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Robert Trebor chat transcript

From Robert Trebor chat held at the Sam Raimi Yahoo Club on August 2nd, 1999

Specialguest2000 joined c_samraimi:1.
ErisGod: Yipee!!
specialguest2000: Howdy folks!
hbkidywo: Hello Rob Trebor!!!!!!!!
Destiny11281: Hey RT :)
Ambrossiaa: hello
arwenevnstar: Hello!
collieka: Hi!
specialguest2000: So how do we proceed?
specialguest2000: usually I talk witn someone, and they do the typing for me :)
specialguest2000: please excuse all typos in advance..
Ambrossiaa: :)
hbkidywo: Will Sal be in any new H or X eps?
breathless_elizabeth: A very Big Hello to you Rob!!!
specialguest2000: i hope so...
specialguest2000: Big hello back to ya :)
ErisGod: When is your book coming out?
JoxerLuver: Hi Robert.
specialguest2000: in early Oct.
Destiny11281: What current and future projects will you be working on at this point?
specialguest2000: I'm very proud of it...
arwenevnstar: Cool, what the name of the book?
specialguest2000: I just finished a low budget feature called Hearsay
specialguest2000: the book is called "Dear Salmoneus"
Destiny11281: What is the pretense of Hearsay?
specialguest2000: The World/s First Guide to Love and Money
arwenevnstar: And Sal is Dear to us.
specialguest2000: Hearsya is a low budget crime melodrama
specialguest2000: I star with Joe Bologna and John Heard
frasierfan2: Are you doing any directing, either on stage or screen in the near future?
specialguest2000: I'm trying to get financing for a screenplay I wrote
Destiny11281: Is there a set release date for the film?
specialguest2000: it's a very intense piece...based on a true life infanticide
specialguest2000: not yet.....we're still doing post-production
specialguest2000: I would direct and star in it as well
ErisGod: can't be that low budget with the 3 of you as headkliners :D
specialguest2000: Hey, if Billly Bob can do it...
specialguest2000: you'd be surprised...
Destiny11281: That sounds quite interesting, but a difficult subject to tackle; I'm
impresses :)
specialguest2000: the most difficult thing is to get the financing for it
arwenevnstar: When Kevin Sorbo gets his new Sci-fi show going, do you think you
might have a chance to guest star on it?
specialguest2000: I Hope so!
specialguest2000: and also to direct an episode or too...
arwenevnstar: So do I!
ErisGod: Just ask Majel she's a sweetie
specialguest2000: if you read the Hercules Companion book
specialguest2000: Kevin sayd how much he enjoyed working with me as a director
arwenevnstar: Good for Kevin. You did a great job on that one.
breathless_elizabeth: we're not surprised, are we!!!
specialguest2000: Thank you...
ErisGod: We need more Salmoneus on Xena too
specialguest2000: it mwas actually good trainig if and when I get financing for my
original screenplay
frasierfan2: That was a very good episode. Good conflict brought out.
hbkidywo: Yep. We miss Sal
specialguest2000: a lot of teh movie is set between two people in a confined space
Destiny11281: It seems that when an actor directs one of the eps (and, or Becker,
Raimi, or Tapert) the shows seem to sparkle with fllying colors. Am I just imagining this?
breathless_elizabeth: and my kids are Sal fans and they really miss him :(
specialguest2000: Tha k you...I miss me too...:(
collieka: have you done any other directing?
JoxerLuver: I'd love to see an episode with Sal and Joxer
specialguest2000: well....the gift is we know the crew
specialguest2000: and that family feeling helps the show run more smoothly
specialguest2000: I'd love to work with Ted as well
hbkidywo: It was heard around that Sal wasn't in the final eps of Herc. is that true or is
he going to make a surprise apperance?
specialguest2000: Bruce ted and I will all be appearing in London together..
specialguest2000: is true :(
Ambrossiaa: :(
hbkidywo: :(
Destiny11281: How depressing
JoxerLuver: *sigh* If only Indiana wasn't so so far from London.
specialguest2000: they didn't write me into any of the final eps...
hbkidywo: Thats very sad :(
arwenevnstar: It's sad that you weren't asked back for the final show.
frasierfan2: Would you like to do a project with Bruce Campbell again in an ongoing
project, given a chance?
specialguest2000: I was on "hold' for an idea that didn't pan out
specialguest2000: yes!!!
