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ahahah.wav (25K) - Spider-Man:"Ah, ah, ah. Back off Frankenstein!"
all_same.wav (98K) - Spider-Man:"Its always the same, I can save the world ten times over, but when I need help I'm on my own. Thanks...for nothing."
autogrph.wav (42K) - Crowd:"It's Spider-Man!" Spider-Man:"Something tells me they don't want my autograph."
bigtoys.wav (39K) - Microchip:"Frank, these are awfully big toys." Punisher:"You worry too much"
blade.wav (115K) - Morbius:"You again! Who are you? What do you want with me?" Blade:"Call me Blade, and all I want vampire is to destroy you!"
bldbank.wav (22K) - Spider-Man:"Where'd the flying blood bank go to?"
blinked.wav (106K) - Microchip:"Frank, are you there?" Punisher:"Yeah." Microchip:"What happened big guy?" Punisher:"I looked the devil square in the eyes...and I blinked."
blueboy.wav (82K) - Beast:"So there appears to be a keen scientific mind behind that garrish mask, aye my friend?" Spider-Man:"Takes one to know one, blueboy."
brains.wav (80K) - Flash:"I'm tellin' ya that science stuff is bad for your brains." Deborah:"Oh, really? And how would you know that? You jocks don't have any."
brdoprey.wav (57K) - Vulture:"There is only room for one bird of prey in this company, and I am it!"
break.wav (20K) - Spider-Man:"So why don't we all just take a break."
calypso.wav (150K) - Kraven:"Well my little Calypso, you have done it again." Spider-Man:"Calypso?" Mariah Crawford:"In mythology, Calypso was a goddess who offered the gift of life to Odysseus." Spider-Man:"Well then, I guess you're my Calypso too."
collectn.wav (40K) - Spider-Man:"What is it with you and the Osborn's? Are you trying to start a collection?"
confused.wav (15K) - Spider-Man:"Now I'm really confused!"
cool.wav (117K) - Peter Parker:"uh, I'm Peter Parker. Spider-Man sen-sent me." Detective Lee:"He does know Spider-man. He's coool." Blade:"Knowing Spider-Man does not make him, coool."
crazy.wav (29K) - Spider-Man:"My spider-sense is going crazy!"
cured.wav (78K) - Spider-Man:"I can't believe it. Finally, I'm cured. I don't have to worry about that mutation hanging over me anymore."
differnt.wav (48K) - Spider-Man:"I know what it means to be different. It's not an easy thing."
dive.wav (40K) - Peter Parker:"Once again my academic life takes a dive because of my web-slinging."
dontgo.wav (10K) - Spider-Man:"Don't go anywhere."
door.wav (28K) - Spider-Man:"Gotta pick a door. Any door!"
dosomthn.wav (18K) - Kingpin:"DO SOMETHING!!"
fame.wav (78K) - Fan:"Can I have your autograph? You get the chair, it'll be worth a fortune. Hrumph, fame, it always goes to their heads."
feelings.wav (49K) - Scorpion:"Here's a little present creep." Spider-Man:"I sense hostility. Go with your feelings."
flamingo.wav (64K) - Spider-Man:"Fine! But don't blame me if you get a splinter in your wings. Who is this flying flamingo?"
fly.wav (32K) - Spider-Man:"Air-Arachnid. The only way to fly!"
flypaper.wav (94K) - Wolverine:"Well, what do you know. Put out flypaper, catch a spider. Make one wrong move...please."
followme.wav (64K) - Spider-Man:"I think I know where he's headed. Follow me." Blade:"How would you know where he is going?" Spider-Man:"Fine, don't follow me."
gameover.wav (142K) - Scorpion:"Surprise, web for brains. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. That was your best shot? Enough! Game time's over. I owe you big time, punk."
garlic.wav (46K) - Spider-Man:"Phew! Garlic? You sprayed me with garlic?"
geek.wav (31K) - Spider-Man:"You sure showed him." Wolverine:"Shudup you puny little geek."
getnhome.wav (44K) - Spider-Man:"OK, so I'm gonna be a little late getting home."
