angel Butler (TSC)
4th--David Clanin and Jody Boyd (TSC)

Pro-Am Strictly Swing (7 couples)
1st--Austin Murrey and Jennifer Peterson (OZ/STS)
2nd--Nick Nichols and Jody Boyd (STS/TSC)
3rd--Kelly Eslinger and Andrea Scott (WPC/STS)
4th--Kevin Stephenson and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS)
Other dancers--Jeff Heffington and Glenda Evans (STS), Tom Cameron and Rebekah Thoreen (TSC), and Mark Harris and Betty Langston (CTSDC/STS)

Contemporary (3 couples)
1st--Austin Murrey and Jeanne DeGeyter (OZ/STS)
2nd--Bob Yelle and Jody Boyd (TSC)
3rd--Tom Cameron and Kathy Lolar (TSC)

Team Trophy
1st--Swing Tulsa Style (73 points--7th straight year)
2nd--Tulsa Swing Club (31.5 points)
3rd--Oz Swing Club (17.5 points)

Note: Kelly Eslinger was the only dancer from Wichita Push Club in the entire state contest, and his dance with Andrea was his FIRST spotlight dance EVER! Not too bad for a first-timer!

DALLAS D.A.N.C.E. 2004
September 3-5, Fairmont Hotel, Dallas

Novice Traditional (11 couples)
1st--Chip and Janice DiStefano (Houston)
2nd--Gianmarco Russo and Becky MacCorkle (Ft. Worth/Houston)
3rd--Dave Megaffin and Jeanette Holmes (Dallas)
4th--Andrew Khouw and Jennifer Peterson (Tulsa)
5th--John Paino and Cheryl Praprotnik (St. Louis)

Masters (4 couples)
1st--John "Heavy" and Barbara "Snowflake" Grammer (Houston)
2nd--Tim Brown and Connie Coufal (Akron, OH)
3rd--Jim Widdeke and Diane Lynn (San Diego)
4th--Richard and Roxanne Ware (New Braunfels, TX)

Showcase (3 couples)
1st--Parker Dearborn and Jessica Cox (San Diego)
2nd--Jim Becker and April Prince (Chicago)
3rd--Michael Smith and Deb Martinez (Massachussetts)

Female Pro-Am (5 couples)
1st--Rick Domalski and Debbie Figueroa (Austin, TX)
2nd--Mike Konkel and Sheli Schroeder (Wisconsin)
3rd--Tony Watson and Alisha Turner (Dallas)
4th--Michael Guzman and Yolanda Windley (San Antonio)
5th--Jim Bounds and Mary Manzella (San Diego)

Male Pro-Am (13 couples)
1st--Jimmy Mulligan and Stephanie Ciaglo (Chicago)
2nd--Austin and Dee Murrey (Wichita)
3rd--Angel Figueroa and Suzanne Wilkes (Austin/Houston)
4th--Will Carlton and Jennifer Peterson (Wichita/Tulsa)
5th--Matt Auclair and Cheryl Praprotnik (St. Louis)

Classic (14 couples)
1st--Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann (Santa Monica, CA)
2nd--John Festa and Blake Hobby (New York/Connecticut)
3rd--Angel and Debbie Figueroa (Austin, TX)
4th--Kevin Fitzhugh and Tammy Brown (Baltimore)
5th--Austin Murrey and Andrea Scott (Wichita/Tulsa)

Novice Jack-N-Jill (121 entries/64 men and 57 women)
1st--Ben and Emily Johnson (Denham Springs, LA)
2nd--Eric Montes and Rebecca Falkowski (Dallas/Houston)
3rd--Joe Wright and Janice DiStefano (Dallas/Houston)
4th--Chuck Richardson and Charidy Mantzey (Dallas/Houston)
5th--Todd Sumrall and Kerri McLean (Baton Rouge/Denver)
Note: Brian Low (Derby, KS) was among the eight male finalists.