Ambrossiaa: will you be in more epi's of Xena since Herc is leaving?
specialguest2000: Bruce and I have taht special "magic" as evidenced by Men in Pink!
Destiny11281: We would have loved to to see Sal and all the others in the series finale
JoxerLuver: Men in Pink is one of my favorites
collieka: mine too!
specialguest2000: but we both agreed we'd have to get more many for all the body hair
hbkidywo: I liked the Genies episode.
specialguest2000: I hope to do some more Xenas
JoxerLuver: You're cute without the beard, Rob. :)
ErisGod: Any hint as to if you'll be in the 2 new Ren Pic series
specialguest2000: buit nothing has been determined yet...
hbkidywo: is there anything we can do to convince renpics to have more Sal?
Ambrossiaa: we can always hope
specialguest2000: again......some idle rumors..
Destiny11281: Men in Pink is an excellent ep. ONe of th best that season
specialguest2000: but nothing firm about the new shows for me as well
arwenevnstar: How is Michael Hurst to work with when he's Twanky?
specialguest2000: you can always write to Renaissanec pictures
arwenevnstar: Does he stay in character the whole time?
specialguest2000: 100 Universal plaza
specialguest2000: Universal City CA
specialguest2000: and ask for more Salmoneus in Xena...
Ambrossiaa: do they have a website we can write to them at?
specialguest2000: Michael is great as the Widow
specialguest2000: it's better if you write snail mail
Destiny11281: Of everything that you have accomplished (as far as the industry goes)
what has been most challenging experience in acting and/or directing?
specialguest2000: it means more to them
Ambrossiaa: will do then
Ambrossiaa: thank you
hbkidywo: I will write for sure.
specialguest2000: look up the zipcode...I don't have it handy
ErisGod: We'll start a campaign right now! Which shows you wann be involved with the
most? :D
specialguest2000: direcvting Rock and A Hard Place was certainlky very challenging
Destiny11281: What made this episode more challenging than all other?
specialguest2000: I onl;y had 6 and 1/2 days to shoot a whole episode
Ambrossiaa: wow that's pressed for time
specialguest2000: and I had three outdoor days...and NZ weather is dicey at best
hbkidywo: How was working with Renee as the director for the Deja Vu Xena episode?
arwenevnstar: How long does it usually take?
specialguest2000: sometimes you just have to the clock runs waiting for clouds
to clear
specialguest2000: 7 or 8 days
specialguest2000: Renee is lovely to work with
specialguest2000: she had no outdoor days
Destiny11281: I've always thought about that. Sometimes I even see you shooting in the
specialguest2000: but it was a 4 day shoot...cause it was a clip episode
specialguest2000: sometiems we have to
Ambrossiaa: it must be hard to work in all types of weather and not show it
specialguest2000: if teh droplets are smnall enough...they don't show.
Specialguest2000: that's what we get paid for...
hbkidywo: Ive noticed the drops at times
ErisGod: by now most of us think of the rain as it's own character on the shows. :D
specialguest2000: but as abn just go back to your camper
Destiny11281: But hey, it gives that true-to -life effect :) (JUst trying to look on the
bright side)
specialguest2000: as a're sweating nails
specialguest2000: I'd love to direct a Xena actually
specialguest2000: i'd love to get into the chemistry between Xena and Gab
JoxerLuver: Awww! What about the Joxer and Gab chemistry?
Ambrossiaa: we would love to see you do it too, you could bring new aspects to the
specialguest2000: well.....that opens a whole can of worms...doens't it :)
specialguest2000: Jox and Gab
hbkidywo: is there anything that can be mention about the episode story they had for Sal
for final eps but didn't use?
