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Pokemon CODES

NOTE: if the code is surounded in ******** Then that means it HAS been tested and works 100%!

G S codes

******Get MEW!!!!******


After you enter this keep your gs OFF!! Then Get into a Grass Field or or cave. Now turn your G S ON! search in the grass or cave (if you dont find Anything then face a trainer, this will still work.) Then once you get into battle It will say "Wild MEW appeared!" It will look like a bunch of dots but still catch it. (do the same strategy as u do on every pokemon) Then catch it. It will update your pokedex and everything!!! then if you look at it agin it will look like mew! This code work. PLUS it doesnt erase your game!!


For each of these to work you (1.) Must have all 150 pokemon (2.) Must have beaten the Elite Four (3.) Have three Legendary Birds and three Goedudes (4.) Put the three Birds at the top of the active six list (Articuno, then Zapdos, then Moltres)(5.) Put the Geodudes at the bottom of the list (6.) Talk to Mr. Psychic in Saffron (7.) He will say something different then he'll say "Regularly now that you have done the access code you must have two versions of the game . . ." (8.) Now you must get each of these in order.

MEW: Start a new game and get a pokemon (on the version you DON'T have all 150). Trade to your other version and teach it CUT. Trade it back and beat the game until you get SURF and STRENGTH, but Do not go in the SS Anne! After you do that, go to the dude that ask for the SS Anne ticket and SURF to the right and you'll find an island with a truck on it. Do the access code above and push it. A item ball will be there with Mew!

Cheats to Get Other PoKeMoN After You Get Mew Only. (yes you CAN have used the g s code)

CHARCOLT: Get the three legendary birds and the three geodudes and go to the guy that tells you geodudes evolves. I think that guy is in the celadon department store, you know in the game department, anywayz in there, there is a guy that is playing game boy and talk to him...and he gives you charcolt I do not know if that is the right guy though.

FLARETH: Now that you hae 152 pokemon.... get 4 moltres by trade or Game Shark and have the 4 in your active 6 and only the moltres not any other pokemons once you do that go to Celdaon Dpt. Store again then go to the top floor and talk to the girl who wants a drink 100 times anywayz after you do that talkto her one more time and she gets annoyed she says ... "I will give you flareth if you go away" and then she give you.

PIKABLU: Now that you have 153 pokemon go to cerulean city with your surf pokemon you can have other pokemon with it but you really need your surfer go to cerulean city and go to the water ( you know by the unknown dungeon) and go in the water use the item finder in the water and after while it will beep and you will... find a pokeball with a note in it the note says there is a rare pokemon by cinnabar island be prepared because you fight this one and they are strong then go to cinnabar island.. (you can not find the note without the access code) once you are at cinnabar island have the pokemon that you taught dig supposbly you dig in the water around cinnabar... supposily if you dig in the right place a pikablu appears if you do not have the master ball.. use the same stragey as you did on the 3 birds and mewtwo.

MISSINGNO: You have to have traded 4 times then beat the elite four and heal your pokemon at pallet town hen fly directly to cinnabar island then swim up and down the east coast of the sea between pallet and cinnabar after while you will see missingno.

Hey ok to get a level 146 muk u go to viridian city and talk to the man who says aahhh i just had my morning coffee! he asks you are u in a hurry say no then he shows you how to catch pokemon....then fly down to cinnabar and surf up and down the coast..there will be a level 146 missingno. or a level 146 muk. if u get a missingno. do the step over...(trust me i got him!)

How To Get Pikablu in Pokémon Red and Blue In Cerulean Caverns, Pikablu is very rare, and you need Max Repel to find her. Pikablu is found by using Max Repel. Before Max Repel wears off, one Pokemon might penetrate your Repel. This Pokemon will come in any form, but is strong. This is a great Pokémon to use your Master Ball on. Pikablu will attack with moves like Tunderswift and Quicklight.

To catch Pikablu and Topegy on the red and blue versions, Teach your snorlax to surf and surf half on land and half on water 20 times up and down at the cinnabar islands then go to the Safari Zone, they should be there!

******THIRD WAY HOW TO GET MYSTERIO!****** Talk to the guy in Viridian City who won't let you by without Oak's Parcel. When he asks if you're in a hurry, say no. When he's finished talking, go to Cinnibar Island and swim up and down the east coast. If you get into a battle and the screen goes black for 5-10 seconds before the battle begins, you'll fight either a Missingno. or a Mysterio from Level 0-147! "Mysterio" is really a nickname for a Pokégod with a name made out of symbols. It is the same number as Missingno. (#000) with the same attacks, type, and appearance. The only reason I classify it as a different Pokémon is because it has a different cry. You can also find Pokémon at levels above 100 from the last grass/cave you were in.

how to catch pokegods a difrent way then from above

To Catch Pikablu in any Version: Follow these Simple steps to catch him!

1.First you must catch all 150 Pokemon NOT I repeat NOT using GameShark.

2. Then you also must have Seventeen of your Pokemon over Level 70.

3. Then when all of these tasks are complete, go to the guy in Pewter City who asks you if you have been to the Museum yet. Say NO so he takes you to the door.

4. Then go into the museum and go upstairs and talk to the Lady who says "I want My boyfriend to catch me a Pikachu!"

5. After you talk to her, immediatly come out of the door and once you come out of the door do not take any steps forward. left, or right. Immediatly use fly and go to Celedon City.

6. Go into the Game Corner and talk to the Lady that says "Go Next Door to the Coin Exchange Corner to use your coins to get great Prizes!"