Intermediate Jack-N-Jill
1st--Justin Tobias and Kristy Barckley
2nd--Gianmarco Russo and Kim Porman
3rd--Shawn Tobias and Rishma Prasad
4th--Brian Spivey and Allison Chase
5th--Andrew Khouw and Jamie Callahan

Advanced Jack-N-Jill
1st--Bill Caffy and Denise Jordan
2nd--Brian Faust and Kelly McBreen
3rd--Will Carlton and Erica Berg
4th--Mike Topel and Roxanne Ware
5th--Edwin Li and Cher Chilton Peadon

Swing Teams (5 teams)
1st--Swing Shift Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
2nd--Midwest Rebels (Chicago)
3rd--Night Moves (Dallas)
4th--Swing Babys (Tulsa)
5th--Charged (Wichita)

Novice Strictly Swing (34 couples in prelims)
1st--Todd Sumrall and Britt Mixon (Baton Rouge)
2nd--Victor Loveira and Vanessa Duhon (Houston)
3rd--Ben and Emily Johnson (Denham Springs, LA)
4th--Brian Low and Ellen Ransom (Derby, KS/St. Louis)
5th--Kenny Nelson and Jennifer Peterson (Kansas City, MO/Tulsa)

Intermediate/Advanced Strictly Swing
1st--Will Carlton and Kelly McBreen (Wichita/Austin, TX)
2nd--Tom and Leslie Daniell (Ft. Worth, TX)
3rd--Doug Rousar and Stacey Cramer (Menasha and Milwaukee, WI)
4th--Shawn Tobias and Angie Cameron (Massachussetts/Chicago)
5th--Bryan Jordan and Cher Chilton Peadon (Gonzales, LA/Dallas)

Masters Strictly Swing (11 couples)
1st--John "Heavy" Grammer and Cher Chilton Peadon (Houston/Dallas)
2nd--Richard Ware and Sherry Lawson-Martin (New Braunfels, TX/St. Louis)
3rd--Tim Brown and Barbara "Snowflake" Grammer (Akron/Houston)
4th--Tom Daniell and Roxanne Ware (Bedford, TX/New Braunfels, TX)
5th--Ray Coker and Suzanne Wilkes (Houston)

Champions Strictly Swing (13 couples)
1st--Matt Auclair and Debbie Figueroa (St. Louis/Austin, TX)
2nd--John Lindo and Tatiana Mollmann (New York/Santa Monica, CA)
3rd--Jordan Frisbee and Deborah Szekely (Santa Monica and Pasadena, CA)
4th--Angel Figueroa and Lindy Greer (Austin/Dallas)
5th--Robert Cordoba and Blake Hobby (Pasadena, CA/Connecticut)

1st--The Savoys (Virginia)
2nd--Dance Force Productions (Houston)
3rd--Shea Patricek and Susan Kirklin (Austin, TX)
4th--Debbie Yeh (Dallas)
5th--George and Jerahldi Furlong (Dallas)

Invitational Jack-N-Jill (15 couples)
1st--Terry Rosebourough and Beata Howe (Dallas)
2nd--Jordan Frisbee and Crystal Lambert (Santa Monica/St. Louis)
3rd--Kyle Redd and Katie Berardino (Fresno and Costa Mesa, CA)
4th--Gary Jobst and Sarah Vann Drake (Phoenix/Fresno)
5th--John Lindo and Denise Jordan (New York/Gonzales, LA)
Note: This year's Invitational Jack-N-Jill was judged by ALL the male contestants.

Social Dance Awards--Kelly Strause, Gianmarco Russo, Tammy Brown, and Jamie Callahan

Dallas DANCE Hall of Fame Inductees--Richard Ware and Kellese Key (from 2003)

2004 Grand Prix of Swing
Downtown Marriott/Muehlebach Hotel
July 16-18, Kansas City, MO

Note: The top three couples in each category that are listed get trophies (Strictly Swings) or prize money (Jack-N-Jill). All remaining couples are listed as well in their order of finish. The Grand Prix 100 results that were announced Friday night were changed due to an error involving a judge's scores not being entered in the computer. The top three in the Grand Prix 100 listed below are correct; event organizers decided to give trophies to the top five couples.