JoxerLuver: They are the new subtext! :)
specialguest2000: The thing about an actor directingnther actor
specialguest2000: they;ll give you more...cause they know you've done the
challenbghingh work yourself
frasierfan2: Did you read/enjoy fantasy and/or science fiction before you were originally
cast in Hercules?
specialguest2000: They wanted another episode with BS Hollinsfoffer actually
specialguest2000: uhmm....not that much actually
hbkidywo: He had the best line in "For those of you just joining us" episode
JoxerLuver: I loved BS! I wish they had done another episode with him
specialguest2000: and at one point...theyu were flirting with m lin y own sister
Buffy_Babeno1: Hi everyone...I was told Robert Trebor was scheduled to be in I raced over.....
specialguest2000: Galmoneus
Destiny11281: That's what I admire. No one can understand what the other goes
through until they've been through the experience themselves
specialguest2000: but that was befre Men In Pink
specialguest2000: right you are!
specialguest2000: I think every director should take some acting lessons
specialguest2000: I was in a seminar with Mike Nichols recently
ErisGod: oh my stars that is hysterical
specialguest2000: he acted in a film called Designated Mourner
specialguest2000: I asked him...di actung in that film affect your directing afterwards
specialguest2000: now this is a world class brilliant director to begin with!
Destiny11281: Yes, to become a great director, you must be an actor first (that's my
breathless_elizabeth: well what did he say?
specialguest2000: and he said' yes"
specialguest2000: he rtealized that film acting is incredibly naked and alone
specialguest2000: more so even than stage acting
specialguest2000: and a director has to be patient...and undersatnd the actor's needs
specialguest2000: r any of you in the San Diego area?
Ambrossiaa: nope wish I was
joxerfan: far far away....
collieka: ditto
specialguest2000: cause i'm going to be teh MC of teh Costume Contest at Comic Con
ErisGod: really? i would assume stage would be more so as you can't reshoot
Destiny11281: Central U.S. (not by my own choice and planning to move soon)
specialguest2000: 3500 people are expected to attend the event
msmystia: Oh, I'm going to be there next week
joxerfan: pretty cool!
arkie_99_99: Which is more challenging for you? Comedy or drama?
Ambrossiaa: stuck here in cowtown USA aka KY
specialguest2000: yeah, but always have another night
Destiny11281: Do you enjoy interacting with a large or small gorup of people more
(conventions etc...
specialguest2000: and otrher actors to share the moment with
ErisGod: great con everyone needs to go at least once in their life
bitrsuite3: Yes! I made it finally
Specialguest2000: yes I enjoy both...
specialguest2000: big and small crowds
Andulasia: Hi Robert! First, thanks so much for sending a message for Kevin's
Homecoming! And your fans are *really* mad that you're not on any of the last eight
Herc eps! Grrrrr
specialguest2000: but I enjoy the big round of applause and laughter a big crowd gives
specialguest2000: as far as comedy or drama
specialguest2000: A well=written script makes either one pleasureaBLE
specialguest2000: but if it's a poorly written one, that's supposed to be comedy..
specialguest2000: it's actually a little easier for me...
specialguest2000: cause I cam improvise or make up stuff that wioll have some comic
Buffy_Babeno1: makes perfect sense
specialguest2000: you just have egg all over your face trying to be sincere and dramatic
in a story that can't support iyt
arkie_99_99: Your comedic timing is priceless. That's why you're one of the HTLJ fav's
of my students.
Andulasia: Any chance you'll get to appear in Kevin's new scifi series? We'd love to see
you again!
hbkidywo: What was your overall favorite dramatic episode of HTLJ?
specialguest2000: Yes I hope to appear with Kevin
specialguest2000: fave dramatic ep of Hercules
Buffy_Babeno1: If you're not to busy, may I ask what it was like working with
Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor? Did you like Hudson Leick?
ErisGod: Will you be making any more appearances at conventions after San Diego?
specialguest2000: a tie between The Outcast and Fire Down Below
Destiny11281: When did you first decide that you wished to be a part of the industry
and did your family support your aspirations?
specialguest2000: Yes..I'm appearing at Cherry Hill for Creation in August
specialguest2000: my family was scared to death!
frasierfan2: Is there anyone you've never worked with (actor, director, writer) that
you'd give your firstborn to work with?