geyser.wav (76K) - Spider-Man:"Hold it!" Mary Jane:"What are you doing here?" Spider-Man:"A 500 foot geyser in Washington Square, and you're wondering why I'm here?"
goodguy.wav (50K) - Spider-Man:"But I'm not a thief. Why can't they ever get it straight that I'm one of the good guys?"
hacker.wav (81K) - Hobgoblin:"Oh, I'm such a bad hacker. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad..."
heck.wav (13K) - Spider-Man:"What the heck?"
hobby.wav (101K) - Smythe:"Well, the 'mighty' Spider-Man. How do you like my new Mega-Slayer?" Spider-Man:"Smythe. I knew it. Why can't you take up some other hobby?"
hydrntman.wav (239K) - Hydro-Man:"Pathetic. You don't really think you can match the power of Hydro-Man, do ya?" Spider-Man:" Did you say 'Hydrant-Man?' The dogs must love you." Hydro-Man:"It's Hydro-Man! And it's the last name you'll ever hear." Spider-Man:"For somebody new to this super-villain gig, you've sure got the cliches down."
imbaack.wav (20K) - Spider-Man:"I'm baaack."
inoven.wav (70K) - Vulture:"No time to finish!" Spider-Man:"Oh, I guess he had a cake in the oven."
insult.wav (60K) - Mary Jane:"Brother. Now you sound like my friend, Peter Parker." Spider-Man:"Hey, don't insult me."
jngleboy.wav (96K) - Punisher:"Don't know who you are jungle boy, but if you get in my way one more time the lion ain't gonna walk tonight, or ever again. You understand?"
kimosabe.wav (13K) - Spider-Man:"Hold on kimosabe!"
kindanut.wav (108K) - Scorpion:"What's with them wings, and how come you're wearing that dumb green costume? You some kind of a nut?" Vulture:"Who are you? How dare you disturb us!"
koombaya.wav (14K) - Spider-Man:"KOOMBAYA!"
later.wav (94K) - Peter Parker:"Look, uh, I can't explain right now, but can we talk a little later?" Mary Jane:"Peter, with you it's always a little later. I won't deal with that anymore."
latte.wav (43K) - Spider-Man:"Yo, chromedome! The lady didn't finish her latte."
laugh.wav (88K) - Beast:"Spider-Man, keep us still or Wolverine is lost to us." Yo, chromedome! Spider-Man:"No problem. But whatever you do, don't make me laugh."
leep.wav (28K) - Spider-Man:"Great! Why don't I ever look before I leap?"
levlhead.wav (62K) - Spider-Man:"Why's a smart crook like you pulling a crazy stunt like this? You've always seem so 'level-headed.'"
license.wav (74K) - Hydro-Man:"This has nothing to do with you Spider-Man, so butt out." Spider-Man:"Can't. They'd take away my super-hero license."
lion.wav (60K) - Mariah Crawford:"Sergi, did you bring your ceremonial hunting garb?" Kraven:"Does the lion hunt without his mane?"
longnite.wav (62K) - Blade:"Stay alert web-slinger! It's gonna be a lonnng night."
losegirl.wav (50K) - Spider-Man:"It's the story of my life. Save the world, lose the girl."
loveyou.wav (52K) - Hydro-Man:"Oh, oh, I don't want to own you. I want to lovve you."
lucky.wav (92K) - Spider-Man:"What a beautiful day this is gonna be! I feel lucky to be alive, and lucky to be who I am: Spider-Man"
mad.wav (36K) - :"Great! Now I've made him mad."
mathwiz.wav (15K) - Spider-Man:"Good thing I'm a math wiz."
may_i.wav (30K) - Spider-Man:"Ah, ah, ah. You didn't say 'may I.'"
menace.wav (39K) - Jameson:"Haven't we had enough of this wall-crawling menace?"
morbius.wav (75K) - Peter Parker:"Who are you?" Morbius:"You do not recognize me? I am Michael Morbius."
needul8r.wav (20K) - Vulture:"I might need you later."
newbatch.wav (40K) - Peter Parker:"I might get to use this new batch of webbing sooner than I thought."
news.wav (38K) - Jameson:"Clear the front page Robbie. This is news!"
no_webs.wav (26K) - Spider-Man:"Out of webbing! Way to go Spidey."
nofoul.wav (105K) - Hammerhead:"Raaahhh!" Spider-Man:"Ole! Ouch. Didn't that hurt?" Hammerhead:"Ah, this is pure adamantium. No damage, no foul."
nut.wav (15K) - Spider-Man:"Are you some kinda nut?"
ohboy.wav (8K) - Spider-Man:"Oh-boy."