Novice Jack-N-Jill (16 couples)
1st--Thom Ginther and Terri Baker (Overland Park, KS/Iowa)
2nd--Andrew Khouw and Amy Hamilton (Tulsa/Kansas City)
3rd--John Thomas and Heather Getz (Tulsa/Kansas City)
Other finalists: Brian Low and Jamie Paskiewicz, Vince Matthews and Lori Sunderland, and Eric Cantu and Kate Kongs
Note: Kelly Eslinger (Wichita) was an alternate in the finals.

Grand Prix 100 Strictly Swing (11 couples)
1st--Johnnie Fulks and Jeanne DeGeyter (Tulsa)
2nd--Mark Harris and Jan Owsley (Kansas City/Wichita)
3rd--John Thomas and Glenda Evans (Tulsa)
4th--Andrew Khouw and Betty Langston (Tulsa)
5th--Joe Wright and Sherry Lawson-Martin (Dallas/St. Louis)
Other dancers--Stan Bennett and Linda Woods, Kent McCulloh and Lynn Schneemeyer, Thom Ginther and Dara Gemar, Vince Matthews and Shirley Schubert, Bob Miller and Marty Hebert, and Gerald Blunt and Gail Planer.

Newcomer Strictly Swing
1st--Andrew Walls and Gretchen Lutz (only couple in contest)

Intermediate Jack-N-Jill (5 couples)
1st--Stan Bennett and Melissa Summers (Lee's Summit, MO/Blue Springs, MO)
2nd--Kenny Nelson and Lara Craig (Kansas City)
3rd--Kenny Nelson and Dee Murrey (Kansas City/Wichita)
Other dancers--Stan Bennett and Teresa Wapelhorst, and Dave Dierzbicki and Jennifer Peterson

Novice Strictly Swing (7 couples)
1st--Joe Wright and Paige Mueller (Dallas)
2nd--Brian Low and Amy Hamilton (Wichita/Kansas City)
3rd--Vince Matthews and Celeste Molen (Kansas City)
4th--Kelly Eslinger and Marty Hebert (Wichita/Omaha) (honorable mention)
Other dancers--Andrew Fitzgibbon and Kristin Curtis, Joe Garcia and Lynn Schneemeyer, and Jeff Heffington and Rhonda Holt

Advanced Jack-N-Jill (4 couples)
1st--Matt Auclair and Whitney Brooks (St. Louis)
2nd--Will Carlton and Amy Castro (Wichita/Lincoln)
3rd--Paul Fritzler and Crystal Lambert (Omaha/St. Louis)
4th--Bill Bateman and Jan Owsley (Southern California/Wichita)

Male Pro-Am Strictly Swing (6 couples)
1st--Will Carlton and Jennifer Peterson (Wichita/Tulsa)
2nd--Matt Auclair and Cory Johnson (St. Louis)
3rd--Austin and Dee Murrey (Wichita)
Other dancers--Will Carlton and Kate Kongs, Angel Figueroa and Linda Woods, and Matt Auclair and Shirley Schubert

Female Pro-Am Strictly Swing (5 couples)
1st--Kenny Nelson and Jeanne DeGeyter (Kansas City/Tulsa)
2nd--Thom Ginther and Crystal Lambert (Overland Park, KS/St. Louis)
3rd--Stan Bennett and Jeanne DeGeyter (Lee's Summitt, MO/Tulsa)
Other dancers--Andrew Khouw and Jeanne DeGeyter, and Dave Dierzbicki and Whitney Brooks

Intermediate Strictly Swing (6 couples)
1st--Dallas Brooks and Jennifer Peterson (St. Louis/Tulsa)
2nd--Kenny Nelson and Jamie Paskiewicz (Kansas City/Colorado Springs)
3rd--Thom Ginther and Melissa Summers (Overland Park, KS/Blue Springs, MO)
Other couples--Stan Bennett and Linda Woods, Dave Dierzbicki and Teresa Wapelhorst, and Eric Cantu and Lara Craig

Advanced Strictly Swing
1st--Matt Auclair and Crystal Lambert (St. Louis)
2nd--Will Carlton and Whitney Brooks (Wichita/St. Louis)

Note: A total of 53 couples competed this year; attendance improved from about 100 last year to over 130! Plans are already in the works for GPOS 2005! Take time to thank Cow Town for putting on a great show!