7. But this time she will say, "Hey? You have all the badges? WOW! Well then since you were nice enough to talk to me, I will give you this Pokemon I found stranded behind then Pokemon Museum, he is so strong I can not control him.But since you have all the badges, YOU TAKE HIM!

8. It will say, "You got ???????" Then when you try to use it it will just be like if you were pressing cancel and it will exit every time you click on it. Then go to Proffesor Oak and he will say the same thing he says when you give him Oaks Parcel, it will still say "YOU DELIVERED OAKS PARCEL!"

9. Then when you go into your pokemon line and it will replace the Pokemon in your first slot. So put a spearow or something in first. It will still be called ????? so go to the Nickname guy and change it to Pikablu. It has a ElectricWave, Psyshock, and Electrode... Dont ask me why its Electrode but its an awesome move.

10. It is a Level 999 and Pikablu will, Yes it will appear in your Pokedex! After 150 it will say 154 and then you look at the Pokedex Info and it will look like this...

Name: Pikablu Type: ??????? Height: 2" 3" Length: 3" 4"

Stats: Attack-999 Defense-999 Speed-999 Special-999


ElectricWave Psyshock Electrode SonicBoom <------- When you get 60,000 more experience points after catching it

It Learns SonicBoom when you gain around 60, 000 experience points and it kills any pokemon in one hit and it never misses!

How to get Mewthree u have to find the guys glasses which could be anywhere in the game there are most likily to be in sifh co. or rocket game corner hideout. use the item
finder to find the galsses when u find the glasess u have to find the guy who could also bee any where in the game but he is probably in saffron or celdon
give him the glasess and he will fly u to the pokegod island there is only 1 pc there and u have to fight
to get there. next to the pc is a guy trade him and he will give u mew three.

*******how to catch or get a lot of items out of a missingno.******** first you go to the guy that taght you how to catch pokemon(at the starting he was gruppy because he didn't have his coffee) i forgot what the city's name at were he was at.(it is the secont city u went to) Talk to him and let him show you how to catch pokemon
agin. then wright after he is done fly to that one island(i forgot the name of it)(the island with the gym that gives you the 8th badge) and make shur you have a fly and surf pokemon with you when you are doing all of this. after u get to the island go strait
to the east(right) and surf up and down on the edge of the of the east coast of the island. the first pokemon you will see if u did this all cerreced will be a Missingno. you can do two thing with his you can run or fight. if you plan to catch it use a week
pokemon because it is very week and after you get it hert catch it. WARNING WARNING if you catch it it will probibly skrew your game up and the only way to fix the game is to realese it and if the game is still messing up the only way to fix it is to start over. but if you run from a missingno. it will give you 119 items in your six item on the list
unless it is a inporten item. you will know that u got 119 in the six item spot by looking at the items numder there should de a wierd simble and a 9 by it and you will have 119 items good to use on the master
ball,rare candies, nuggets (to sell and get TONS of money) and.....what ever you desire!

to evolve an onix! get onix to level 60 and then trade four times and it should evolve I think I am pretty sure it will.

Theefballs first, you have to complete your pokedex (the cheat is still worth it) and beat the game, then, talk to prof. oak 20 times, he'll drop an itemball with mew in it, if you take it he'll get mad and challenge you to a pokebattle, if you loose, you get sent back to a pokecenter and you have to talk to him 20 times again, if you win, you keep mew and there will be a hole in the wall which is a portal to the secret village, in the secret village there are three useful places: a casino where you pay to pokebattle people, if you lose, you get nothing, if you win, you get to chose a pokemon, the choices are one of the pokemon from the other version or a pokegod(mew, pikablu, topegy, etc.) there's a pokemart where you buy masterballs, rare candy, and moonstones, (possibly mist stones), and there is a gym lead by gary, if you win you get the masterbadge which gives you control over all pokegods (except for mew, the earlier badges cover that), a TM51 which contains evolve (when taught, it is the 5th move, the pokemon can use the move on any other pokemon if hasn't reached its final form, and it does work on raichu) and finally, a thiefball

How to get the ultra rod

Go to the fisherman who gives you the super rod. Then keep talking to him until he gets annoied and gives it to you. (warning this code might not work).

How to get the awesome rod

Once you get the ultra rod go to the unknown dunguen.Go to the platform that mewtwo is on keep fishing aroud the platformuntil you get a battle with mew. Kill the mew.Then a door will open go in. Use a blastoise to surf across the water talk to the fisherman he gives it to you. (warning this code might not work).

how to get in bill's secret garden

to get in to bills garden U GET ALL THE POKEMON GO TO BILLS PRESS A ON THE MACHINE AND THERES A PATH GO IN BOOM YOUR IN BILLS GARDEN or You have to have mew, 3 leg. birds, pikachu and pikablu on your pokemon list. go and talk to bill 10 times and then he will fly u there. it is as easy as that.

*******Fight Wild Safari Zone Pokemon****** Go inside the Safaris Zone, then Go out. Go to Seafoam island and then surf up and down on the right side of it and you must be on 50% on water and 50% on land. then you will find Safari Zone Pokemon.

********MasterBall Cheat***** when you are throwing a pokeball, ultraball, or great ball, hold up and b. and then it will act like a master ball. IT ALWAYZ WORKS! Only thing is that it requires PRESISE TIMING!

If the code is surrounded by ******* then it really has been tested and works!

Got any codes? e mail me if you do! You will be rewarded with the latest version of Pokemon Platinum!!