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~kute angel~

Hihi!! dis is *~karenz~* hp thingy...i don't hav A LOT of stuff here yet cuz i jus made dis (sorta)...jus wait aite...sorry...=

**this pg is ~ALWAYZ~ under construction!!**

Eyes on Me - featured in Final Fantasy VIII

***You never sang my songs** On the stage, on my own** You never said my words** Wishing they would be heard** I saw you smiling at me** Was it real or just my fantasy** You'd always be there in the corner** Of this tiny little bar***

***My last night here for you** Same old songs, just once more** My last night here with you?** Maybe yes, maybe no** I kind of liked it your way** How you shyly placed your eyes on me** Oh, did you ever know?** That I had mine on you***

***Darling, so there you are** With that look on your face** As if you're never hurt** As if you're never down** Shall I be the one for you** Who pinches you softly but sure** If frown is shown then** I will know that you are no dreamer***

*** So let me come to you** Close as I wanted to be** Close enough for me** To feel your heart beating fast** And stay there as I whisper** How I loved your peaceful eyes on me** Did you ever know** That I had mine on you***

***Darling, so share with me** Your love if you have enough** Your tears if you're holding back** Or pain if that's what it is** How can I let you know** I'm more than the dress and the voice** Just reach me out then** You will know that you're not dreaming***


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