2004 Southwest Regionals
May 28-30, Sterling Hotel, Irving, TX

Note: Due to new SWRDA rules, only the top three couples in all Progressive categories receive trophies.

Novice Jack-N-Jill
1st--John Thomas and Paige Mueller (Tulsa/Dallas)
2nd--Tony Watson and Sharon Lantrip (Dallas)
3rd--Jimmy Torres and Carol Jackson (Dallas)

Intermediate Novice Jack-N-Jill
1st--Carl Hilton and Jennifer Peterson (Houston/Tulsa)
2nd--Chip DiStefano and Sandy McCowan (Houston/Dallas)
3rd--Brian Kidd and Jasmine Williams (Dallas)

Advanced Jack-N-Jill
1st--Will Carlton and Beata Howe (Wichita/Dallas)
2nd--Tom Schipper and Jeanne DeGeyter (Dallas/Tulsa)
3rd--Wes Neese and Alisha Turner (Dallas)

Masters (non-sanctioned)
1st--Chuck Richardson and Laura Jones (FDO/TCPC)
2nd--Gary Raley and Cindy Culver (SWWC/TCPC)
3rd--Kerry Turner and Kelli Bourgeois (DPC/TCPC)

Newcomer Novice Strictly Swing
1st--Jeff and Mary Jane Heffington (STS)
2nd--Kevin Stephenson and Monica Haggard (STS)
3rd--Lonnie Johnson and Paula Day (STS)
4th--Ward Fowler and Carolyn Capps (SDC)

Intermediate Novice Progressive
1st--Chip and Janice DiStefano (SWWC)
2nd--Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson (STS)

Novice Strictly Swing (9 couples)
1st--Gary Raley and Suzanne Wilkes (SWWC/BAWDC)
2nd--Joe Wright and Sharon Lantrip (DPC)
3rd--Andrew Khouw and Betty Langston (STS)
4th--Tom Tidwell and Dani Gray (DPC/FDO)

Female Pro-Am Progressive
1st--Andrew Khouw and Jeanne DeGeyter (STS) (only couple in contest)

Male Pro-Am Strictly Swing (14 couples)
1st--Will Carlton and Jennifer Peterson (WPC/STS)
2nd--Wes Neese and Jeanette Holmes (FDO/TCPC)
3rd--Will Carlton and Rachel Sturdy (WPC/OZ)
4th--Miles Wallace and Corina Dudley (TCPC)

Open Progressive
1st--Scott McCullough and Susu Seaman (TCPC)
2nd--Will Carlton and Alisha Turner (WPC/TCPC)
3rd--Harry Reese and Jeanne DeGeyter (RCS/STS)

Open Strictly Swing
1st--Scott McCullough and Susu Seaman (TCPC)
2nd--Will Carlton and Jeanne DeGeyter (WPC/STS)
3rd--John Malone and Sherry Reynolds (HOT)
4th--Kerry and Alisha Turner (DPC)

Male Pro-Am Progressive
1st--Will Carlton and Jennifer Peterson (WPC/STS)
2nd--Kerry Turner and Sharon Lantrip (DPC)

Female Pro-Am Strictly Swing (20 couples)
1st--Pam Neese and Chip DiStefano (FDO/SWWC)
2nd--Jeanne DeGeyter and Andrew Khouw (STS)
3rd--Jeanne DeGeyter and Kevin Stephenson (STS)
4th--Beata Howe and Dan Matise (DPC/TCPC)

