Armando Delariin, Lautari

Armando Delariin, Lautari

Armando is a lautaro, a Romani bard, whose specialty is the violin. From an early age, Armando loved music deeply and showed an aptitude for it. He began training in the violin at the age of seven. Armando is outgoing and loves people, but unfortunately he shares the suspicion of the gadje that many of the Romani have. He usually hides his prejudice well, however, and in the company of others often comes across as a clown and a flirt. His easygoing exterior masks a deep pain, however, and those who know him best say that there is cause for his near-hatred of the gadje. Armando was in love with one of the kumpania's beauties, Yasmin Beyash, and Yasmin returned his love. They were wed at the age of 18, but their happiness was short lived. One day Yasmin attracted the attention of a gadje man, who held the view of many that Romani were thieves, demon worshippers, and tramps. This man believed that he could buy Yasmin's favor, and was insulted when she rebuffed him in no uncertain terms. Enraged, he took her by force, and unfortunately the lawkeepers of his city shared his view of the Rom and so refused to try the man for his crime. However, the Romani dispense their own justice, and a few weeks later, the man disappeared, never to be seen again...and the Rom had disappeared also, moving on to the next realm. Armando tried his best to comfort and support Yasmin, but she felt tainted by the attack...and soon after, she discovered that she was with child. Believing that she would shame Armando and herself by bearing the offspring of her gadje attacker, Yasmin took her own life, leaving a deep void in Armando's heart. He has tried to fill this void with his music, but has had no success. He now tries to avoid being alone as much as possible, and spends much of his time playing with the other lautari of the kumpania or with his sister, Cambrai, to whom he is especially close.




Weapon Proficiencies

Nonweapon Proficiencies

Items of Note

Scimitar, dagger, long bow and quiver of 30 arrows, pack of Tarot cards, Boots of Speed, Bag of Holding, Philter of Glibness.


First Level

(3 spells per day)
Read Magic, Detect Magic, Charm Person, Friends, Sound Bubble, Sleep, Color Spray, Dancing Lights, Grease, Taunt, Unseen Servant.

Second Level

(2 spells per day)
Silence 15' Radius, Forget, Deeppockets, Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter, Scare, Levitate, Invisibility, Glitterdust, Hypnotic Pattern, Knock, Pyrotechnics.

Third Level

(1 spell per day)
Improved Magic Mouth, Instant Audience, Wall of Sound, Hold Person, Suggestion, Dispel Magic, Blink, Feign Death, Flame Arrow, Melf's Minute Meteors, Spectral Force.

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