Andulasia: Fire Down Below was great! You got the girl, didn't you?
specialguest2000: They were afraid I'd most actors
hbkidywo: the interaction between Sal and the centaur kid in Outcast was awesome
specialguest2000: yes I got the girl!
specialguest2000: and deserved her :)
Buffy_Babeno1: well done :)
Ambrossiaa: :)
hbkidywo: it was sad when the other girls walked out on Sal
specialguest2000: Renne and Lucy are wonderful to work with...
specialguest2000: I wish I had teh chance to work with Hudsoin as well
specialguest2000: she's very sweet and a little shy offscreen
Buffy_Babeno1: Sorry if I seem a bit dumb, im only 14 and a bit of a Xena
Destiny11281: Was it diffucult to convince them otherwise? Did you find the road
Buffy_Babeno1: shy? wow, thats a surpirse
hbkidywo: didn't you get to work with Hudson on Yes Virginia?
specialguest2000: I actually wasn't really oin the road
specialguest2000: I did regionaln thetare a lot
Buffy_Babeno1: Yeah, I remeber that episode...I laughed my head off
ErisGod: Maybe in the future you could work with Hudon... hope-hope-hope :D
gins_56: Do you have any specific TV appearances planned ? Will miss you in the
remaining Herc eps.
specialguest2000: yes..I worked a little with Hudsoin on Yes Virginia
Buffy_Babeno1: Was that episode loads of fun to film?
specialguest2000: My folks are very proud of me now...
Buffy_Babeno1: I BET! so they should be
Ambrossiaa: as they should be
specialguest2000: yes it was tons of fun...
specialguest2000: for the newvies here tonite
hbkidywo: I loved when Hollinsfofer asked them were the *Beep* did they get the
specialguest2000: I want everyone to buy my book when it comes out!
Buffy_Babeno1: It seemed like it, its a shame Salmoneous hasnt been on Xena
all that much this season
JoxerLuver: I will!
specialguest2000: Dear Salmoneus
Destiny11281: Is the transition from theatre to film a difficule process-personally?
specialguest2000: in early Oct.
Ambrossiaa: we will
arwenevnstar: We all will.
Shebatiger1: Hi all
hbkidywo: Is the book written by you as Rob Trebor or as Salmoneus?
specialguest2000: buy several copies!
specialguest2000: my credit is....
ErisGod: Put it on order!!!
arwenevnstar: Multiple copies to give as gifts. How's that?
Buffy_Babeno1: Kids only have so much money! But ill at least get one!
JoxerLuver: Great Christmas gifts
specialguest2000: Conceived, CompileadTranslated from several dead languages
Buffy_Babeno1: yes no home can be without the book of Robert Trebor :)
ErisGod: What if i want my copy signed? :D
specialguest2000: visit me at an event....
Buffy_Babeno1: Good question Eric :)
specialguest2000: I'll be happy to sign it for you...
specialguest2000: someone asked if the transition was hard from stage to screen?
ErisGod: Anything on your schedule for the rest of they year? Hint hint.
Destiny11281: yes, that was me
Destiny11281: :)
specialguest2000: (It's hard to scroll up on this)
specialguest2000: acting is basically acting
Buffy_Babeno1: you do it so well BTW
Shebatiger1: ok I just got in here what is this book about Robert?
specialguest2000: so when you're in front of a camera
Andulasia: This may be a silly question, but Robert, do they really *not* have Heinz
ketchup in New Zealand?
specialguest2000: the director tells you to adjust the size of your performance
Buffy_Babeno1: how did you get a break into acting?
specialguest2000: my book is...Sal answers questions
specialguest2000: from all the major characters in the shows
Shebatiger1: interesting
specialguest2000: about love and money...
specialguest2000: AND
specialguest2000: since he is the one mortal who has never died...
Ambrossiaa: I thought it was love and denars, lol
specialguest2000: (not even once)
Buffy_Babeno1: I always read actors say just follow your dream etc but really, if
you dont have the money to do it, how can you possibly get into actin gwithout an
agent, some sort of courses...
Shebatiger1 smiles happily
specialguest2000: his spirit has lived on to the present day
arwenevnstar: In the episode "Lost CIty" ... I loved you as a spaced out, Hippie like,
Sal. Was that episode fun to do?
Shebatiger1 ::::::::::listens::::::::::::::::
Shebatiger1 smiles happily
specialguest2000: and nwers questions from Monica Lewinsky
Buffy_Babeno1: Yes, that episode was excellent
Destiny11281: I've acted alot in theatre, but film is a new ballpark that I've wanted to
explore. The transition of directing, I assume, would be a little more advanced-correct?
specialguest2000: Jerry Springer
Shebatiger1 laughs out loud
specialguest2000: Sp[ice Girls...(you get the pciture)
Buffy_Babeno1: yep
specialguest2000: yes...directing is overall more challenging in a macro sense
specialguest2000: everything is on your shoulders
hbkidywo: what tv series would you love to be on but couldn't because it was no longer
specialguest2000: you have to answer questios about every aspect of what gors on
specialguest2000: Man from UNCLE
specialguest2000: I loved that show!
specialguest2000: and no...they don't have Heinz Ketchup in NZ!