- Spider-Man:"I guess we old folks have to stick together." Old woman:"I had no idea you were a senior citizen." Spider-Man:"It's the job. It ages you."
public.wav (67K) - Spider-Man:"It's surprising how quickly the public will turn on ya when they think you're a blood-draining monster."
pun.wav (28K) - Spider-Man:"I think i'll stick to my webbing, if you'll pardon the pun."
relieved.wav (54K) - Aunt May:"I'm so relieved. I just wish he'd give up this dangerous work."
rescued.wav (33K) - Spider-Man:"Rescued by Flash Thompson. How embarrassing"
robot.wav (40K) - Spider-Man:"Not another robot. Why aren't women this attracted to me?"
robots.wav (32K) - Spider-Man:"Robots. I hate robots!"
scent.wav (69K) - Kraven:"You move swiftly Spider-Man, but I have your scent. I will find you."
shdnthav.wav (75K) - Spider-Man:"Thompson! What are you doing here?" Flash:"Spider-Man?! I was only looking for someone. See?" Spider-Man:"For me? You shouldn't have."
sticky.wav (90K) - Storm:"Power of lightning, strike again!" Spider-Man:"Um, power of web-shooters, get real sticky!"
story.wav (88K) - Jameson:"I'm fed up with you and your secrets kid. Now I want the whole story. Why was that refugee from an Anne Rice novel looking for you?"
subtlty.wav (50K) - Spider-Man:"Subtlety is not your strong point is it?" Wolverine:"Hey, can't even spell the word."
sweat.wav (47K) - Spider-Man:"Spidey's first rule of vampire hunting: Never let 'em see ya sweat."
thatsmrt.wav (82K) - Flash:"What could somebody as brain-pumped as Deborah Whitman ever see in a jock like me." Spider-Man:"Hey, she definately likes you pal, so she can't be that smart."
theme95.wav (944K) - Opening theme song to the show.
thief.wav (110K) - Guards:"Look, Spider-Man really is the thief." Spider-Man:"Oh, great. Jameson will probably be selling 'Spider-Man really is the thief" t-shirts by noon tomorrow."
thnkfast.wav (14K) - Peter Parker:"Think fast Parker."
tombston.wav (66K) - Spider-Man:"Who the heck are you?" Tombstone:"My enemies call me Tombstone"
tongue.wav (26K) - Mary Jane:"What's the matter tiger? Cat's got your tongue?"
uncleben.wav (71K) - Spider-Man:"You always did believe in me Uncle Ben, and you always were right. I can't quit. I've got to keep fighting."
undrstnd.wav (101K) - Vulture:"Leave me be. I'm fighting for my survival. You don't understand, nobody does. You're all out to get me!" Spider-Man:"You got that right."
usedto.wav (30K) - Spider-Man:"Humph. I guess they don't make Mega-Slayers like they used to."
usehead.wav (77K) - Spider-Man:"Hey, watch it. The tablet's no good to anyone broken. Use your head! Uh, forget I said that."
vitamins.wav (52K) - Detective Lee:"A vampire? Great. I need this like Spider-Man needs vitamins."
vulture.wav (39K) - Norman Osborn:"Who are you?" Vulture:"Much like yourself, I'm a vulture."
webswing.wav (48K) - Spider-Man:"You want me to web-swing you home?" Mary Jane:"Thanks, but I'd rather just take a cab."
wolvie.wav (100K) - Woverine:"You're comin' with me. If you're lyin' you're fillet of spider." Spider-Man:"I get the picture wolvie, but have you ever thought about seeing a manacurist about those things?"
wrong.wav (13K) - Spider-Man:"What else could go wrong?"
young.wav (41K) - Vulture:"The night is young, and so am I!"