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Pink Floyds Corner

I would like to share with those of you who visit this page a little information about my favorite rock n roll band. So if you care, read ahead and find out the history of Pink Floyd

In 1965 a band called Sigma 6 surfaced. It consisted of Roger Waters , Nick Mason , Sid Barrett , Rick Wright and Bob Close. Many people dont know Close because he was not with the band very long

Before the name Pink Floyd stuck they called themselves at different times, The Screaming Abdabs, T-Set, The Meggadeaths, and The Architectural Abdabs and Im sure theres more I dont know or haven't heard. Then one day Syd Barrett came up with the name The Pink Floyd Sound which originated from the combining of names from two jazz greats Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

Piper at the Gates of Dawn(1967) was the first album where the used the name "The Pink Floyd", but when Saucerful of Secrets(1968) came out they decided to drop "The". After Saucerful of Secrets Syd Barretts use of LSD became out of control, and David Gilmour was brought on to play rythym guitar.

The new group of four then released More(1969),Ummagumma(1969) , Atom Heart Mother(1970) , Relics(1971), Meddle(1971) , Brain Damage(1972) , and Obscured by Clouds(1972) .

Then came there big moment, they released Dark Side of the Moon(1973) and boom the legacy began. Darkside sold over 25 Million copies around the world and was on the billboard charts for 14 years. Next came Wish You Were Here(1975) (The title cut of this album is my favorite, which I have dedicated to my Dads memory who Died when I was just 7) which showed Floyd's incredible talent. Animals(1977) came next, which didn't prove to be very successful, but then came The Wall(1979) which in my opinion is one of the best. After the World Tour Rogers and Wright were not getting along and there next album The Final Cut(1983) eas recorded without Wright. Soon after Rogers left the band.

In 1987 Gilmour and Mason made an album called Learning to Fly and Wright accompanied them for the World tour. After the tour they released an album called Momentary Lapse of Reason(1987). After the tour of this Floyd released the live album Delicate Sound of Thunder(1988) Then for many years they dropped out of site until the release of The Division Bell(1994) and soon after Pulse was released in 1995.

Well thats it for now but as with the rest of the pages here everything is always under construction. If you have anything useful for this page email me and I'll add it and a link to your page.

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