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Bryce's Radio Page

Hey! Welcome to my radio page! I'm very involved in broadcasting, and work at a radio station in my small home town. The FM station only puts out 6,000 watts, but we have a possible audience of over 70,000 people of South Central Nebraska and North Central Kansas. As for our AM station, we run on a 500 watt transmitter located at the studio. It has a possible audience of nearly 100,000 people. I generally work on sundays, and run the station by myself.

KRFS Control Room

The computers that run the station
The recording studio
Me live on the air
Our FM station's coverage area
The station is up the stairs and to the right
Me working at the station

Hits 106 DJs

Chris Dean, the Pepsi guy, and I
Polly Stone and I
Mitch in the morning and Little Dave and I
Me at the mic with my DJ buddies