Buffy_Babeno1: Would you want to work on something like Buffy or Charmed?
with people like Sarah Michelle ellar and Alyssa Milano?
specialguest2000: sure!
Specialguest2000: many of our directors work on Buffy
gins_56: Is there anything you have set that we can look forward to?
hbkidywo: I would love too see Salmoneus cross over to other series
Destiny11281: Have you ever considered starring in a series created for you personally
or do you prefer guest appearances and film work?
specialguest2000: and Armin is a friend of mine
specialguest2000: do you know anyone in the business Dest?
Buffy_Babeno1: Really? Awesome, im obviously a big fan, so dont get me
over-excited! But I really could see you playing some sort of a role on there
specialguest2000: I'd love to have a show created for me
specialguest2000: That film Hearsay I starred in should be out in the next 6 months or so
ErisGod: Will you be a guest at our con next year?
Sheba: What type of characters would you be willing to play?
Ambrosia:1/2 a dozen denars in a day, (show title)
Buffy: Yeah...that'd be incredible, like a show named "Salmoneous" for example,
I bet it feels great for Lucy to have a show named after her character, same for
SMG and Kevin.
specialguest2000: Which is "our" con?
Destiny: Well, I know people who are like me--struggling, but pretty much false
hopes right now. I intend to get further involved in the business in my college
career and beyond though.
specialguest2000: I thought Salmoneous, The Legendary Deals
Ambrosia: lol :)
Arkie_99_99: Great title!
ErisGod: It's called TachyCon and it's in Orlando. Memorial weekend.
specialguest2000: Any of you who make it big in show business...
Buffy: LOL...good one, yeah, travelling the country-side selling togas :)
Destiny: You know--family tells you that there's no way and your location is
just not a good place for the industry
Buffy: (Like that'll ever happen)
Hbkid: I miss Sal's old whistling tune
specialguest2000: remember to give me work when you can!
Breathless: What is Hearsay about?
specialguest2000: Suggest me to the Tachycon people
Buffy: I live in Australia away from the big time, I can't afford an agent or
acting lessons so I am stuck with my little house-hold dreams
specialguest2000: I'd love to attend... if I can
Buffy: I promise if it actually happens you'll be the first to be hired
ErisGod: Ohh you're on our list... but we don't have an addy for you to ask
Buffy: Yes... good point Eris
specialguest2000: Hearsay is a crime melodrama
Destiny: Don't worry this group of people is the only thing that inspires me to
keep going--they'd be the first people I'd give work to.
joxerfan: My apologies - logged in late; Robert - you said you'd done regional theatre -
tell us more
hbkidywo: Was it easy to keep humming during the Outcast episode?
Buffy_Babeno1: >>> My Buffy Website
Specialguest2000: I play a pahrmast who'sd brother has been killed
specialguest2000: I worked in theatre all over Chicago...
joxerfan: is that where you are from?
specialguest2000: mid coast California
joxerfan: My apologies - logged in late; Robert - you said you'd done regional theatre -
tell us more
hbkidywo: Was it easy to keep humming during the Outcast episode?
Buffy_Babeno1: >>> My Buffy Website
specialguest2000: I play a pahrmast who'sd brother has been killed
specialguest2000: I worked in theatre all over Chicago...
joxerfan: is that where you are from?
specialguest2000: mid coast California
joxerfan: some fave roles?
specialguest2000: no...i went to college at Northwestern
joxerfan: No way! Cool!
specialguest2000: theatrical roles?
Shebatiger1: what type of plays or theater have you done?
