Cambrai Delariin, Sfirnara

Cambrai Delariin, Sfirnara

Cambrai is one of the sfirnari of her kumpania. Her father had hoped that she would grow to be a Sastara, like her mother, but at an early age she showed an affinity with animals. Since coming of age, she has spent most of her time with animals, which has left her unsure and sometimes a bit shy around people. She does enjoy the company of others, however, and is especially close to her older brother, Armando, though she does not share his suspicion of the gadje. She also is often seen with her wolf companion, Ayisa, whom she raised from a pup after Ayisa's mother was caught and killed in a trap.

Ayisa is fiercely loyal to Cambrai and would fight to the death to protect her. In addition to Ayisa, Cambrai has two other animal companions, the ferrets

Yuri and Saviyah. These ferrets are trained ratters, and Cambrai sometimes earns some extra coin by bringing them to clear out rat-infested buildings.




Weapon Proficiencies

Nonweapon Proficiencies

Items of Note

Scimitar, Short bow and quiver of 30 arrows, 3 daggers, Dagger +2, Ring of Regeneration.

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RavensDale, where Cambrai can often be found
Armando Delariin, Cambrai's brother
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