Novice Progressive (6 couples)
1st--Tony Watson and Elizabeth Stark (FDO)
2nd--Dave Megaffin and Jeanette Holmes (FDO/TCPC)
3rd--Don Duncan and Dani Gray (DPC/FDO)

Intermediate Novice Strictly Swing
1st--Chip and Janice DiStefano (SWWC)
2nd--Chuck Richardson and Judy Singer (TCPC/STS)
3rd--John Woodcock and Carolyn Brice (DPC/TCPC)
4th--Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson (STS)

1st--Swing Tulsa Style (53 points--2nd win in last three years)
2nd--Dallas Push Club (29 points)
3rd--Texas Classic Push Club (26.5 points)

2004 America's Classic Championships
April 9-11, Hilton Americas Hotel, Houston, TX

Wichita, Tulsa, and Kansas City dancers did all of us proud. Here is the honor roll for how they performed:

Will Carlton--Wichita: Won Rising Star Jack-N-Jill with Alisha Turner (Dallas)

Jeanne DeGeyter--Tulsa: Won Female Pro-Am with Rothchild Magloire

Brian Low--Wichita: Finalist in Amateur Novice Jack-N-Jill (first national event finals for Brian--you rock, brother!)

Austin Murrey--Wichita: 4th in Professional Classic with Andrea Scott (Tulsa); 5th in Professional Jack-N-Jill Finals

Andrea Scott--Tulsa: 4th in Professional Classic with Austin Murrey (Wichita)

Rex Sturdy--Wichita: Finalist in Non-Professional Jack-N-Jill; 6th in Non-Pro Strictly Swing with Pam Sturdy (Wichita)

Stan Bennett and Bob Tunison--Kansas City: Finalists in Non-Professional Jack-N-Jill

Jennifer Peterson--Tulsa: 3rd in Amateur Novice Strictly Swing with Michael Arulfo; finalist in Amateur Novice Jack-N-Jill

Congratulations to all who danced and competed in Houston--YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!!!

2004 Tulsa City Swing Dance Championships
March 20, 2004--TSC Clubhouse, Tulsa

Note: Top three couples listed get trophies at TCSDC; Novice Strictly Swing was not held due to insufficient number of entries.

1st--Kevin Stephenson and Monica Haggard
2nd--Jeff and Mary Jane Heffington
3rd--Nick Branston and Shanna Jones
Additional dancers--Mike Rogers and Debbie Hefner

1st--Jeff Heffington and Jody Boyd (only couple in contest)

1st--Leon Wesley and Ann Moss
2nd--Ted Meyers and Elizabeth Markley

1st--Roxanne Greenwood and Tom Cameron
2nd--Evelyn Davis and Peter Brangaccio

Advanced Strictly Swing
1st--Chips Hough and Jennifer Peterson
2nd--Dennis Holt and Judy Singer
3rd--Bobby Jordan and Jody Boyd
Additional dancers--Tom Cameron and Evelyn Davis

1st (tie)--Tom Cameron and Angel Butler
1st (tie)--Nick Nichols and Jean Anderson
2nd--Dave Ragan and Jody Boyd

"Just For Kicks"
Saturday, January 10, 2004--Tulsa, OK
Fundraiser party for Kicks

WCS "Weighted" Jack-N-Jill (9 couples)
1st--Chips Hough and Glenda Evans (Tulsa)
2nd--Andrew Khouw and Dee Murrey (Tulsa/Wichita)
3rd--John Thomas and Jennifer Peterson (Tulsa)
4th--Kelly Eslinger and Betty Langston (Wichita/Tulsa)
5th--Ted Meyers and Cheryl Wilson (Tulsa)

WCS Strictly Swing (8 couples)
1st--Andrew Khouw and Betty Langston (Tulsa)
2nd--Rex Sturdy and Dee Murrey (Wichita)
3rd--Chips Hough and Jennifer Peterson (Tulsa)
4th--Nathan Bush and Chelsea Rodgers (Oklahoma City)
5th--John Thomas and Glenda Evans (Tulsa)

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