Buffy_Babeno1: Where exactly is NorthWestern, im not familar with US
Destiny11281: Did you major in theatre?
joxerfan: That's a pretty impressive theatre program there....
specialguest2000: Franz Kafka
Ambrossiaa: wow that were I was gonna go before I got married
Shebatiger1: Has in Northwestern Mo State?
joxerfan: Northwestern = Illinois, Bekki
specialguest2000: yes..I was a theatre's near Chicago
Buffy_Babeno1: thanks.
specialguest2000: lots of Moliere
joxerfan: so all the classics?
specialguest2000: Andrei in Chekov's Three Sisters
specialguest2000: The Uncle in Tango
joxerfan: what then? NYC? LA? regional?
specialguest2000: yeah..lots of classics but a lot of new plays too
Destiny11281: The classics are claimed to be the most challenging roles-do you believe
this to be true?
specialguest2000: NYC after graduation
specialguest2000: yes...if they're donew interestingly
specialguest2000: it's easy to do the classics badly
joxerfan: you weren't ever in any of the 2nd City stuff were you?
specialguest2000: you can tell by the snoring in the audience
joxerfan: LOL
Ambrossiaa: lol
specialguest2000: yes I was!
Shebatiger1: i did drama in college myself and I liked the classics better
specialguest2000: I worked witn Second the Monday nite imrpovs
specialguest2000: late 75 early 76
Destiny11281: Well noted-I've seen that before (I try not to snore too loudly though :)
joxerfan: So Cool! Was that when Jim Belushi was there?
specialguest2000: studied with the late Del Close
Destiny11281: Have do any Shakespeare?
specialguest2000: just before Jim...and after John
joxerfan: gotcha
frasierfan2: Did you ever work with the Steppenwolfe in Chicago?
specialguest2000: yes...12th Night
Buffy_Babeno1: I heard that its an honour ina career to play Antony or Casear
in the shakespear play, ever wanted to do that?
specialguest2000: no...that was just afer my time..Step...
joxerfan: that's Malkovich;s group?
ErisGod: who were you in 12th Night - love that one!!
specialguest2000: might like to take a shot at Caesar some day...
Frasierfan2: Yes, joxerfan, among others. :)
joxerfan: that's what Brutus said
specialguest2000: played Malvolio
Buffy_Babeno1: Smart allec AUGUST!
Ambrossiaa: lol joxfan
specialguest2000: wow...the time has flown.....
specialguest2000: I have a screening to go to at the Director's Guild...
joxerfan: hey Robert - what's next on your agenda?
Destiny11281: I love Caesar-when it's done correctly
Ambrossiaa: aww is our time up already
arwenevnstar: Just curious, do you have any hobbies?
specialguest2000: Hitchcock's first film
JoxerLuver: Thanks for chatting with us Rob. :)
specialguest2000: I see tons of films
breathless_elizabeth: you have been wonderful to come and chat with all of us!!1
Thank you!!!
Andulasia: Thanks so much for being here, Robert! :)
joxerfan: It's been a real honor - thanks Robert!
Destiny11281: Thanks Rob, drop by any time :)
georgedirtydog: thanks for coming
ErisGod: Oh I can just see you in the yellow garters tee hee hee
hbkidywo: Thanks for chatting with us! It was a pleasure to meet and chat with ya :)
Ambrossiaa: Thank you Rob and hope to see you in some Xena epi's soon
Shebatiger1: yeah nice meeting you....
arkie_99_99: Thanks for your time!
specialguest2000: thankl you all
joxerfan: before you go - what should we look for you in next?
Ambrossiaa: and don't worry we'll buy your book
Buffy_Babeno1: THANKYOU SOOO MUCH glad I was sick
today, I was home from school to say hello to you
frasierfan2: Thank you, Robert.
specialguest2000: hope eyoou inesron. sometime..
specialguest2000: and remeber...
specialguest2000: Buy The Book!
Andulasia: Yes Robert - thanks so much for being here!
Ambrossiaa: we won't forget
Ambrossiaa: hope to see you soon
joxerfan: You got about 15 sales here, i think! Good luck with that!
ErisGod: Wonderful chatting with you!
arwenevnstar: Thanks Robert, hope to meet you at a con someday.
hbkidywo: I got a reminder on my desk to buy the book
Ambrossiaa: :)
Ambrossiaa gives everyone a big hug
specialguest2000: we'll do this again sometime...
specialguest2000: bye for now...
JoxerLuver: Bye Rob
Destiny11281: Thank-ee
Shebatiger1: night
Ambrossiaa: bbye
joxerfan: Battle On, Salmoneus.....
breathless_elizabeth: that would be nice :)
hbkidywo: bye bye. Come back soon :)
frasierfan2: Bye, Rob. And thanks, again.
arwenevnstar: Bye!

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