King Pin

The King Pin is a crime lord, he dubble crosses practically everyone he's ever worked with. His real name is Richard Fisk, a rich respected bussiness man. His wife left him because he cared to much about being the King Pin of crime. He is a very big man and is very strong and has the agility of a cat. Peter only learned about him when his son framed Peter, luckally Peter got a good loyer and the King Pin's Son went to jail.

Alister Smithe

Alister was tricked into working for the king pin. The king Pin told him that Spider-Man killed his father and promised him vengence. The King Pin really had his father frosen in a down stairs room. Both Alister and his father were genuss, The King Pin knew that Alister's father would never work for him. Smithe Built many different mashines for the king pin including Spider-Seackers, Spider-Slayers, and many other robots. In the end the king pin dubble crossed Alister and with the help of Herbert Landon turned Alister in to a robot that they could control, but Alister reprogramed himself, then teamed up with Spider-Man. He then started working for Silvermane, for the promise that he would get his father back.

Green Goblin

The green goblin is really Norman Osborn, a smart inventist. He was working on a gas when something went wrong, there was an exsploshan and He was changed by the gas. The gas also changed the Hob goblin's suit and made it green. He went totaly nuts. Luckaly the gas woor off and he went back to being Norman Osborn. Later when under stress he would turn back into the Green goblin. He stole the portal mashine and was using it when He was in a fight with spider-man. It was low on energy but he used it any way and got sucked into it. Then Harry became the Green Goblin, because he could hear and see his father through the portal. They put him in a fasility, I think it was for mental pashants. He escaped when he learned Mary and Peter where getting married. He went to crach the wedding. There he found out that Liz liked him and was so happy that he had a friend he went back to Harry Osborn.

Alisha Silver/Silvermane

She is a former student at the same collage as Peter. She was doc conners lab assistant. Peter even dated her. Then she was kidnapped by the King Pin, Spider-Man saved her then she blasted him. Peter later found out that her father was Silvermane the crime lord. After her father used the tablet of time and became a baby she's tacken over her father's job as crime lord. The Bugel was doing a story on her and she sent Tombstone to keep it from being printed, but it was and now everyone knows the truth about her.


He is one of the very powerful crime lords. Now he is an old man. Once, not knowing it was him Spider-Man rescued him from the king Pin thinking he was just a kind old man. In his impatiance to be young he used the tablet of time on himself, He was a young man again but not for long soon he kept getting younger and younger until he was a baby. Then he hired Smithe, and smithe invented a mashean that could switch two peoples ages. The captured Spider-Man and were going to use it on him. Luckaly the Valture learned that they had recreated his tecnology and crashed the party. Spider-Man was free and The Valture changed ages with Silvermane, so now the valture was a young man and silvermane was again an old man.

The Valture

He was a welthy old man who wanted to be young. So he invented some gloves that could steel a person's youth but not for very long. He also invented anti gravity wings, then he became the valture to punish Narman for trying to take over his company. He made the mistake of using his gloves on Spider-Man he got his youth and powers but he also got his man-spider problem, so he didn't get old again. He went to docter conners to fix it. The docter gave peter his youth back but left the man-spider part in the valture. Later there was an exploshan in the lab, everyone was safe. Some how the valture ended up chained to the wall in the scorpian and his girlfriends apartment. He then found out that Smithe had recreated his tecnology and went there, he was freed by the girlfriend, and traded youths with silvermane. Now he is young and doesn't change back and forth.


He was created by J.J.J. to destroy spider-man. He was made into the scorpian because the scorpian is the natural preditor of the Spider. He really hates neogenics. He'd do almost any thing to be just plain Billy Gargan again. He has a girlfriend, they plan on getting married.
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