The lautari are bards of the Romani whose specialty is musical instruments. They are well known for the passion of their music. It is also rumored that a performance by the lautari can have strange spell-like effects on the audience. The following information is specific to the Lautari class; in all other respects they use rules for the bard class. As for their spellcasting abilities, please keep in mind that Lautari are primarily entertainers, and as such tend to select spells with flashy visual effects. Some of the material below is also as per the Bard's Handbook, with some modifications.

Beginning Rogue Skills

Weapons Allowed

As all rogue classes, Lautari are allowed two initial weapon proficiencies, gaining extra proficiencies every fourth level. One of their initial slots must be filled with the dagger proficiency, and their first sword must be either khopesh or scimitar. They are barred from taking battle axe, any lance, any polearm, trident, two-handed sword, bastard sword, or warhammer.

Armor Allowed

Lautari are allowed to wear leather, padded or studded leather, hide, or elven chain armor. They cannot use shields.

Nonweapon Proficiencies

Lautari are allowed three initial nonweapon proficiencies in addition to the number of extra slots allowed by their Intelligence score. They receive extra slots every fourth level. In addition, they receive an initial four bonus proficiencies: Musical Instrument (Must choose from guitar, lute, violin, mandolin, cello, cymbalom, castanets, tambourine, or drums), Craft Instrument (usually, but not necessarily, the same as their chosen instrument proficiency), Singing, and Crowd Working. Recommended proficiencies are Dancing, Astrology, Gaming, Disguise, Fire Building, Herbalism, Spellcraft, Survival, Ventriloquism, Weather Sense.

Special Abilities

Lautari gain the "Allure of the Gypsies" and "Fortune Telling" abilities described in the Bard's Handbook. They do not gain the animal abilities or psionics that Gypsy-bards from that publication gain.


Armando Delariin, a lautaro
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