Romani Roleplaying

Romani Roleplaying


The material on this page is a combination of fact and fantasy. I have done a good bit of research on the Romani culture, but I am by no means a Romani scholar. The material on this page is meant to be used in a fantasy setting, and while some of it is authentic, other gaps have been filled in by my imagination. I have tried my best to have the material that isn't authentic to be logical and to fit the spirit of authenticity as much as possible. It is not my intention to offer any insult to the Romani people, and I hope that none take this material as such. Thank you.

Romani Occupations

Anyone wishing to play a Romani character can choose amongst the traditional RP occupations. The following is a list of titles for Romani trades, some of which are specific to the Rom. Details on playing these character types will be presented at this site as soon as I have the time to prepare them.

Please note that all Romani characters automatically gain two "thief" skills...the Pick Pockets ability as well as the Climb Walls ability. However, these abilities have restrictions.

All Romani begin with Pick Pockets at 20%; however, this skill is not used for taking items from people...this is more for picking up items left behind unobtrusively. Because the Romani concept of personal property is different from non-Rom, anything that another person is not holding or using at the moment is considered "abandoned" by the Romani and may be picked up by the Rom character. The Pick Pockets ability just measures the character's chance of successfully picking up the item and hiding it away without notice. Note, however, that the Lacatuchi, the Romani thieves, may take items from individuals...with restrictions. In some Romani occupations, the Pick Pocket skill may be improved as the character increases in level for purposes related to that trade.

All Romani also begin with the Climb Walls skill at 60%. This ability, however, is not for climbing walls in most Romani characters, but for climbing trees. For certain Romani trades, it may also be used for the traditional climbing walls ability, but these are the more "citified" trades. If a Romani character spends most of his or her time in cities, the player may opt to use the ability for the traditional climbing walls; however, if the player chooses this option, he or she may not use the ability to climb trees.

Note on Endings: The "i" ending denotes the plural. Thus, Rajpurdi means more than one soldier or the soldier class in general. The "o" ending denotes a male character. A rajpurdo is a male soldier. The "a" ending denotes a female character, so a female soldier would be a rajpurda.


Titles for Artisans

Links of the Rom

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Karina Calderash, former apprentice to the Baba Yaga--a WBS character
A list of my other RP characters

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